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  1. Both dragons walked away from the butchery in silence. Then, after they reached sufficient enough distance, Raven began: "So, should we go and look for that wyvern?" "...No. Not yet, at least." responded Rina, opening the bag and proceeding to count the money. "For now we should focus on our original goal." "You do realize that it might take forever for us to find someone who can set us up with places to live?" the black dragon grumbled. "Might as well go find a large cave and settle there..." Suddenly Raven turned and looked around for some unknown reason. "What's wrong?" inquired Rina, confused. "...Nothing. Just got a weird feeling." he replied after a short pause. "Let's go, we're already wasting time just by standing here." Rina looked at the black dragon as he continued walking. She hummed, and followed him, deciding to take a note of this.
  2. ((I forgot to ask permission from you if we can assume that the pig Flamanti stole was from the butchery Rina was working at. That's basically what my RP post says ^^' Like I said before, I can change the contents if you want))
  3. Past "Well, I'll have to admit: at first I thought they were pretty decent. Friends all together, sparring and all that. And then I hear that they are hiding their true intentions." said Raven. Then Rina decided to take the lead of talking and said: "There is one place where you need to head toward, but it's a long distance. You need to get to the Rudvich - it's a continent north of Solomos. Both I and Raven teleported there by various means, and I don't know about the rest. So you probably need to find a way to teleport there. Once you are on Rudvich - head to the city of Windfall - it's a place where dragons and humans can live together without hatred towards each other... at least, that's what I'm told, but I didn't see those kind of feuds appearing there too often. I am well aware that the distance between your current location and Windfall is enormous, but if we need to have a chance of restoring the Eternal Wind, we need every member we can get. And another thing: keep your guard up, Succino. We mostly don't even know what is it like outside of the clan, so who knows what might happen. Sorry for cutting the conversation short, but we are really not used to this telepathy thing. Good luck." with that, Rina ended the telepathic contact and clutched her head in pain. Present A minute later the deers were hanged on hooks for later dressing and cutting, and Rina and Raven were sitting in front of Marcus, as he spoke: "So, here is my question: have you seen a wyvern with burning mane?" Rina and Raven exchanged glances, both knowing who the human meant. "Does he mean... the dark-blue said telepathically to the black dragon. "Yes, he does. he replied. Both looked at the butcher and Rina decided to ask: "Why are you looking for that particular wyvern, anyway?" "Oh, I'll tell you why: that sneaky thief took one of them prized pigs, that's that he did! ...She, uh whatever!" The butcher went on to rant about his pigs, while the duo exchanged glances again. "Spent so much time taking care of them, would be some amazing meat that city folks can enjoy, but of COURSE someone swoops in and BAM!" he slammed his hands together for emphasis, "One less to count! Now, back to my question: have you seen that wyvern?" Marcus asked, expectingly looking either at Rina or Raven. They both looked at each other, before the dragoness finally said, trying her best to make the lie sound like the truth: "...Uh, no. We haven't seen a wyvern. Not with the burning mane, at least." Marcus sighed in visible disappointment, the lie being unnoticed. "Blast it... Well, at least you brought them fine deers here... Alright, that's it for today, Rina, I'll deal with the rest. And do me a favor: if you find the wyvern I was talking about, please tell me, aight?" "Sure." "Great! I knew I could count on you. Now, one moment please..." Marcus stood up and walked towards his chest that sat in the corner. Fumbling with the locks for a while, he finally opened it and began searching for something. "...Where was that thing... Ah, here!" he pulled out a small purse, which he then handed to the dragoness. "Here is your payment for today. Again, those are some fine deers you brought. Thank you... both for help! Now, off you go, please? I have a job to do." Rina nodded, and both dragons left the butchery, while the human, still muttering about the thief, went to get the meat cleaver. ((Aaaand only now I remembered that I forgot to add a thing. Corinny, if you want me to change the situation, I'll do that))
  4. Past "Long story short: it's now occupied by a group of dragons called "Vulture Horde", and they are hellbent on killing every single human in this world, and anyone else who tries to protect them. And it just so happens that our 'genius' Rina decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and declare that she and the Horde are enemies." told Raven. "Will that suffice for an explanation?" Present "Eh? Why you suddenly think of that now? It's not because of humans...?" Raven raised his eyebrows. "Not just that." Rina sighed. "I'm wondering if we would bring more trouble than it's worth, and--" "Wait, are you talking about us being enemies to those guys back on Solomos?" the black dragon rolled his eyes. "Really, Rina, I thought you would be more wise than that. Look at those dragons!" he gestured towards two guard dragons, chatting with each other while keeping their eyes open in case of trouble. "I'm pretty