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  1. the hatchling with 350 Unique Views gender
  2. my Zombie attempts 5 Adult dragons: 3 male and 2 female 9 hatchlings: 2 male, 5 female and 2 who hopefully stay ungendered but I think they will stay ungendered s1 hatchlings because their time is already very low 2 days and 18 hours and the other one have 1 day and 22 hours until the poor hatchlings die and also the Unique Views are low : 116 and the other 350 Edit the hatchling with 350 Unique Views gender
  3. Seiti

    Glomp Gifting

    I had the Brimstone and the CB Olive egg for trade and want a CB Red for them but only got one offer, and that was not a CB Red, so I decline that offer I don't get another offer from somone and now today I very surpised get a CB Red gifted so I gift now that 2 eggs to this person who make that offer that declined on my eggs Seiti--> arya10: 1 CB Brimstone and 1 CB Olive egg pending this person seem to be offline since a few time now, both eggs hatch and grow to adult now
  4. Chamitarae Request finished hope tht is cute enough
  5. it take a little but now its finished(it's visible in my Art thread)
  6. thank you for that hatchling it look very cute and also the Wolf is adorable you didnt say what drawing do you want for exchange in my art tread. what do you want?
  7. the Blusang Lindwurm is still very hard to catch the other 2 new relase dragons I are able to catch but not this third one
  8. me too have catched 0 Brine eggs
  9. another very nice dragonsprite the Firefinned Lindworm dragon request is approved
  10. thank you Firefinned Lindworm sounds good I thought already for a name, that came me in mind Siratradragon(just a random thinking name without a meaning) Coralshark Dragon(coral because the colors, and shark because the 2 fins on the back remind me a little on a sharkfin) but firefinned describes the look very aptly and your are right that is a Lindworm and not a dragon I will keep your mentioned name now I write a description and then when I finished the text I make a dragon request thread
  11. that is amazing I woud like to use this for a request
  12. Yes sure a art trade is nice too , I stalk anyway your nice art on your random art thread, but every time I look there is already a request and thus closed I want a drawing of a Frosthunter hatchling in exchange Froshunter hatchling 2 adult Frosthunter for reference Froshunter what do you want that I draw for you?
  13. KrystalSharz Request finished I make a combinated drawing, I make it on paper and add the red markings and a brighter green eye with the computer drawing without markings made on paper
  14. Seiti

    2012-07-22 - Updates

    I very like the sort by age now I know what are my first catched dragons. because I don't remember them but also the other sort options like sort by name, available for breeding/BSA the only sort that I feel missing that would be nice if it will added would be if just a certain dragon breed will be shown like: show only my Blackragons (or a other dragon breed) but I think that would be a long sortlist with all dragons in it, so maybe a bad idea of me^^
  15. yay first request KrystalSharz request approved 1 hatchling is enoug, no matter what of them, what you want I go now offline, its late at my time
  16. Completed Requests KrystalSharz Chamitarae StarSea
  17. Welcome to my Art Requests Rules I will do 2 requests at a time Each person is allowed to request another drawing after their request is finished be sure that request are open, not only look above if I say it's open, maybe I am offline and there are requests written that I don't have seen I will only draw Dragoncave dragons if you are the spriter of the requested dragons, you ask the spriter if a fanart is ok or you have checked if the spriter allows this look at this topic What I can draw: animals, plants, dragons other fantasy creatures, and other.... What I don't ca
  18. @kittygrl thank you for the criticism, the neck is really too thick? both the dark and the brown dragon have the same head size the neck shoud be muscular because of the heavy ramhorns But I'm going to change something anyway, I will try to make the head bigger, or the neck thinner. And now I decided that I make 2 different Pigmies and not 2 Ramhorn Pigmies. I will change the horn and something else so they are less similar @Wantdew I use Paint and/or Gimp
  19. that are at moment my favorite songs Shoot to Thrill AC/DC When We Stand Together Nickelback
  20. I look for a 4gen stairlineage Red from x or or not from the Tinsel Hypnotizing or San Victorus I need it as a mate for this dragon I also take an IOU Pm me