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  1. Have: CB Gold https://dragcave.net/view/IBOfl Want: CB Staterae or Any Neglected Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. Pa Tone: Erador --> Long_before_sunrise (ACCEPTED) Thanks again!
  3. Is there any way to check if a dragon has been previously resurrected? I forgot.
  4. Just popping in on the forums a bit! Lolz, had no idea. Well, I only have 14 growing things right now, so another batch if there's a release tomorrow should work out just fine!
  5. Wait... if you have too many hatchlings you can't grab new eggs??? Good to see you, Carthasis btw!
  6. Yesterday for an unnamed 2-head from 2008... Batman and Robin
  7. Uggh this is the first release I've actually anticipated beforehand in years (minus events) and I've been grabbing 4 day APs for the past 3 days!
  8. Yeah... I caveblocked myself with Hellhorses and so didn't get one on release day. Still haven't seen a single one. Luckily Hot on Fire gifted me one. But yeah... If I wasn't still in school and/or it wasn't at finals time, i'd probably be better on top of this ridiculous release...
  9. Lulwha? I just grabbed 4 Blusangs in the last drop. Haven't been going for them since I was gone during release and figured the demand was too high. Good internet and years of practice I guess...
  10. Haha the other week I named a Split hatchling Coheed and Cambria.
  11. OMG I finally got one! Finally. I even have my names, "Pacquiao," and "Rugia" saved up.
  12. I'd really like to see the new hatchlings myself. If update anything, do that. I'm rather indifferent on the egg. Changing the sprite, description, or leaving it as is all works for me. As for the adult, I really like the way it is right now. Perhaps updated shading or whatever, but nothing too funky. Like the horses. Oh, and <3 le femme.
  13. I haven't posted in something like this in years, but... Holly adult: Cristo Redentor (FTW) [that giant Jesus statue in Rio] Holly egg: C8U1W Yulebuck adult: Yahweh (FTW) Yulebuck hatchling: Jesus Christ (FTW) [thinking about moving this to the Holly adult or the to-be frozen hatchling, thoughts?] Snow Angel adult: The Holy Spirit (FTW) Snow Angel hatchling: Trans-Siberia Ribbon Dancer adult: Philippines [i'm Filipino] (FTW) Ribbon Dancer hatchling: Unnamed Some Rugia stole "God." Urgh!!! I would have possessed the whole Christian Trinity [considering Yahweh as Jewish]!
  14. Still failed... I even have credits on one of the trio. This is absurd. But my two original Ices somehow concieved. Absurdity.
  15. Unsure if this has already been answered in the thread, but does anyone know if it is good in 3D? I just got back from a vacation in Mexico so I was unable to catch the midnight premiere and showings since then. I don't normally watch things in 3D but seeing how this is the last one and everyone is crazy over it, I might just happen to, especially how I missed James Cameron's Avatar which apparantly was brilliant being shot with the special cameras and all.
  16. Alright, cool. I will do that. Added you and I was message whenever you are online. Thanks! When do you stop making workers? I hear like 20-25ish per base? When do you transfer workers over building new ones?
  17. Actually so far i've been playing Protoss mainly, a little zerg. Barely any Terran at all. I have totally been watching pro videos online, it's ridiculous. Yeah that's what i've been doing, along with some basic micro. (move damaged, ranged units away, etc). What i'm not good at is using like 2 zerglings to kill a zealot or even a base that more experienced players do. Yep, the openings are what i'm not so sure about. What does 14gas mean? When you have 14 drones? 14 pool is at the same time, or when you have 14 more drones? Right now I tend to built a lot of drones early on, get the gas
  18. Bump. So I just got this game and I have recently beaten the capaign with little difficulty (aside from the last mission) on normal (lol). However, as we know, the metagame is extremely different from the single player game. Playing online results in immense failure. Anyone wanna play and/or show me how? I need halp. I only have 1 friend in RL I know of that plays, but he lost his copy and is too lazy to download it. It's funny that i'm a General on Halo Wars (which is a RTS on xbox), the highest rank. However on Starcraft, I'm such a noob that I try and build one of like every unit an
  19. Ha. There's so few people on right now.
  20. Are they still dropping? I think so. Because I haven't seen any in 2 hours due to lag.