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  1. I don't have amazingly awesome ones but I like






    This one's pretty cool



    I would've liked this one if the red dragon was a sunsong tongue.gif



    I just found this one. Look at their names, it rhymes! xd.png


  2. When I can hear someone breathing

    When someone I barely know is intruding my personal space


    Singing quietly, but loud enough for someone close to you to hear.

    Typical and dramatic (not in humorous ways) girls

    Stupid, loud, and sexist boys

    When people swear every time they open their mouth. Few times are okay.

    When a person ignores someone in RP, unless it was an accident.

    Soap operas

    People who gets really easily offended by things, especially on internet.


    There's MUCH more but I guess I'll end it here biggrin.gif

  3. I say doggies <3 Pups are just cuter than mittens in my opinion, and dogs are more handsome xd.png Still, I hate crazy big dogs as much as I hate typical cats. My friend have a very impulsive black lab who drooled on my hair and trampled all over a special gift we were making for our friend D: I have a small Maltese dog who is the cutest dog in the world in my eyes <3 I actually like cats, besides ones that want to be alone and will scratch and bite you if you touch them sad.gif Only difference between cats and dogs for me- when I see a cute kitten pic: Awwww, it's so adorable!!!! When I see cute puppy pic: *Starts drooling* Must... Get... Those... CUTIES!!!! xd.png