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  1. sb Bolt Dragon http://Claim my eggs/hatchlings! sb Spinel Wyvern http://Claim my eggs/hatchlings! sb Gilded Bloodscale Dragon http://Claim my eggs/hatchlings! sb Fever Wyvern http://Claim my eggs/hatchlings! sb Pyrovar Dragon http://Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Please add me to the lists ´╗┐Forum Name: queenyuna1 Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/queenyuna PM Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=184393 Proof that I read the rules: yes List Request:Dino/Yoshi - Purple
  3. omg i got my first alt Dark green dragon and this is it lineage JFceL from breeding my own dark green dragons
  4. OMG my first summon Guardian of Nature egg this my first try getting a Guardian of Nature dragon
  5. my wish list looking for males and females on this list know some of the holiday dragons might have one gender and also mark some with genders telling you i have the males or females of them please pm me Amphipteres Garland Christmas 2017 Skywing Zyumorph (Forest Variant) Drakes Day Glory Drake female Glaucus Drake Honey Drake male Morphodrake male Night Glory Drake Tatterdrake Eastern Dragons Gemshard (Blue variant) Gilded Bloodscale Heartstealing Valentine 2015 Radiant Angel Valentine 2014 Gold Shimmer-scale Silver Shimmer-scale Bronze Shimmer-scale Striped River Zyumorph (Desert Variant) Lindwyrms Blusang Lindwyrm Paper Red-finned Tidal Risensong Script Seawyrm Pygmy Setsong Two-headed Lindwyrm (green and blue) Zyumorph (Jungle Variant) Pygmies Dusk Pygmy Kyanite Pygmy Red-Tailed Wyrm Pygmy male Pumpkin Halloween 2009 Sea Serpents Baikala (blue and green) Shallow Water Two-Headed Dragons female Duotone male Nexus Western Dragons male Antarean Arsani Valentine 2013 female Black Marrow Halloween 2010 Caligene Halloween 2015 male Candelabra Carina male Cavern Lurker Halloween 2012 Celestial (Corporeal) Desipis Halloween 2014 Fire Gem Dragon (Blue variant) Floral-Crowned Valentine 2018 Freckled Dragon Frilled Gold male Grave Halloween 2013 Guardian of Nature Heartseeker Valentine 2012 Holly Christmas 2007 Kingcrowne Lunar Herald Gold Variant Lunar Herald Bronze Variant Lunar Herald Silver Variant Mistletoe Christmas 2014 Monarch Mutamore Valentine 2016 Neglected Pyralspite (Almandine) Pyralspite (Spessartine) female Seasonal Spring female Seasonal Summer Seasonal Autumn female Shadow Walker Halloween 2011 Snow Christmas 2016 Solstic Christmas 2013 Soulstone Valentine 2017 female Striped (White variant) female Striped (Blue variant) male Striped (Green variant) male Striped (Red variant) male Striped (Black variant) female Sunrise Volcano Tetra female Thunder Tinsel Silver Undead (Western) female Undine (Regular) female Vampire Halloween 2008 Winter Magi Christmas 2011 Witchlight Halloween 2016 Wrapping-Wing Christmas 2012 Wingless Dragons Aegis Christmas 2015 Fell female Leodon Zyumorph (Alpine Variant) Wyrms Lacula Omen Wyrm Halloween 2017 Xenowyrms female Astrapi Xenowyrm Chrono Xenowyrm Mageia Xenowyrm male Pyro Xenowyrm Wyverns Aeon Wyvern Copper (red,brown,green) Floret Wyvern (Purple variant) male blue Nebula red Nebula green Nebula female purple Nebula female Nhiostrife Wyvern female Razorcrest Wyvern male Seragamma Wyvern Spinel Wyvern (Green Ver.) male Spirit Ward (Day Form) Spirit Ward (night form) Non-Dragons Leetles Valentine Leetle Tree Spring Leetle Tree Earth Day Leetle Tree Summer Leetle Tree Autumn Leetle Tree Halloween Leetle Tree Winter Leetle Tree Leetle Tree Chickens Chicken Dinos Blue Dino Green Dino Purple Dino Red Dino Yellow Dino other dragons female Avatars of Destruction female Lacula female Sapphire Alt dragons Aegis Dragon Arsani Dragon Black Dragon Caligene Dragon Cavern Lurker Dragon Dark Green Dragon Desipis Dragon Garland Dragon Grave Dragon Heartseeker Dragon Heartstealing Dragon Mistletoe Dragon Mutamore Dragon Pumpkin Dragon Radiant Angel Dragon Ribbon Dancer Rosebud Dragon Shadow Walker Shimmer-scale Dragon Snow Angel Snow Dragon Solstice Dragon Spinel Wyvern Sweetling Tinsel Dragon Undine Dragon Valentine Dragon Winter Magi Witchlight Dragon Wrapping-Wing Yulebuck Holiday dragons Holly (Christmas 2007) Winter Magi (Christmas 2011) Wrapping Wing (Christmas 2012) Winter Solstice (Christmas 2013) Mistletoe (Christmas 2014) Aegis (Christmas 2015) Snow (Christmas 2016) Garland (Christmas 2017)
  6. Please add me to the lists Forum Name: queenyuna1 Scroll Link: queenyuna stroll PM Link: pm Proof that I read the rules: yes List Request: Alt Black,Alt Vine,Chicken