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Mod for the Hoarders Association    ~    My scroll    ~     PM for breeding, IOUs, and info   ~    Google Doc of my wants, needs, and trades    oOo.gif.2d4376e711e1f98c42af4f50449f1d5e.gif


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    The Sky, with the wind beneath my wings and the sun upon my back
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    My name is Kat, but you can call me Kat/Voxa. My scroll is SkyrimKittyy, come check me out!

    Right now, I'm going to try to start using the site more frequently. If you'd like to trade me something feel free to reach out! Depending on the dragon, Ill trade you off of these scrolls (only one is mine. the other is my cousin's (she's less likely to let me breed stuff to give, so we'll have to go thru her) and the last is my sisters):




    My location was set by the wonderful Igloo9201 :3