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  1. The eggs are great! Almost done collecting....
  2. I have to go to bed now, fellow DCers, I hope I don't miss a badge or anything! *Goes to bed dreaming of waking with a badge and a scroll o' dinos)
  3. Its all right. Congrats to you! And I would like to see a screenie.
  4. That doesn't have anything to do with the topic... I NEED AN INVITE!!!! *Drools all over keyboard*
  5. How have some people activated theirs? I haven't gotten an email, and I was up at 6:00 am this morning ): This looks like fun!
  6. GUYS! I REALIZED SOMETHING!! It said "Use your Dragon Cave account". It's probably going to send us a message saying," YOU'VE BEEN TROLLED!" or something .
  7. Username: Fluttershy16 Name: Dawnsayer Age: 26 moons Gender: Female Clan: Windclan Position: Medicine cat Appearance: A beautiful tortoiseshell she-cat with emerald green eyes. She has very very faint tabby stripes and is a split face. From the moment she opened her eyes, the medicine cat destiny was her fate. Personality: She is a shy, quiet she-cat who listens to all sides of a story before judging. History: Other: Dawnsayer has known the medicine cat position was her destiny since she was a kit. Her parents died when she was young, so she grew up on her own. No siblings, e
  8. I found these three today and yesterday... 5th gen dorkface: http://dragcave.net/lineage/4cDA5 White with lots of discontinued Pinks in linage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/q9OQQ This beautiful blue: http://dragcave.net/lineage/GY2jR
  9. Yeah, having a prodogy of bittens would be cool too. So right now we're 50/50 on this idea. But I really think hitting one button instead of clicking through all the linages would be easier. And like everyone is saying, if the data's lost it would give a message that displays the data is torn beyond repair or something like that.
  10. New episode today, guys! Don't know what it is today, but we're sure to find out!
  11. They mean that we're all collecting this dragon that LadyLyzar sprited.
  12. Aw...that really stinks. Perhaps first we have to restore that before even thinking about adding new things.
  13. -take breeding offers and other chat to PMs-
  14. Aww....did a little sibling or something kill them on accident without realizing?
  15. I've used my red dragons less than two weeks ago, so I can't incubate. Mine WILL hatch soon, though!
  16. I've sent quite a few, I was one of the first to send on Valentine's day. I stayed up till midnight! I have spesifically sent: brindlebabyblessing (x2) firewolf98 dustydarkness Two people were on a thread And at least 6 random. I've recieved: 7 Love you guys!
  17. Aw...that really stinks! Wish we could keep them.
  18. Well, I hope you can keep your alt and alt!
  19. Hey, I'll take it if you don't want it JK JK JK. Is it bad to get an alt?
  20. My poor friend couldn't get on at all yesterday...I might give her one of my eggies. And about the rainbow vomit, you're right. Nothing IS better than this event ^^
  21. Yeah, that's what I wanted them to look like. It would be easy to tell what generation your Vampire is.
  22. I found this wonderfully amazing linaged black egg. *total sarcasm* http://dragcave.net/lineage/f6Egt Biggest freaking linage I've ever seen on a dragon. Here's a real awesome linage- http://dragcave.net/lineage/t7VpW And another- http://dragcave.net/lineage/YVd3A