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  1. 60/62 this year. 😫 so hard to get them when they're released on the holiday.
  2. Woo! Can't wait to get some past holiday dragons.
  3. Happy Halloween!!! Eyes?? The spots kind of look like spider eyes.
  4. Is that crystal dragon a Spyro reference?
  5. Thanks for all the new eggs. ^-^ But why is it so hard to get the brine eggs? They're so pretty and I want one so bad.
  6. Thanks for the update TJ ^-^
  7. They're all so beautiful ^-^ I can't wait till mine grow up!
  8. Happy birthday DC! I can't wait to get some new eggs ^-^ Are these eggs permanent?
  9. My username was created about five years ago. My best friend at the time introduced me to an online site and she told me to pick a username. The number was easy because I was 14 at the time and me being as uncreative as I usually am I tried to pick a name similar to hers. (her username was windgodess82) so I tried to pick icegodess14 or watergodess14 which of course made her angry and she told me to pick a different name. I sat there and thought about it for a few minutes, I remember thinking of icewater14, coldwater14, and ice14 but they didnt sound right. Then the word frozenwater popped into my head and I liked it. It's been my username for a lot of sites since. ^-^
  10. @penguin_adu6oo I can definately relate to the fear of death, I'm also afraid that when I die, I won't truely be dead and I would be burried alive or creamated alive. I can also relate to being afraid of being abducted, I get nightmares about that sometimes. I also forgot to mention that I'm afraid of ghosts or things I can't seen, especialy when im in the dark. Ants are more of a phobia for me though. when I was little I lived on a horse farm which is notorious for having ant piles and not just black ants but fire ants too. For some reason whenever I would be outside playing with my sisters, I would always end up standing on or near an ant pile and they would crawl up my legs and bite me while I froze there and screamed. My mom would have to come out and hose me off because ants can't be brushed off, they stick to you like glue and bite the life out of you! It still gives me shivers just thinking about it.
  11. Im terrified of ants, bees and wasps.i can't stand them! Im also affraid of being in the dark by my self, heights and being/doing something wrong.
  12. I caught one! yay <3 I'd snuggle up to it but i cant stand the scent.
  13. I can't tell if this is a joke or not but can I have an invite please?
  14. I caught my two eggs in the first drop this morning. ^-^ O.O Are these going to be chocolate dragons?!?! I've sorta been expecting the valentine dragons this year to be chocolate dragons since the "Chocolate and Cheese" story in the christmas event.
  15. Hopefully I can get sweetlings this year to compleat my collection. ^-^ Sweetlings I shall find you O.O
  16. thanks for the update TJ, I've been waiting a whole year to hunt for sweetlings.
  17. finaly got as many new eggs as possible, 3 moonlight and 2 shimmer gold. I feel acomplished. ^-^
  18. ohmygosh they look so awesome! I can't wait till mine hatch.
  19. grr I wanted to go to sleep five hours ago, can't seem to get ahold of that last moonlight egg. >.>
  20. MY jaw dropped, I MUST HAVE ONE OF THESE!
  21. some of the one on my scroll that are strange or funny. SUWn - sun GAYrq gLolK uYGMT LV0S -for some reason when I see this one I always think it says "loves"