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  1. it would be awesome if Frills come back, but I agree just only because Frills are mentioned in the event that don't mean they will be available again.
  2. strange presents the second and what does that present on the top left there?
  3. strange presents all boxes where red and all tags look the same refreshed the page now all look normal
  4. I got this Year a 2gen Snowangel(Gold father) and bred it today with my 2gen male Gold(Snowangel mother) I was hoping that they do not refuse they did not refuse, but that I did not expect: they lay a Goldegg on the first breeding try
  5. The cat ate your gift, so I'm sending you the cat.
  6. the global mana bar take today very long until it get full
  7. Merry Chick-mas! ♥~FRAGILE~♥ This is a non-standard message. I came, I saw, I threw a box. This box contains only another box. And another box inside that box What do you get when you cross a snowman with a vampire? Frostbite. *opens the dangerous box* KABOOM! Oops,I just destroyed the universe.Sorry
  8. who need a game board, when you can also play on the scroll first I could play it "normal"(although it it was on the scroll and not on the game bord) but then it was not possible that a full row disappears to crystals
  9. good to know because I also sadly missed yesterday
  10. the hatchlings very interesting, cant wait to see how the adult will look
  11. thank yout, his makes the sorting of dragons much easier
  12. got green Undine hachlings from pb Undine http://dragcave.net/lineage/1vbSr http://dragcave.net/lineage/5mv0T
  13. just now I catched my first CB Silver I saw the message and thought, which egg have this description? then I remembered which egg have that description and clicked fast on it. could not believe that I got it because it take a bit time until I remind that this is not a common egg
  14. when Thuwed list was open: first I want a egg from Alt Black x Magi sadly it was already gone that pairing then I thinking to choose a other 2gen from normaly not CB avaible parents, but I could not decide which then I saw Ice xTri-Horn Wyvern is still avaiable but when I clicked it was also gone then I decide to choose on any egg, so its now a surprise what I will get.
  15. Think on the last day of the garden/event there will be a valentine card flood if really the garden will be gone, because no one wants that the flowers get useless deleted and will send them to people I still have a little hope, that we maybe will allowed to keep our garden
  16. a well planted flower meadow look much better than flowers in a row I sending back some cards, to all who sended me cards, and replaced the removed flowers with the same type of flower
  17. I and I tink some others too want to keep the garden. I managed that all my favourite flowers are well placed in my garden. Now I read they will be gone I very like the appearance of the flower meadow Why can't we have both: a flower garden and the recieved valentinecards with plants in pot? I rather like the garden then the cards, since I have much more flowers in the garden and just a few(at moment 9) poted ones recived who also would like to keep the garden? edit: many many thanks to all kind people, who sent me Valentine cards, since I posted this contribution, I ge
  18. *waves with 2 flags: * Austria ->State Styria
  19. best thing is to made the garden completly full, then click on one flower who you think it don't fit where it is, (like when there are already many of the same breed of flower stick together, or you don't like that color) and send it to somone. After after that you can purposeful plant a new singel flower. It will be planted on the empty place where the sent plant where that is my garden
  20. yes I am talking to you, but now I see my fault I read bit too fast your text I stuck on this text line "I am not sure if it is exactly that type" and the next text "but we do grow muscadines" I strangely overread I originally started this topic, because maybe somone could send me a plant. but I have informed me now about the import conditions. Sadly vine plants have an import ban. Permitted only with special authorization. I've been thinking to buy seeds. Do somone know how long it takes until seedgrown plants start first time to bloom?
  21. hello, Muscadine Grapes fruits are what I have read often bigger than "normal" grapes and the fruits are not so many together in a grape. It can also be that you have a Muscat grape who have a similar name
  22. hello, do somone grow Muscadine Grapes Vitis rotundifolia(or also named Muscadinia rotundifolia)? sadly here in europe I didn't find any who grow or sell this grape
  23. I named the parents of this egg http://dragcave.net/lineage/SexpH based on code: the male with code JOKlD I name Jokid and the female with code IDUXk get the name Iduxia I cannot name the child after its code because its is a bit inappropriate and not unsuitable for minors any name suggestions ?
  24. some new pictures Slugscyer creature Magmadragon(unfinished) Scyth the green