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  1. I want the Cave to realize that it wasn't me clicking on the cave-blockers but rather my cat jumping up on the keyboard so I really shouldn't have to wait for 5 hours to dump them. Yep.
  2. I dropped the pair of CB Crimsons in the Departure thread as gifts that I had influenced and incubated with the intention of keeping as my one pair. D'oh! It's all good though because I nabbed two more and now they are incubated and influenced.
  3. I want my dragons to suggest envious names for themselves. I'd also like the cooldown period to be slightly shortened...to 1 minute.....for me only.
  4. I was so excited over getting my first Shimmer that I forgot to influence her to continue her beautiful stairstep. Double d'oh!!
  5. I have always wanted this to happen. Personally, I wouldn't mind if the eggs didn't count towards your scroll numbers or if I had to wait 5 hours before I could 'freeze' a CB caught egg. I wouldn't even mind if the eggs were dimmed a little to show that they were simply shells and not actual eggs (don't know what else to call it, but that the egg wouldn't be its normal full color but maybe shadowed a little?). The eggs themselves are such beautiful works of art that I would love to collect them (especially the Vamps). I'm for a BSA or however else we can do this.
  6. A simple 'thank you' seems so meager in comparison to the kindness of people here: to Valeth for reaching out and talking some sense into me and to Naughtrish for her unbelievably generous gift which is now the prize possession on my scroll. Thank you both so much!!
  7. Awesome-thank you so much!
  8. Oh, no way! That's so cool! It's been forever since I've watched that.... Seriously, the amount of detail and creativity that go into these is absolutely amazing.
  9. The first thing I thought of when I saw it is that it's Hebrew, but I don't think that's right. Edit: ^ I just realized I responded to a post that was waaay far back. ~~~ Does anyone know what the symbols are on the beautiful silver egg with the ring/halo around it? There are symbols that flash and I don't know what they are...
  10. I frequent forums where the +1 rule is allowed and and some where it isn't allowed. I will say on the forums it is allowed, I do see people clearly using it just to up their post count, so I can see where it would be considered spam. If I ever use it, I always state the reason why I support a previous post, too.
  11. I don't think this is as an excuse for a mod's behavior but a reminder that while the rules are black and white, enforcing them is often gray since every person has to make subjective decisions to do so. To compare, I'm a teacher. Part of my job is 'modding' the students in my classroom. While the rules of our school are very clear and objective, I constantly have to make subjective decisions in enforcing them. My job is to be as fair as possible and to ensure the classroom runs efficiently. That means I am always making judgment calls. For example, one rule is that any assignment turned in a day late automatically has '20' points deducted. That's black and white. But what about the student who was up all night because their parents have been fighting or because they were upset over being bullied at school, etc? I have to make a judgment call on that, which is where that black and white starts to become very murky. Reminding users that mods are people too isn't to excuse their behavior; it's to help you understand that the rules of the forum are enforced by mods who constantly have to make judgment calls based on their experiences. Some of those calls might be unfair in your eyes. That's why there is a chain of command here. As for never hearing back from TJ, I don't think I've ever been on a forum where the admin actually directly responds to users. They either rectify the problem if they feel it needs to be or they leave it alone if they feel nothing's wrong. As I stated in an earlier post, this forum has one of the most accessible and approachable set of mods and admin, so that alone tells you that they are willing to listen to the user base. [Wow...that turned out much longer than I expected. ]
  12. I've been on a lot of forums in my time and I have never seen one where members can de-mod the moderators. That would just lead to all kinds of ugly. This is a place provided to us by the site owner to gather and talk about DC and non-DC things. The mods are regular people who put in a lot of their time and deal with a lot of nastiness to make it run as smoothly as they can within the parameters of what the site owner gives them. There has been a lot of backlash against mods in the past few months, and giving members carte blanche on whom they want stripped of their powers would degrade into a nasty popularity contest. But that's exactly what it would turn into, and there have been more than enough examples posted here to see why. The fact that mods here are accessible and approachable and actually ask for and listen to feedback is more than I see in most forums. The only thing I would like to see is a list of rules that defines exactly what chat is and what spam is so that members know what to avoid as that seems to be the biggest complaint.
  13. Yeah--times have changed with the new prize dragons. I'll keep an eye out for CB Thunders and Magmas for you. I usually drop Trios in the Departure thread, but if I see someone wanting them, like you, I'll PM them first.
  14. I don't trade often, but when I do, I'm looking for hatchlings. Usually BSAs. I don't know if that's the case any more, but I used to see a lot of people wanting hatchlings for Trios or pretty Metals. I'm usually so impatient that I'd rather trade a valuable egg for hatchlings so I don't have to raise them myself.
  15. Mislicked this beauty while trying to get a Bronze Tin: http://dragcave.net/lineage/g7gkw Thanks to whomever dropped. It's gorgeous!
  16. I: ~Agree with Number 1 ~Disagree with Number 2 ~Am not opposed to or strongly desire 3-5. I've remained out of the debates up to this point, but I only want to say that I disagree with #2 because I think it would cause more problems than it would alleviate.
  17. Gah--I just bred a Mint because shikaru's poem had a lovely drawing of a Mint delivering the Gardenia. But...nothing. I'm going to keep the little one and name it Lol-Gardenia Fail.
  18. The only thing I can think is that TJ is sending them randomly to people who clicked on his V-Day dragons. (Awesome list of info we know so far, by the way!) Edit: Shikaru~that was pure awesomeness!
  19. Aww..... So much for any theories I had. Edit: Okay, I officially give up. I'm off to finishing grading tests--I'd hate to explain to my students that nothing was graded because I was trying to solve the mystery of the lol-gardenia....
  20. That would jibe with the clues in the description that the dragons give flowers at regular intervals and that they gift without warning. Yet, I'm not sure how a forum user over a non-forum user would have a better shot at that...? Hm.
  21. I did--it didn't work. I'm trying to figure out how Riverwillows saying the only thing she did different the day she received her flower was she kept clicking on TJ's eggs is connected. A forum user would be able to click on his eggs, which are technically part of the Cave. Since his scroll his hidden, a non-forum user would likely not do that. But as previous posters have mentioned, a lot of us have clicked everything on his first post (eggs, Thuwed list, etc) to no avail (plus it's not something you click on, shikaru said). Shikaru also said it was something obvious, and the most obvious would be the connection (a word that keeps popping up) of the dragons themselves to the event. But how...? How do they connect? So frustrating but yet exciting to try and figure out.
  22. Users had them without having an adult. But, good try! There's a connection I'm missing I think between the dragons themselves and the flower.... Edit: Codes aside, are their hints in the description, somehow? That's what I can't quite wrap my head around. Gah!!
  23. Forgive me if this has already been pointed out because I haven't read through all of the responses. The Arsani's description says, 'It’s not uncommon for them to give gifts and affection to those around them without warning. This good-natured giving extends far beyond the reaches of their own kind. Anyone who gains the friendship of a Arsani Dragon is likely to receive food, pretty rocks, and occasionally even flowers at regular intervals. The shared connection of the Arsani Dragons also allows them to draw on each other’s strength when performing feats of magic, making them some of the strongest spell casters yet discovered. TJ's are coded 'Flwrs' and 'Bquet' even though the dragon has more to do with it than flowers. Does any of this go together in any way?