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I collect messy and/or high-lineaged dragons. The messier and the higher the gen, the better.

I accept IOUs.

God bless the salt wall.

Currently hoarding Reds and Celestials. I'm not sure if this unusual, but - I'll take catching requests for CB uncommons/semi-rares/rares for Red/Celestial hatchlings or hatchling IOUs. 2:1 or 3:1, depending on what you're asking for. I can get Aeons, Trios, Xenos, Zyus, Blusangs, Coppers, etc. PM me if you're looking for anything specific so we can work something out. Thanks!

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    I have a particular interest in high-gen lineages that aren't inbred. Naturally, the more generations and the more messy the lineage is, the harder it is to keep the entire line non-inbred, especially if the eggs were found randomly from the AP as opposed to manually bred. Which makes those dragons somewhat of a curiosity to me.