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  1. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I won't be on much until September so please take me off of any lists at least until then. I thought I was going to be able to check DC daily and I apologize if I sent you a PM saying so earlier this week. Sorry again, and I hope to be back on DC regularly soon smile.gif


  2. On the other hand re: my stance to vote for something, North Carolina now has Amendment One that would add law to forbid gay marriage and that is just stupid and against everything I stand for, personally, as a libertarian who wants the state to stop meddling with people. Any North Carolinians who can vote, go vote against that thing and do it now.

    We're losing D:

    Apparently over 60% of my state is full of homophobic jerks. I'm too young to vote but I was out protesting this past weekend with tons of my friends and my parents went canvassing too. All of our friends and family that were overage voted against it, but apparently not everyone feels the same way we do. T.T The light in all of this is that there is a tiny bit of hope that the amendment will be declared unconstitutional. And even if it isn't, the younger generation, such as myself, will be able to vote in a few years and it might make a huge difference. Eventually we'll get the last laugh!

  3. Dragon Registration Form:

    Dragon Breed: Water

    Codes of Raised Adults:

    IoFaK, bKWlA, g5IBc, gUr3M

    Dragon Registration Form:

    Dragon Breed: Split

    Codes of Raised Adults:


    Dragon Registration Form:

    Dragon Breed: Stone

    Codes of Raised Adults:

    C5f1K, ctnhO

    Dragon Registration Form:

    Dragon Breed: Balloon

    Codes of Raised Adults:

    3n2D6, 6hfaR, Bhigd, at8ld


    Total Dragons- 11

    Total Points- 12

    Mini-Goals Acheived:

    10 Dragons Raised

  4. I was making a General Store on Minecraft... But I got bored so I cover the inside and outside of it with TNT then blew it up... It has forever reshaped the mountain... Oh yeah! I has question! Now I'm terrible with multiplayer server building stuff, so when you create a server... How do you play on it and make the world? Do you have to go on single player, make the world, then change it to a server? I am trying to make a lair with my friend and he asked me to make a server... Anyone know how to solve my problem?

    To make a server, you have to download the server software released by Mojang. To set it up, you have to go through a few steps, such as installing the latest version of Java, allotting more RAM to the server, and customizing it. The Minecraft Wiki can explain this whole process better than I can, but it's not too hard to do. To test the server, you have to go to Multi-player, not single player.


    Oh, and have you guys seen the latest update? Now there's bonus chests and multiplayer cheats in single player. Personally, I think they're making it too easy now.

  5. Added everyone up to this post (you too, Wiz & Felischia :3). The list is closed for the time being. smile.gif


    Also, I have a few open lists:


    Sunrise x Daydream - The Dalek Invasion of Earth

    PB Pillow - The Abominable Snowmen

    PB Purple - The Time Warrior

    White x Red - Colony in Space


    If anyone wishes to apply, feel free to do so. ^^

    Look at all the prettiest! biggrin.gif May I be added to Colony in Space and The Time Warrior? Love the quotes and the white/red looks wonderful together.

  6. Seeking:

    4th even-gen magma (there's not much of a pattern to her lineage, so any 4th gen magma would be lovely). Or any 4th even-gen that would look good with her.


    I'm definitely willing to breed something nice for anyone who can help me out; just PM me and we can work out a trade.