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  1. I was looking in the abadoned place for messy Valentinedragons for freezing I catched amongst other eggs a Radiant Angel, even though that it will most likely be a 2gen(and I prefer not to freeze a 2gen) because it the latest relased Valentine dragon. my guess went right it was a 2gen but I did not expect that its a 2gen from a Gold Shimmerscale
  2. I wonder how many winners do not respond
  3. sadly both lineages are related to my dragons
  4. do somone else making a even gen lineage with male Silver x female Ice?
  5. Congrats to the winners, still hoping that I have luck in the redraw, although the chance hat this will happen is not high
  6. thank you, those miniature roses where grown in exactly matched greenhouse conditions and are often treated with with a growth compressively substance, it is difficult for the plant to get used again to normal conditions. They also need to acclimatize that at some point this substance will be volatilized. they are also not so bred robust like "Normal" roses. miniature roses are often sadly conceived as disposable plants. about roses, first I was not interested in those. and then through my job in a plant shop make them first even less popular to me, because its "fun"(not really
  7. don't know that there is already a plant topic, if you want you can put those 2 topics together to one usually more fertilizer during spring and summer, and lesser in autumn and winter yes that are photos of my own plants, here are a few more Tropical water lily 'Nymphaea Blue Aster' I wonder that it got last year so many flowers because 2014 here in Austria it was no real summer: not much sun and rain, rain, rain...
  8. yay, first who answer on this topic Iam too wanted to get into doing Bonsai, joined a bonsaiforum but then I less employed with this. Maybe I will working again, sometime. A few lignified small shrubs I have who look like it could be a nice source material for a bonsai. My orchids also sometimes don't want bloom, once I have very neglect them(less water and fertilizer) and I was thinking about to sell them because without flowers orchids look boring but then suddenly all start to flower. I forget often to fertilize, a slow release fertilizer helps a lot, in particular for plant
  9. Update with a new Skeleton picture, and I edit my wanted payment for requests Skeleton
  10. bump no one interested in plants?
  11. I have a question to the owner of the today(Jan 20, 2015) breeded 2gen egg from the pair Wahc Kha-Xehdot Thuwed X Cowodtuh0 Aso Thuwed http://dragcave.net/progeny/Arco can you send me a pm, thank you
  12. I would be curious how many winners already respond and if there will be people who do not respond?
  13. I aggree(In the first moment, of course ) it does sound unfair that someone who just joined dragoncave win a price while many people (me included) playing several years dragoncave and don't have luck and win nothing but since the the winners are choosen randomly(with a bit increased chance how many raffleticket you have collected) its completely fair that also new one get the chance winning a price. It would be unfair to exclude newer dragoncave players just because they are new I don't aggree that, the only thing I could imagine is that older users get a few raffletickets e
  14. <--not a winner but its still a hope left:
  15. this year are no Honorable Mention to bad more CB Hybrids, CB Alt Black, CB Alt Vine, CB Yellow Undine and CB colored Stripe would be nice but no Honorable Mention means more tinsel and Shimmercale
  16. thank you for adding that screenshoot do you know if the eggs by "egg of Typ" are always the same? because if yes I don't get on the List for a Iceegg, but get a Water and clicked to fast and mistaken that blue egg
  17. for the the first Thuwed(that was a chosen pair: Blue Stripe x Waterhorse) I wait very long, I don't count but it where very many months for the second Thuwed I choose any egg and get a Bright-Breasted Wyvern(I have complete forgotten that I have that Thuwed, just today I found out that I have it ) I get much faster than the first Thuwed but do not remember how long it take for my third I choose also any egg on Feb 21 2014 and I got a Brimstone egg on my scroll on Mar 25, 2014 currently I am on the list for a Thuwed Ice x Tri-Horn Wyvern am curious how long it takes this tim
  18. I wrote for "Other", because it depents what I win(if I win) if I win a Prize dragon (Shimmerscale or Tinsel) I take it, no matter if Tinsel or Shimmerscale, I like both and all variants(gold, silver, copper) if win a HM I think it will be a difficult 'decide which I choose: Holly, CB Alt Black, or CB Hybrid:Two-Finned Bluna, Ultraviolet Dragon, Soulpeace, Shallow Water, or if possible a CB Avatar what code I will choose, I don't know yet, first I wait if I win then I think about it
  19. I bred today a egg with the code TEITi nearly my nickname, just one letter and its a Ice because I bred my dragons with the wrong mate, and I want a Shimmerscale for frezzing I abadon that Iceegg
  20. its awesone that is now possible to get Solstices with colorful wing pattern and with blue wings but I rather would decide myself(with a BSA ability) which wing pattern I want to have, because making lineages would be much easier. or instead as currently the wingpattern based on bred at night or day, it would be better that the wingpattern is based on time when it hatch. so you at least can determine a bit better which version you get, that would in particular helpful by catched eggs from the abadoned place or if its possible to see already on the eggcolor when its layed so you know
  21. I collect, "normal"stones, gemstones, fossils, plants
  22. Hello, this is a topic for all plants enthusiasts here a few suggestions, what you can post(of course you can also write something other botanical related) in this topic you can tell which plants do you grow. Whether if you just have "common" ones or if you grow vegetables or you have spectacular or rare plants. photos are very welcome do you have tasted an uncommon exotic fruit? do you know strange, interesting plants? Plant/Seed Trading Do you seach seeds/bulbs of a particular plant? Do you have seeds/bulbs for trade ------------------------------------------