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  1. Just finished breeding. - Thanks for the reminder! Will rebreed them next week as I had to keep at least three. I'm looking forward to find some beauties in the ap soon.
  2. Have: Want: Bloodswap please. - Perma-calm Aegis, please. Sir Atapix is perma-calm, too. Will consider other 2nd gen prize-kin from female Bronze Shimmer. Make an offer
  3. Nessj


    Anyone else preparing for NaNoWriMo? I'm in again and rebelling as I did the past few years - means: I'm not starting from scratch but continue the story from... eh... yeah... those past years. There's still so much more to tell... Just before I can start over in November I'm doing some editing stuff on what I have so far... And while I was planning on procrastinating today, clicking some pretty dragon pixels it seems the cave wants me to prepare better...
  4. Hey, I love your lineage builder! It helped me a lot to sort out my halloween lineage plans. Also the upcoming feature is awesome! This will be super helpful! Thanks for all the work you put into this.
  5. Done with all cbs but Caligenes. Lineaged ones are done too. I had only one refusal which can be easily replaced. *phew* Sent a lot of commons and 2 or 3 metals including one bronze shimmer to the ap. Caligenes have to wait a few days until they can give me Gold Lunar Heralds. Also: Thanks for organizing this @Jazeki! Breeding has been a lot of fun and this thread was very helpful for making up breeding plans and finding the perfect mates for some of my Halloween dragons!
  6. Last mate I need is a 2nd gen Daydream from female Black Marrow - but this can easily wait until after Halloween as I only start this lineage this year... So I'm mainly curious for other lineages I'll find on the ap. Also, as Lunar Heralds will be Silver during this little massbreed I will not breed my Caligenes to their intended mates which are Golden Lunar Heralds...
  7. I can help with this. Teleport back is no problem. I have enough Magis, too.
  8. I'd love some additional mini massbreeds. Also, thanks for the breeding ideas with Witchlights. They look really awesome with greenish mates... I'm still not completely sure if I'll go with Green Gemshards or perhaps with Striped Rivers.
  9. I hope it's okay to post this... I guess some of us were trying/hoping to even out ratios to get metals out of their Zyus. So I was wondering if anyone was doing a Black Zyu x Silver lineage and could use a 2nd gen Silver from that pairing? So if that's the case, pm me as this little one (nice code ) is looking for a new home: https://dragcave.net/lineage/NOvie - new home found. Thank you.
  10. Just finished breeding my Zyus. Here's what went to the ap - all 2nd gens Black Zyus: 7 Blue Zyu: 1 Pink Zyus: 6 Red Zyus: 5 White Zyus: 9 Yellow Zyus: 5 + several Thalassa, Bolt, Aria, Antarean Hope they all find loving homes.
  11. Totally looking our for this. I'd love a reminder, please.
  12. I'm in and look forward for this breeding event. Still need some inspiration for Witchlight and Desipi mates so I count on pretty ap finds afterwards.
  13. Ah... same here... -> Silver from Black Zyu / Gold from White Zyu... -> means nice Metal Kin in the ap. My next attempt will be coming weekend...
  14. *sighs* I should have known they'd refuse... https://imgur.com/a/vioZF Unfortunately I am out of fertilities... Oh well... at least I can breed a replacement for her... Fingers crossed the replacement won't refuse him, too, and I still can make it to gen 7 this year...
  15. Please add me up for all reminders, too. Thanks a lot! I just finished planning all breedings I want to do on Halloween to sort what I actually really need... Comes out what I really, really need is more egg slots... However... I'll start mate-breeding from my Shadowwalker x Moonstone line to the ap now and continue Caligene x Gold Lunar Herald tomorrow when Gold Lunars are availbale - Hope someone will find these helpful. edit: Done with Marrow, Desipi x Silver Lunar Heralds (sent at least 5 to the ap), Lurker x Royal Crimson (3 or 4 to ap) and Shadowwalker x Moonstone (4 or 5?), Shadowwalker x Copper (no eggs ) - Thanks for the list in first post. This was helpful.
  16. Always happy to find some of mine here... and so glad to see my little critters found a loving home. You're so welcome!
  17. Finally finished my breedings... I did some on Friday, some yesterday... and lost track somewhere after 70 eggs... However, it was really fun! Once again - thank yo so much for organizing this, Sock. Best of wishes for you and wherever life will leed you! You will be missed!
  18. I'm totally looking out for this. <3 These mass breedings are so much fun... Plus... this one seems pretty close to a "cute massbreeding".
  19. So here are some pretty Summers that I caught the week before the latest release: 4th gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/5Vy6w 4th gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/QIdlj 5th gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/cHYge 6th gen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/dnzGh Thank you very much lillysally for these. I actually misread the 6th gen for another 5th gen... the two 4th gens make a perfect pair and for the real 5th gen I can breed an unrelated mate to the above. I'll need more Summers to breed an unrelated partner for the 6th gen though... But I love a good challenge... Especially when it brings me to gen 8 with these pretties.
  20. Daydreams... Although I know they're not this super common. But I wouldn't say they're uncommon... I really love everything about them. From their colors to the descriptions and I really love all stages and how beautiful the adults match with (in my opinion) every other dragon. <3 Plus this was the breed that totally 'caught' me to stick with DC.
  21. Just finished my (mostly pure) breedings and here is what my pretties gave me: Scimitars: 4 eggs, 1 refuse Sinii Krai: 2 eggs, 2 no eggs Tetra: 5 eggs Azure Glacewings: 2 eggs, 1 no egg Frill: 5 eggs Fell: 3 eggs, 1 refuse Honey Drakes: 4 eggs, 1 refuse Monarchs: 3 eggs, 1 no egg Almerald: 3 eggs Candelabra: 3 eggs Kingcrowne: 2 Eggs, 1 no interest Kyanite: 3 eggs Sapphires: 5 eggs, 1 refuse Tarantula Hawk: 2 eggs, 1 refuse Antareans: 5 Antarean eggs, 1 no egg, 1 yellow Zyumorph (testbreeding) Blue Banded: 5 eggs Carmine: 2 eggs, 1 no interest Fever: 5 eggs Thanks for this event. It was fun participating.
  22. I'm in. This sure will be a lot of fun. I'll make a breeding plan tomorrow. Also, thanks for adding me to the reminder list.
  23. Here are my recent ap finds. :wub: Thank you so much Terrafreaky! https://dragcave.net/lineage/sr4gW - It alted right! :D https://dragcave.net/lineage/vDXeg edit: Just wanted to say: I hope it is okay that I included the "Freaky" in their name - I can rename them if you prefer otherwise.
  24. Just finished breeding my Reds. It were only 28 pairs... I thought I had more... well... will have more as soon as all those pretty eggs from this thread hit the ap. Also... some of my Reds have Magma Mates... so some Magmas will be there, too.