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  1. Hello everyone!! My name is Voxa, and I'm our mod!! A little about me: I've known about DC for a hot minute, but I joined the site sometime around 2013 with my sister on our scroll Maya10. We shared the scroll since, at the time, we didn't really know there was a multiplayer aspect. Once we learned about the forums and such, I made my own scroll Skyrimkittyy and changed my forum name over to this as well (she never used the forums herself, it just wasn't her thing!). I respond best to PMs, as those go to my email notifications, but I will often check replies here as well. If anyth
  2. Having the same issues; no biome has any eggs. Ive been on the site for the past 20 minutes from this post and I still haven't seen any movement. I got a small glitch on the breeding selection screen that was fixed with a reload as well.
  3. The wiki says it should be open on the second day of the event, but I'm not sure if thats true or not
  4. Me either! I just found the new biome and it had absolutely nothing and hasnt for a few reloads. Volcano doesnt seem to have any in it either :/
  5. Thanks to @OutlawQueen I can officially start breeding the lineage myself when the CB grows up! Thank you!! <3
  6. Thank you so much! Right now I've got a plethora of Monarchs, but Im lacking in any CB Glacewings. If you could help me with that for now Id be super greatful! Since I'm first starting out I can breed you anything off of my scroll as a thanks if you could grab me any Glacies. <3
  7. Thank you! I'm not sure. Right now I just kinda wanna gage interest and just make a massive lineage, but if the idea takes off and goes crazy I might theme it or make something out of it. Kinda similarly to my cousin's (Igloo9201) black dragon lineage, I just kinda want a horde of them because I adore them.
  8. Hiya! Just a thought, with the new releases I think that having a Glacewing x Monarch lineage would look pretty awesome. Feel free to contact me if you'd want a pre-started dragon in exchange for something (most likely a CB of either breed or something from your scroll that I dont have/ I need more of), are interested in helping me, or want to branch out the lineage (I'll be breeding it in the order Glacewing w Monarch to a Glacewing, so if I get a Monarch I'd be willing to give it out to someone to continue it like that)!
  9. Here's mine. I am currently taking icon commissions for any site, just give me the specifics of the minimum file size and Ill mke it to the specifics. miski-the-nekowolf/deviantart.com
  10. Hey Igloo, I was reading the entire thread (I think it's called the thread) but I believe that, in order to get the thread to thrive, and I mean absolutely no offense, that you may need to be just a bit more formal with the thread. I know very well that I personally am a level 0 and this is only my (I believe) 3rd post overall, but I am not used to a forum base. Just some cousin-ly advice (Yes, I am Igloo's cousin Maya :3). Feel free to ignore this post, but I just thought you should know I guess... May the wind flow beneath your wings and the sun be at your back!
  11. I love wolves. I don't care that they may be overrated. Their beauty, grace, and free spirits will always make me a wolf lover. One issue where I live is about the Mexican grey, which was reintroduced somewhere here in the past few years, i believe. I'm not sure, so don't quote me on that. I love how wild and free they are. For me, wolves represent freedom and running wild. :3 Plus, they're beautiful-their range of pelt colors is amazing. I hate the way governments see them as pests and the way farmers view them the same way also bothers me very much. The farmers and ranchers are actually
  12. My faves r pokemon, wolfquest, 3DS games, and almost all DS games!!! I have so many, the entry would take u a whole year to read it!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry im late -spam removed-