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  1. Happy Birthday, Dragon Cave! When I first saw this, I was overwhelmed with blinking. The icons blink at the same time... Mysfytt, you did an excellent job on them!
  2. Oh my. I'm wondering if I can keep up with this... Thanks for the release, TJ! I can't wait to see the new dragons!
  3. Ooh eggs! (Now I have to stalk two websites for eggs. ) Happy Easter everyone, and thanks to those who contributed in the egg spriting!
  4. This would be cool, but that is an extremely high dragon count. Does anyone even have 4000 dragons?
  5. It does take awhile to load for me, so support. Maybe it should be split into the years that the dragons were finished, (like one topic per year) and in those it'll be the dragons in alphabetical order. :3
  6. I have an obsession to grab new dragons when they're first released, so, I'm kind of in the middle here. On one hand, yay, new dragons! Like a new dragon each month! It makes it cool to see the different ideas that people have made! And it makes scrolls prettier! On the other hand, people like me will be overwhelmed. Right now, I'm stuck in three things: drawing, talking with my friend on Skype through typing, and trying to catch the new release. In short, I'm overwhelmed. Having these each month will either make people happy or make people overwhelmed, especially if it's so hard to
  7. Dang it, I'm egglocked! Oh, well. Thanks for putting out a new release, TJ! *stalks trading page*
  8. Huh. This is actually a cool idea. I'd like to have this in-cave! (I kind of wish that it would be an equal chance to get any dragon with this. I mean, there's a ton of dragon species, so it'll be a one-in-something chance to get a CB rare, so, does it really matter? It probably does, but I'm a bit greedy to get a CB metallic. )
  9. I'd love for this to happen, but since it's so hard to get the GoN, it's almost pointless except for those who have two already. But I think that if this does happen, it should be harder and harder to get one with each Summon.
  10. This Ridgewing. I love the name I gave it: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rum6M Even though I really don't like peanut butter and jelly- Wait what? The father is my scroll name? Oh my gosh. I didn't realize this until I looked back at the lineage. Whoever owns that dragon is awesome. I want to hug them.
  11. Having the "Are you sure?" type of page sounds useful to me. I'm in. :3
  12. Stop it with the Portal "references". He'll manage. I mean, he does have test subjects willing to help with determining who's good enough. :3
  13. That'd be useful. You mean for switching from password verification to just typing in the action name, correct?
  14. I had the weirdest dream last night, which I want to make into an animation because it was fun. I was in a restaurant I visited in Canada last summer. I ordered pad thai (my favorite food) but the walls started closing in on me. The restaurant eventually turned into a Portal 2 test chamber. I walked out of my table booth and turned the corner, and saw a box next to a ditch of mud, and a door on my left. The door was to a room with GLaDOS in it, and she was preoccupied with something. I walked over to the box and I opened it, and found... CAKE!! I tried eating the cake with my bare hands but
  15. You guys all had awesome breakfasts. I wanted toast as usual, but there was no bread so I had blueberry yogurt instead, since that was the only flavor. My brother ate all the raspberry.
  16. I'd like this, not having to put in passwords. I use a lot of BSAs (mainly Influence and Incubate) and I constantly log out and log in, so typing my password is just something subconscious I do, but it's annoying. I'd use this option. (Yes, I do have a sibling who knows about DragCave, but all he does is pick up eggs. He has no idea about BSAs, and if he did, I know he's responsible enough to not touch the computer, so I know I'm safe if this idea is implemented and I use it.) Plus, I personally don't like the action name. I don't mean to be picky (alright, so I totally do mean to be pick
  17. What does OoC even mean? I role-play, but only with a friend of mine, and it's really messed up and we don't follow RP-ing "rules", so I have no idea about the terms when it comes to RP-ing. (Except RP itself. ) Thanks.
  18. I wish this baby was a Spring but it's so pretty! Whoever took the time to breed this is awesome. High-five to them. X3
  19. Allow me to butt in here and then be forgotten in the flurry of raffle excitement... I think that the raffle is perfectly fine the way it is (except for a point that I will express later). I feel that, if there wasn't so much negativity it made, the raffle itself kind of promotes a bit of friendly competition. The way I see it is, "It'll be nice if I win, but I don't really care since I can always get a horribly-lineaged, inbred offspring." This year's raffle also brought some fun with it. The holiday cooking was so fun, and having the gingerbread decorating on Christmas after you baked i
  20. I'd support this, because I know I'd utilize it. I have two computers in my house and I mainly use my laptop, but when I can't use it, I just use the family computer, but it's annoying to have to constantly log in and log out, especially since the family computer is a last resort. Though I don't have any effective ideas to throw out... Sorry.
  21. Support. I'd like to have more information about these guys on the site. :3
  22. Heh, my real name is a female Silver~! And my internet nickname is a female nebula hatchling.
  23. I'd like this to happen for dragons that would need the clarification if they could fly or not. For those which it's completely obvious (stones, aquatic ones, etc,) it's not needed, but for those like Dorsals and those that olympe mentioned, it should be specified. (I'm still confused about these Christmas dragons, honestly. ) In short, support.