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  1. If I win a honorable mention, I think I could not decide what to choose: a CB Holly would have a hight trade value when I trade the ofsprings, but they only produce once a year Holly eggs but from the appearance I like other dragons more than a Holly as a honorable mention and they are more unique since normaly they are only get able by breeding, these would be the dragons I would like: CB alt Black, CB Two-Finned Bluna, CB Soulpeace, CB Shallow Water, CB Ultraviolet don't know how hight value these dragons will have in trades, but it would be still nice to make lineages with them. B
  2. I want the white Snowangel, but got the gold winged but since the gold is my second favourite variant I also like it.
  3. Category:Breeder Title of Record:Breeder with the most Ice Dragons Name of Submitant(forumname):Seiti Scroll Name (link):http://dragcave.net/user/Seiti Proof for Record:count my Icedragons (they are on the first and the last scrollpage) What has changed?:I have now 188 Icedragons
  4. @StarSea you not yet paid, or respond for your finished request Update: added following 3D drawings to the first post Geode, Ice and Magma dragon Geode dragon Deathrune Hydralisk rough formed, not finished Xenomorphqueen rough formed, not finished, it will not stay in that "dangerous looking" color Goldchicken Rainbowchicken White chicken Dark Spitjawdragon Brown Spitjawdragon Spitjawdragon1 Spitjawdragon2
  5. missed a Gold in the Forest but at least I saw one, didn't saw any Golds or Silver since a long time
  6. I look for a Spriter(can also be multiple people, because I have many dragon ideas) who can make me dragon sprites, because I am terribly slow at spriting and also not so good at spriting compared to other Pm me preferably with examples from Sprites you made I will give you also a payment: can breed something from my scroll or catch CB dragons, or I can made you a 3D model examples 1 2 3 4 5 6 (note_ some of them are not finished)
  7. I don't play Minecraft, do you want to make the DC dragons similar like the Enderdragon? but I have a question the creatures in Minecraft are all blocky built, but do you know maybe if it would possible to import 3D models who are smoother and not blocky build into Minecraft? because I currently made 3D models but it would be awesone if I could use them.
  8. why do you have to show your awesome art here?(just a joke ) because now I will need some time to add so so many pretty pictures and photos to my devianart favourites
  9. thank you now I got another Ice hatchling 5 are 2gen I got them for trades 2 are CB I got it for trades and the rest bred all my own Icedragons, normaly they don't give me so many eggs and often are very stuborn and often don't lay eggs or only non Iceeggs, even though I have so many(current I have 172 Icedragons ) but at moment it seems they breed very well
  10. cold egg lock but for an full egg and hatchling looked scroll I need more Icehatchlings poor Nebula and Blackhatchling they are now a bit outsider
  11. after many normal Vines hatchlings I got a alt from that pair http://dragcave.net/progeny/WafaD
  12. congratulation all "old" and new winners, again no E-mail for me first I thought I won because there where 2 new E-mails in my mailbox but then I cliked and saw that they where sadly not from dragoncave if really some of the new winners didn't respond, and there will be again a redrawn that would be a new hope for me. but I think the chance that happen again is very low for a 2gen from the new pricedragons I can also only dream, have not managed to get a 2gen or 3gen from previous pricedragon. my lowest Tinsel is a 4gen
  13. the white highlight could be a bit lesser on the aduld but the new holiday still look awesone my Gingerbread House
  14. my favorite is the White one I got the goldwinged who is my second favorite variation
  15. just looked today and saw that I have a Bright-Breasted Wyvern egg. I thought Bright-Breasted Wyvern what do that egg on my scroll? I didn't cought one. But then I remember that I choose "any egg" from the Thuwed list. Thank you and nice date you have choosen to bred your Thuweds I see Trihorn Wyvern x Ice is added, hope I have luck next time when I see that Thuwed breedinglist is open and get on that pair.
  16. StarSea Request finished I made also a few other poses
  17. StarSea request approved hope I can draw fawns, newer draw those before, but I'll try it about the Trihorn Payment: I have now already frozen each gender stage of the Trihornhatchlings, so I don't need of more breeded Wyverns. but if possible I would like an egg with any lineage(it will be frozen) of a new relased dragon, (except the soon coming Holiday release of course)
  18. You're welcome some new drawings from me encaustic pictures Hot Planets Xenomorph Queen pencil Xenomorphqueen edited with Gimp
  19. caught my first one, hope I can catch another one edit: got now a second by a trade, thank you
  20. are Nebulas vegetarian dragons? at least that code tells http://dragcave.net/lineage/VEGET hope it get the right color
  21. they don't remind me on a Spiderdragon but maybe its a Necromancer dragon?
  22. they are very easy to catch, surprised too about this, I make me egglocked with those blöack/purple orange spotted eggs had been afraid that I hardly can get them because of lagging cave(who is for me lagging since months) if I know that before that they are easy to catch I would looking for nice codes, but I still like the code from 2 of my catched eggs. i will name those 2 after thair code
  23. 3 adult male 2 turned to a Zombie, 1 revive failed 2 adult female none turn 3 hatchlings male 1 turn to a Zombie the 2 other I don't revive 5 hatchlings female 1 turn to a Zombie, 1 revive failed , and the 3 I don't revive 1 hatchling ungendered dont turn didnt revive all my hatchlings because I just want one hatchling per stage/gender next year I will try to get 1 or more adult female 1 s1 Zombie hatchling 1 genderless s2 hatchling 1 adult genderless Zombie
  24. I want to keep that rooster and that dark Skywing, they look awesone