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  1. Category:Breeder Title of Record:Breeder with the most Ice Dragons: 104 Icedragons (from this number are 36 CB) Name of Submitant(forumname):Seiti Scroll Name (link): http://dragcave.net/user/Seiti Proof for Record:count my Icedragons (they are on the first and the last scrollpage)
  2. hello, I need critique for this black and the brown Ramhorn Pigmy Dragons (Note the shading is not finished, because of that they look flat at moment) and a few questions are the lines ok? is this size acceptable for an adult pigmy? does it bother that the female/male pose is almost the same(only facing in the other direction and the horn addet on the male)
  3. I bred my 4gen Red from a Bronze Tinsel lineage with a 4gen Red from Yulebuck lineage this is the nice lineage of the Red they bred and here is a Magma Tinselkin (if someone have a 4gen Red Tinselfail(except from the Tinsel Hypnotizing) or I also like 4gen Red fails from a holiday(like my Red x Yulebuck) or from Silver or Gold stairlineage pm me it will get a good home and I also look for 4gen, 3gen or 2gen Ice Tinselfails pm me if necessary I also can give you something in return for that
  4. grats that you get a curled, and nice that they are still avaiable Edit: another curled, grats again is now the curled again more common than the sitting? or is it just luck that you two get the rarer(? =or is it now common) curled if yes it would be great because I need 2 curled hatchlings for freezing,
  5. another 2 alt Blacks hatched this one was wanted http://dragcave.net/lineage/KFBKv this alt was not wanted http://dragcave.net/lineage/NhE1q
  6. I want: I can not decide between Green Windserpent or Deathserpent so surprise me what of this 2 you draw I want it in this form: (cute, scary, normal. ) Windserpent: normal and if Deathserpent scary note: if you draw the green one don't add the black spines at the bottom who the serpent wraps around
  7. another Black Hatch to an alt, http://dragcave.net/lineage/D20Ti I really like them but now I think it take much longer to make my Blue Nebula x Normal Black Lineage. first my Nebulas always get the wrong color and now every Black hatch to an alt Black To bad that Pair don't lay a 4th Black egg. Woud be nice 4 alt black in a row. http://dragcave.net/progeny/OrN14 But at least I have now a better chance as by Blacks (who all hatch to an alt) that the Nebula get the right color
  8. ok now this year I got all eggs they look all nice, I can't decide which I like best
  9. 5 eggs so far. I hope I get all this year because the last two Festival of Eggs I don't get all(just about half of the eggs) hope it is sometime possible to collect the missing eggs later
  10. lol, 3. Black also hatch alt http://dragcave.net/progeny/OrN14
  11. I wonder if this Black egg also turn alt http://dragcave.net/progeny/ZS8He Although I need a normal Black from this parents for a lineage I make, but if this third egg also hatch to an alt, it woud be also nice all my last Blacks hatched to a alt(overall 5 alt ) except 1 http://dragcave.net/lineage/3YSqJ hatch normal http://dragcave.net/lineage/jp6pc http://dragcave.net/lineage/T1nMZ http://dragcave.net/lineage/d6Do2 the other 2: see the first link
  12. I have a invitecode for someone, here is it : LiRpA.1
  13. I hide my scroll, I dont want that my eggs get sick I don't got invitecodes for other yet, maybe later? I wonder what Dino hatch from my new catched egg
  14. here is a screenshot from my dinoscroll I don't believe it that I really get the Invite code
  15. somone know if there is a Dinocave badge avaiable, like last year the carrot badge we get from "Carrotcave?"
  16. I like it, its very nice
  17. I think requests are open? or if not I delet my post i would like an avatar Forum Name:Seiti Which Dragon:adult Icedragon What do you want it doing (be specific): the dragon I want lying(if this is possible), head not lying(like the female purpledragon), open his mouth, move a little his wings, tail or what yout think what look good Any Text? (font): no Background (can also be animated): no Border y/n: no Payment: pm me what you want, or I can pm you some lineage I can breed
  18. thank you, I only copy the eye, teeth and the rip and add a few pixel to paint over the old eye and the horn the program Gimp I have, but I don't use it often because I am not so well versed at Gimp l look now if i find somewhere a manual or a video how to made good drawings on gimp because my last try to color a picture was not so good: this is the picture (the outlines I made not on the computer) But at least I know now how to make a transparent background with Gimp edit: now I have a nice signature picture
  19. again its awesone, as I said only a very small error you sayd in the first post "I don't care what you do with them......." so here is my little edit (if you want to see, I can also delet it here on this dragoncaveforum post if you dont want that I post it here) my edits a grainy because I've edited it with Paint. (I should really buy a drawing program to made so awesone drawings)
  20. That's very awesome Thank you only this I like not so: the downward spine/rib is at your drawing a part of the horn and the eye could be slightly above but its only a trifle, it is otherwise perfectly I post it at my deviantart gallery( I add your name, that you have made this )
  21. I want: (an image preferably, but a description is fine) this creature color: I dont can decide, surprise me maybe green + brown, gray or blue+white or what color do you think what looks best they dont have eyes, only glowing(yellow or green, cyan, or lightblue) at the place where the eyes normaly are the deepenings are only slightly, except the eye and nose deepening they are deep the signs on the ribs have a bright color I want it in this form: (cute, scary, normal. ) scary
  22. thank you for let me know how is this called now I edit my last post
  23. I support Roosters they dont need to be big different from the Chicken, the color can be the same, add tailfeathers and a little bigger skinlap(is that so called in english?) ok now I know that it's called comb on the head and we have a rooster my breeding idea, you only can breed 2 Chickens. if you have 2 breeded Chicken its like the summon of the Trio then the Breed-Action its not longer avaiable the breeded Chickeneggs can not be influenced, they 1 gender automatically 1 male and the other one female. the 2gen Chicken/Rooster shoud have a different color, maybe brown, or ot