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  1. Thank you again for the welcomes. smile.gif I have many cookies to eat. tongue.gif

    @Felischia The list is probably closed by now, but if it is still open, I'd love a spot.

    *Edit- My first set of splits are almost adults! biggrin.gif *goes off to hunt for CB trades*

  2. Does lineage matter (spiral, even gen, stair step) matter, or is it just the species listed that matters?

    As long as they're from the AP and are one of those breeds they count. It doesn't matter what lineage they have.

  3. After so many "No Interests" with the maternal grandparents and a Refusal with one of the Great-grands, I finally have A Great Slow Bowler.  Could almost have named it A Great Slow BBW! lol

    Could I be on the list too?

    And thank you for all the nice welcomes everyone! smile.gif

  4. The first thing I thought of when I heard about the golems was "Gollum" from Lord of the Rings. xd.png

    Imagine having an army of these! That would be pretty awesome. Or just using them to farm iron. They drop about 4 ingots so it would be a really helpful thing early on in the game.

  5. Forum Name: gravity404

    Scroll Name:  Violinrules101

    Preferred contact for 4th gen breeding requests: PM or the thread

    Number of self bred Doctor Who

    4th gens you already have if any: One! biggrin.gif

    Secret Word: cyberman

    My Projects

    Working On-

    4Gen Split lineage

    Quote from The Girl in the Fireplace-

    Okay that/Is scary/You're scared /Of a broken clock/Just a/Bit scared/Yeah just/A tiny bit/Cause you see/If this/Clock's broken/And it's the/Only one in/The room/Then what's that

    CB Eggs- 8/8 2G- 4/4 3G- 2/2 4G- 1/1

  6. There are so many!

    -Inkheart trilogy

    -Dragon Rider

    -Lord of the Rings


    -Ender's Game

    -pretty much anything by Isaac Asimov

    -The Phantom Tollbooth

    -The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    -Macbeth (yes I know it's a play, but it's one of my favorite Shakespeare plays ever)

    -King Lear

  7. Whoa! I had no idea this existed. This looks really cool.

    I might help start/help with a lineage within the next week or so. smile.gif


    It doesn't look like anyone has done a split lineage yet. Now to find a good quote...