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  1. Thanks! And man no, I still gotta figure something out. Thing is Vaeriahal has such a long ass name cause she's the coven leader so I wanted to go fancey with her name. The idea was that all her direct descendants would share her naming convention too, but that hasn't friggin happened til now so I'm a bit caught off guard. I'll figure it out eventually.
  2. .... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Y'alls it's been a while but my coven patron has for once managed to make a new vampire instead of an omelette. For reference, her very first biting (back in 2015) was successful but the egg was gifted to another user, what followed was a chain of crunched eggs until finally one was turned in 2016, however that one got repulsed and then picked up by another user who froze it in hatchling stage. More omelettes later she turned another one in 2017, but lo and behold it got repulsed too, again picked up by a random user and thus once again lost. Now... finally... after three heckin years... she turned an egg and it stayed on my scroll. It's a friggin Solstice miracle. X'D I have an update! Update: Countess Vaeriahal Mortem Noctis has bitten an egg and it stayed pure! Dragon: Precious baby so pure
  3. Not sure if I'll add anything more to this, I'm quite happy with what I got though, the last updates really helped with gathering resources. Part of me feels like I've not been too creative with this given all the interesting and creative ideas I've seen here, but on the other hand I really wanted to commit to a fort so I still like what I got going there. XD
  4. Sending! Though I gotta admit I wish the character limit wasn't so small on these. I'd love to recreate the winter holiday box shenanigans from a few years back.
  5. Anyone else feeling kinda like a jerk for making all those dragons gather flowers for us, whether they want it or not?
  6. I have several Montagues that can still test their chompers right now. Sadly my lowest "gen" would be the cursed clan leader who can't seem to keep her eggs around (she would be the third in line from the Countess, so I guess "4G"). I also got three more Countesses who can try for an egg, and 9 Counts (including one with Capulet heritage). So if anyone just joining wants an egg I could likely provide one. Just shoot me a message here or through mail.
  7. I appear and disappear randomly, but by the Montague elders, my coven leader is cursed. Only three out of the around dozen eggs she bit survived, and two of them got repulsed. I had such big plans with her and her fledgelings but so far no luck. And I believe this one already got picked up by someone else, cursed be the option to not have the owner's username displayed on a dragon's page. I have an update! Update: Countess Vaeriahal bit an egg but it was repulsed. Dragon: Why?
  8. Hello everyone, this is my new friend, Haf. Please introduce yourself little one. https://dragcave.net/lineage/ImHaf
  9. So I just went through my list of incubators and found one of the Red Dragons I hatched two years ago actually has the code yAAO1........ I don't know whether to be grateful or upset that its female. XD
  10. Am I a bad person for trying to take the bones of every single skeleton I came across? Also by the end of this I accidentally typed goos friends instead of good friends, it still went through but now I can't help but think the characters were geese all along.
  11. I have an update! Update: Count Arumu has matured, been named, and bit his first egg. Sadly not successfully... Dragon: dead Shame, was a pretty impressive lineage.
  12. I have an update! Update: Three vampires matured, Countesses Wyranna, Cadenice and Silvara joined the coven. As well as four bitings happened, one egg was turned, the rest destroyed. Dragon: Egg (up for grabs) Flippin bloody finally I got some female vampires, my poor coven matron was getting crazy all alone among all these guys. There's not been a female vampire in the coven since herself founded it back in January of last year. I let the eggs mature on their own, and luck has it that all the females ended up adopted by other users before they even gendered, which was kinda hilarious. And now we got friggin triplets to boot, it's like early xmass. Now the gender ratio curse has been broken let's see if the "biting-incompetent coven leader" curse will go away too.
  13. It's late so I'll keep this short... I have an update! Update: Count Inferian has been named. 6 bitings happened, two killed, two repulsed and lost, and two stayed pure. Pretty sure by now my coven matron is cursed... Dragon: Pure 1,Pure 2 Eggs are up for grabs to any Montague coven. Also found some really pretty lineages, shame they were inbred, purposely though so it really was impressive in a way. And I regret the 4th gen artist's alt offspring got munched... Edit: I have an update! Update: Two eggs have been bitten, one destroyed, one stayed pure. Dragon: Egg, Dead Linking the crunched one for the hilarious coincidence of it having a grandparent called "Abandon the hatchling to die". I'll do one more biting in a few days once my scroll frees up.
