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wishlist . . . . . IOU friendly . . . . .  ✿ dance_dance_v3_by_kittymarspian-d72niaf.

I emit a chaos field which distorts time and space and creates chaos everywhere around me. That's why my room is always a mess.

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    Books! :D

    From 6AM-4PM, CET, I'm not online because of school. From 5PM-9PM I'm most likely shooting (ARCHERY, NOT GUNS). From 10PM-6AM, I like to sleep. Computer and internet comes somewhere between. Just so you know.

    CB metals
    2nd gen offspring from Silver/Radiant Angel
    2nd gen offspring from Blusang/Solstice
    low gen shimmers or tinsels
    and stuff in my signature.
    PM to discuss :3

    Also, I go by one very simple rule. I don't trade Avatars. Don't offer me your Avatars in those extremely rare moments when I get a rare and want to trade it, and don't ask for mine. Never. I will decline.
    Sad, but true.