sure dragons and humans living together will more than irk the Horde. And since you already found the job, I don't think it would be a problem for us. Raven paused for a while, but then quickly added: "Not to mention I am tired of living in a cave." "Don't tell me that you don't miss your home?" inquired the dark-blue dragoness. "I never said that!" snapped Raven. Deciding not to continue the topic, Rina simply shrugged. And then said: "We're here." The duo was standing in front of a fairly large stone house, with a sign at the doors that said "Marcus's Butchery", and right next to it was another sign that listed whatever was on sale. It also had a backyard, where various cattle from cows to pigs were. The house actually had three entrances: for humans and smaller dragons, for large dragons and the back door for employees. Rina's destination was the employee entrance. Gesturing to Raven, she headed towards that door. And as soon as she opened it... "AHA! Gotcha, you... uh..." The booming voice of a stout human echoed through the room, as he ran to the door with a triumphant look on his face, but then changed into that of confusion, and then the mix of disappointment and apologetic regret. "...Oh. Ahem, sorry. Thought you were someone else." he added sheepishly. "Welcome back, Rina and... your friend, I suppose?" "Name's Raven." "Ah, good. Nice to meet you. Now, come in! I need to ask you both something very important, and I mean, VERY important!" The duo exchanged glances with each other, confused as to what happened, before following the butcher inside.
  5. Meow, Birthday Cat here. The counter is now set to 16. Hooray.
  6. UBER-CHAOTIC-PILLOW-SOFTSMASH *smashes the next person to make a move with a pillow*
  7. ((I BANISH THEE, LAZINESS, BACK TO THE DEPTHS OF MY MIND. AND SUBSEQUENTLY I SUMMON TEH CREATIVITY AND INSPIRATION)) Past: "Huh. So Succino is still in Solomos, it seems." thought Rina, then answered, "Well... we are actually very far away from our village... We are on another continent altogether." Having said that, Rina looked at Raven, who just rolled his eyes in suspicion that she probably said something dumb again. "Before you ask how did we got there: both of us used teleportation to get here." "Hey, kid, it's Raven." interjected Raven with his recognizable gruff voice, finally deciding that the dark blue dragoness said enough. "I'd like to give you a piece of advice on where to go. I know you'd probably decide to go back to our now destroyed remains of the village, but we'd rather if you don't. Do not. Go back. To our village." he said with emphasis on each part of the phrase. Present: "By the way, Raven, why did you wait back there to talk with them?" asked Rina as soon as they entered the city. "I thought you weren't the one for talking." "Giving them an advice on hunting, obviously." huffed Raven, doing his best to hide his lie from his clanmate. "...Hunting?" the dragoness inquired incredulously. "You saw that wyvern and her reaction, right? I figured I would give her an advice on how to hunt those things so she wouldn't pester us in the future about it." "...Right." Rina shrugged, deciding to leave the topic, and instead said: "Anyway, I thought of something regarding where the remnants of our clan would live." "Eh? And what's that?" "Do we have to settle ourselves right in the outskirts of this city? That's the question I was asking myself." she said.
  8. ((Dammit, I stopped receiving notifications about new posts in here. Red, regarding Esko's message: I'd suggest to keep RPing the scene where Succino contacted Rina. We can count this as a flashback. Also regarding Windows 10: Some of my friends suggested to not upgrade to it until first Service Pack will be released, and only then consider it. So me personally, I'm sticking to that and staying on 8.1 until then. Also, I know this is off topic, but please read this, especially if you play video games: http://ubercatsr.deviantart.com/journal/To...-this-591773833 ))
  9. "Deer? So that's how they're called." grumbled Raven, glaring at the wyvern with annoyance. Even though she was testing his patience, he had to admit: he liked her attitude. Rina, meanwhile, pointed towards the direction from where they came from. "Back in the forest. Of course, we had to go into deeper parts, since the area around the city was already mostly cleared of wildlife. And I'd suggest you do not steal anything in the city." she added, her tone devoid of any hint of threat. "Few would take kindly to someone stealing their food, even if it was to survive. Don't get me wrong: it's a friendly warning." finished, she nodded to Raven, and both continued on their way towards the gates. However Raven suddenly stopped and waited until Rina was far ahead of him, then looked at the wyvern. "Listen, kid." he said, surprisingly without his usual animosity, though the annoyance in his eyes never faded. "I suggest you do not get on her bad side. Same goes for you two," he turned his head towards the two humans. "She may not look like it, but if you give her a good reason to, she will tear you apart like paper. I'm not joking: I had my tail handed back to me whenever I tried to duel her, and I'm not even mentioning her kill count." "Raven? Are you coming, or what?" called Rina. Raven mumbled something under his nose in response. "Look," he said. "Just follow my advice and don't mess with her." he paused, as if wishing to say something, before finally scowling and uttering with visible struggle: "...Please." and he hurried off after his partner, who stopped to wait for him.