  14. To be honest the first thing that came to mind when I saw the virus badge was that one episode from Jimmy Neutron.
  15. Just spent the last hour or so editing an old drawing of mine to make it a personal event banner. Finally happy with how it looks. Also using the Germ Life one cause it's pretty neat, thanks for making it!
  16. This event made me learn how to play minesweeper. At first I thought I was doomed cause I remember trying it out years ago and just not being able to figure it out. But it's going pretty well for now. And of course, gotta spread the virus. Hail Lord Peryite!
  17. I have an update! Update: Count Reynarius has matured, been named, and successfully turned his first egg. Dragon: Dragon,Egg (mHlVA) Also, I'm never influencing my Count dragons since I just want to see what they will become naturally, and somehow every single one I keep has so far always ended up male. What is this? I'm pretty sure my poor coven leader (only female) is losing her mind.
  18. I have an update! Update: Count Illustrum successfully turned his first egg. Dragon: Egg (rTROK) The egg is up for grabs if anyone wants it.
  19. I have an update! Update: Count Illustrum has gendered and been named. (looks like I'll be keeping that one) Dragon: Dragon I have an update! Update: Count Perfarei bit his first egg but got carried away.... Dragon: Egg Two hatchlings have also been given to w5aw5.
  20. I have an update! Update: A new Count was finally named after me disappearing for months Dragon: Count Luminora I have an update! Update: Another Count was named after ages Dragon: Count Perfarei I have an update! Update: Countess Vaeriahal finally managed to turn an egg after a long string of serial egg murders. And then it got repulsed... Dragon: Egg (lOunh) I really wanted that egg dammit. Hopefully I'll find it in the AP. Then I'll see about possibly biting some more eggs. EDIT: Goose darn it, someone else got it before me and it doesn't look like they're ditching it. I was hoping if that happens I would be able to message said user and perhaps arrange a trade but of course their username doesn't match their forum name (if they even have one), so I have no way of contacting them. Better luck next time I guess. I have an update! Update: Count Nimaenex, Irdienum and Luminora have successfully turned three eggs into vampires while Count Siinfaneidar successfully turned one into an omelette. Dragon: Egg (QDyWo), Egg (WIiko), Egg (KoY7r), Omelette The three eggs are up for grabs if anyone's interested.
  21. I seem to have everything except the torch and rock chalk thing. No matter how often I search the cave opening it just doesn't show up. Clearing the cache didn't help either. Anyone know what's up with that?
  22. Dang, I just missed it. Completely forgot about the event. And they looked so cool too. Well, better luck next year.
  23. I have a habit of disappearing, oops. I have an update! Update: Countess Vaeriahal really needs to work on her anger management issues as she has yet again killed another egg. Shouldn't have given her the prettiest lineage too.... Dragon: Egg I have an update! Update: Count Nimaenex follows his leader by also playing "Let's Crush Some Eggs!" Dragon: Egg I have an update! Update: Count Irdienum proves reliable, successfully transforming an egg which stayed pure. Dragon: Egg I have an update! Update: Count Siinfaneidar follows his "calling" of corrupting the innocent, turning an egg and keeping it pure. Dragon: Egg Relatively simple lineages this time as I wasn't able to find any nicer ones. The two eggs that made it are up for adoption to any Montague clan.
  24. Ahem... Been a while. Some might still remember me, I just disappeared for a few months. Tends to happen when it comes to this site. Still I came back for a bit to let my Montagues off the leash. I have an update! Update: Countess Vaeriahal defends her title as one-hit wonder by killing yet another egg... I guess I should come to terms with the fact she's simply a sadist. Dragon: Egg I have an update! Update: Count Nimaenex bit an egg and it stayed pure! Dragon: Egg (this egg has been claimed!) I have an update! Update: Count Irdienum bit an egg and it stayed pure! Dragon: Egg (this egg has been claimed!) I have an update! Update: Count Siinfaneidar bit an egg and it stayed pure! Dragon: Egg (this egg has been claimed!) I guess I can't really complain with 3 out of 4 staying pure. Anyway, the three eggs are up for grabs to any Montague coven that wants them. Also a reminder that the egg of Count Nimaenex has Capulet roots since Nimaenex was originally a Capulet egg. Please mail me if interested. All eggs have gone to a new home.