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  1. Yes they were. Just. Done by SkyWolf and Mewtie.
  2. cool Tough ridges line the surface of this rough, mottled egg. Sorts between Pyralsprite and Pyrovar. Volcano. This striped egg has a rough, ridged texture. Sorts between Shallow Water and Silver. Alpine and Desert.
  3. Really nice to see a steady mix of public and private DRs released this year.
  4. cool !YES!!! I have wanted this public DR forever!!! It feels like this egg knew you were coming. Sorts between Omen and Paper. This egg has a winding pattern on it. Sorts between Tatter Drake and Tercorn. Cannot be bitten.
  5. I just had a long period of lag (from about 03:06-03:08 DC time) when I attempted to use Incubate and Influence on one of my eggs. It went to a 504 Bad Gateway screen then, after a refresh, went to the error page...
  6. That is working as intended, Pixxelation stated on the unofficial Discord. So yes, all good there.
  7. From what I understand, your egg only needs to survive an Earthquake to become a green Cantor. The "unaffected" line also will change them, as it is technically about using the BSA, not having the dragon actually affected by the BSA. If that makes sense?
  8. This is about how I feel on them. I preferred the reptilian vibe they had before this rounder, brighter update. Just my opinion, but I preferred the original Gemshards better. shrugs
  9. This one is for any eggs/hatchies at any age: http://dc-auto-refresher.herokuapp.com/
  10. Overall views needs to be above 4,000. Use an auto-refresher or something similar to get those OVs up.
  11. That message wears off after six hours, so you wouldn't see it any longer after that time bracket.
  12. Yes, it's by day of the week. Sunday is the "chaos" day, Monday is Green, Tuesday is red, Wednesday is blue, Thursday is magenta, Friday is cyan/azure, and Saturday is yellow.
  13. Gemshards will. There were purple Gemshards made on the 20th from Market in some hatcheries yesterday. For them, it only matters what day they are bred on.
  14. From what I remember, the extra day stays but your hatchie can gain views again once traded.
  15. Gemshards are all on the same Encyclopedia page, so they are not a new breed. The only new breeds are the other Florets (the fat ones), and the hybrid this release.
  16. One Cantor changes position (moves below red) with Ward. Hybrid is from the two Royals (Crimson and Blue). Sapphire pink needs to be willfully abandoned.
  17. I'm honestly... just lost. shrugs
  18. Awesome. This magnificent purple egg shimmers in the light. Hybrid between Royal Blue and Crimson. Sorts Between Royal Crimson and Sakuhana
  19. Lower the cost of Fire Gems in the Market to 100 shards. They are so expensive now!
  20. The new Tideweavers are beautiful! I love the female especially, and their tails are very pretty.
  21. The colors are biome specific. The Desert ones are brown, and sort above Volcano one. Not sure how colors for bred versions will go, but it is clear it is biome based for the CBs, since every Volcano one is gray and every Desert one is gold.
  22. Considering that any Desert egg of the two head sorts above all of the Volcano eggs, it's simply a biome variant.
  23. Both are from public DRs.
  24. So nice to see more public DRs being released into the cave. I hope this trend continues, as there are some really nice concepts that have been made within the public DR space.