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  1. Lol I would've loved to see his face! xd.png.

    I'm a straight female, by the way, but I live in a Southern area where the LGBT topic is very controversial. For example, this is a quote from a Facebook friend's status: "200 Things You Didn't Know About Me! Section 1: Politics...Question #13 Should gays be allowed to marry? Heck no! They shouldn't even be allowed to live in this country! lol"

    Sadly, these views still exist.

  2. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do what your body is at (however, no one in my school had anything like yours - they were certainly able to do something a little more taxing - they were just lazy, as they enjoyed admitting. And if they did indeed have actual reason to be doing alternate push-ups, they certainly weren't the ones bragging about not having to work and getting to take the easy way out). There is something wrong with calling them "girl push ups" though.

    Agreed. I can do about 5-10 "real push ups" before my arms start shaking too much and I collapse. (In my defense, I am still in middle school...I just don't exercise as much as I should...) Then I start doing what I call *knee push ups* which is what everyone calls "girl push ups". tongue.gif


    There are a lot of phrases (most have already been mentioned) that are actually pretty offensive but considered the social norm. Man up, you do ___ like a girl, etc. I think many women are offended by it, but don't say anything because it's kind of a "pick your battles" issue. Why get upset over something like that if there are bigger issues in the world? I often find myself thinking about how sexist someone was just being, then not saying anything because it's considered a social norm.

  3. I honestly didn't (still kinda don't) like the idea of abortion. It really took me awhile to get used to the idea of technically killing someone. However, I logically debated this in my head instead of emotionally, and came out of the Pro-Choice end. There are so many situations that people could be in that we don't even understand until we're in them ourselves. Abortion is a huge gray area and there are many reasons for an abortion that are very logical. If the family cannot support the child, whether it be financially or emotionally (many times it's both) do you really want that child to have to grow up in an environment like that? There are enough poor children and families in this country, and I think if abortion were illegal it would add to that number. Yes, you can put the kid up for adoption, but how much better off would he/she be? Many foster care systems are already overflowing with children. Also, many children that aren't immediately adopted have problems later in life.

    Then, there's the parents. My biggest issue with the pro-life stance is rape. If a woman is raped, I believe it should be her right to have an abortion if she so pleases. Aside from that, many of the women/girls who would want abortions are underage. This ties into another issue we're dealing with (especially the US): contraception. A lot of kids and teens are not educated enough about sex and contraception in schools, which then leads to underage sex without protection. Then these teenagers become pregnant and have to drop out of school to take care of the child. Often times it becomes solely the mother's responsibility and the father is left out of the picture. Is it really fair to do that to someone who is really just a child themselves? If we aren't providing contraception as part of health care benefits and educating children more about sex and how to protect themselves, then how are we going to deal with all of the underage pregnancies without abortion? Because you know that plenty of teens are going to have sex no matter what...*stops self from being redundant and getting into a long rant about contraception*


    Okay, it's time that I get off of my soap box now. Sorry for the length everyone.

  4. Mine is more of a favorite quote:

    "If I have seen farther than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants"- Isaac Newton.

    To get anywhere in life, you're going to need help along the way. One of the first steps to becoming successful is to learn to accept that help, something I used to have a lot of trouble with. smile.gif

  5. I really love this idea! I actually have a color blind friend who plays DC and she has to go by the egg designs, so it's really hard for her to get good eggs off of the AP.

    And for any of you who have difficulty seeing, try enlarging your screen or using a magnifier for your browser. It may take awhile to get used to, but once you do it's a lot easier to get eggs off the AP. That's what I do, since I'm legally blind, and it works great. smile.gif

  6. Congrats on picking up that egg! :-)


    I have recently added these names for my Whovian collection. Most are still on placeholders, but I felt very lucky to have picked up any of them!


    Sophie Aldred

    Janet Fielding

    Anthony Ainley

    Louise Jameson

    Lis Sladen

    Katy Manning

    Jean Marsh

    Nicholas Courtney

    Perpugilliam Brown

    Melanie Bush

    *is jealous* congrats on the names!

    Please don't hate me, but I somehow got Tom Baker. biggrin.gif

  7. So those are the dragons I'd like to discuss for an addition to the list:

    - Stone

    - Albino

    - Nocturnal

    - Terrae

    - Pygmy

    - Nilia Pygmy

    I agree with the first four for sure. I see them clogging the cave and blocking the AP all the time. The two pygmies I see a lot as CB's, but I don't see them quite often on the AP.

    Just my opinion, of course it's up to the mods to make the decisions. smile.gif