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My Scroll*******************Click for a free Bright Pink Dragon AND a Paper dragon!***************As I walk out of the bakery, this is what I seeI see Katniss Everdeen staring at meI got bread in my hand and I'm not afraid to throw it, throw it, throw it...I'M PEETA AND I KNOW IT! :D**************I set fire to the breadWatched it burnAs Mom slapped my headThen she screamed And I criedAnd I ran outsideInto the rain...The rain~~~~~~~I set fire to the breadWatched it burnAs I threw it at Katniss's headThen she screamedAnd I criedAnd I ran back insideOut of the rainThe rain************************"After that, I watched you walk home everyday. Everyday." ~Peeta Mellark - PEETA IS A STALKER!!!!! :0*************************

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