  10. "Hm?" Rina looked up to see the wyvern looking at them with the stern expression. Raven narrowed his eyes a bit at her tone, but the blue dragoness was unfazed by it. "Yes, we are. You might not understand a behavior like that, but this thing isn't exactly new for us. As for the animals: we hunted them down. Does that answer your question?" she asked, calmly looking at the wyvern.
  11. "So much for help." snorted Raven. Rina hushed at him in response. "Alright. Thank you for your help, anyway." said Rina, as she watched the trio leave. Then she turned to Raven. "Seems like we have to ask around." "Do we have to?" "You heard the human, Raven: there are dragons, and they are free. Besides we already have seen them, no?" Raven sighed in defeat. "Alright, fine, you win, Rina. I'll stop questioning your every move from now on. However, I won't participate in whatever schemes that would occur on the way, unless I have a good reason to." "You do that. Meanwhile, let's get those animals off our back in the butchery." said Rina and went into the city, with her partner following her.
  12. "You stole a pig?... You know, nevermind." said Rina with confusion 'Why do I get a feeling that that pig was the property of a certain butcher?' she thought. Nodding to the sitting human in reply with a bit of disappointment, she then heard a rider speak. Both she and Raven turned their heads towards him with interest. "We are aware of that, actually.' the dragoness spoke. "But we're more interested in something else. Do you happen to know anyone, who could organize house building, or at least set up living space?" "Preferably enough, so we can feel comfortable, and not like fish in a barrel." added Raven.
  13. ((Raven is slightly taller than Rina, and he is a male.)) "There. That answers your question, Raven." said Rina when both heard unseen female dragon's voice, and calmly walked with Raven behind her around the human on the hooved animal (they never seen a horse before), who bowed his head in respect of the two, which mildly surprised her. She didn't actually expect a human, of all things, to pay respect towards dragons, but that was a pleasant turn of events, and it made her almost completely relax. She nodded back in greetings, and stopped when she saw two others present: another human, who was sitting on the ground, and a small female wyvern, who had parts of her body burning in blue. 'She is a wyvern alright, but I don't know the species... Not Hellfire, that's for sure.' she pondered, but decided to stop, and greeted the group. "Greetings. Please don't mind my friend here: he is almost always like that." Raven just snorted upon hearing that. Rina ignored him. "We were wondering if you three are locals." "By that, she means if you settled in this... Windfall, or however it's called, shortly after it was built less than a week ago." begrudgingly added the black dragon.
  14. "So, that 'Song Bird'." began Raven, "Is he still hope--" "Hold on." Rina suddenly stopped and looked around. "What?" the dragon looked at Rina in confusion, before noticing that she was looking at someone, and traced her gaze. She was looking directly at a human with another unknown to him animal, which was bigger than the animals they were carrying. Rina quietly observed the stranger, while checking if he is going to draw any sort of weaponry. She also felt that he and the animal weren't the only ones here, but right now only those two were in her attention. "Hey, how long are you going to have a staring contest with that human?" said Raven, shaking the dragoness's shoulder in annoyance. She averted her gaze. "What am I doing? I'm not in the clan's village, humans here aren't that much of a threat here as they were back there and then..." she thought, confused, and said, "...Right. Sorry. Let's--" "Okay, wait a second there." the black dragon suddenly said. "I don't know what just went through your head to make you that intense, but maybe this... guy knows about how we can get in touch with who we need?" "I highly doubt it." Rina slowly shook her head. "Windfall was formed only hours after the Spell, as I've heard, and I doubt anyone knows already in the span of a couple of days who is where." "Can't deny the possibility though." "Since when you suddenly started to wish to talk with humans?" Rina turned towards Raven with amused expression. He just snorted. "Hey, for your information, missus, I, too, care about our clanmates, and I want to help them as much as I do! What's the problem with that? And besides, we don't have to ask humans about it: there are dragons in Windfall, no? We can always ask them." "Then why did you stop me here, then? Or do I sense a change of heart plus denial?" the dragoness chuckled. "Oh, shut up!"