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  1. Pretty sure I reached status quo. Magmas and occasional GoN effective enough for the Soulpeace not to be activated so far. I think. Too lazy to check it all
  2. Nope You always lose the game.
  3. I have a question! Are Vampire dragons sparkling?
  4. Ah, yes. I too have been flanked. Perhaps two healers on each flank...? It should strengthen the first line of defense there, instead of relying on only one healer.
  5. I might have a bit of a problem...
  6. I got over round 50 at last :3 This game is super fun
  7. I really liked Olivia route. Wilda was cute :3 Ion was boring and I dislike Harle. Moving on to other routes... All in all, awesome event! Thank you, TJ and all who made this!
  8. I made a forest :3c And two fortresses. I have a whole story to explain this. Too lazy to type.
  9. @Okarnill Your fort remains cool and good! Glad you got your presents right @Snowwall Your fort looks like an awesome mess The snow around the cannons looks just perfect! @blah SUPER glad you managed to finish decorating! Your fort looks awesome! @e-sheep Your fort is still *khm* cool!!! I love the dragon hoarding the presents! Thank you all who made this event! It was super fun and awesome!
  10. Wrecked you one last time! Glad you got to decorate your fort proper!
  11. Peaceful fort wrecked. THIS MEANS WAAAAAR!!!
  12. Blah, coming soon! Sorry for the wait! You keep resources that spawned yes
  13. TWAS THOU WHO WRECKED ME! And fret not, the forts will be saved without the damage when the event ends
  14. Whom is it, wrecking me? Show thyself, fiend! Show thyself so I can wreck you back! >:3 No trouble, @e-sheep ! Just waiting for the attack to stop, imma build more trebuchets and wreck you :3 Edit: @Okarnill I love how you replaced all those ballistas with repair statues xD
  15. I'd say that's most of it Boop me when you repair, I'll go for round two if you want
  16. Incomiiiiiiiiiiing! Edit: oh man your fort is so *clears throat* Cool.
  17. Did someone say wreck me *raises away from the books and builds more trebuchets* Edit: Not gonna lie, your fort was pretty cute :3c
  18. No problem! Fix your fort, then. I shall now go study. Seeya!
  19. Alas, poor Claudius! I knew him well.
  20. No trouble, friend! Nice aim, Blah!
  21. You'll get XP if you wreck me too :3 Feel free to do so. And yes, presents and resources stay. I gotta keep that gold dragon statue at my forest to make sure some presents don't randomly spawn behind a tree I like my forest as a forest, not full of presents Fret not! I did not forget you! I still drop a trebuchet or two at you occasionally! @blah
  22. No, Okarnill just wants a specific thing to spawn somewhere specifically, so they blocked all other spawn spots (i.e. ground) and wait for it to appear.
  23. Building new trebuchets :3 Incomiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing