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  1. Have 5 xCB Desipis 3 x CB Caligene Want CB Pumkin CB Black Marrow CB Neglected(I will give multiple my hatchlings for this, send me a message how many you want) CB Gold 2gen Tinsel or Shimmerscale, or a 2gen from Tinsel or Shimmerscale other offer make a offer or pm me, Tradelinks for 3 Despis https://dragcave.net/teleport/87f34abe75466dab98f0105ec2deda46 Tradelinks for 2 Despis https://dragcave.net/teleport/dbb23fed41b99e400b984a12e23543b2 Tradelink for the 3 Caligene https://d
  2. ok thank you for the fast answer
  3. hello, since the forum is new looking I dont know how can I delete a post? I only found the option hide and edit.
  4. Icedragon made out sheep whool, inside is wire so legs, wing, neck, tail are movable in position I want. how do you like him?
  5. I have a Problem with the spider: " I examine the skeleton and take the sword and Box. Then I went to the spider and talk with it. Talk with the spider worked. But how can I give it the Box? What is the right comment? Strangely when I write examine bag to see my items there is no box shown. What is to do now? "
  6. Thank you, Now I know why it not worked: I tipped the following "examine skeleton" I dont know that I need to write "examine the skeleton" I missed the Word "the", so nothing to do with the horse and fungus? It would be a nice game if you not every time stuck because you dont know what to write next for a comment, think I stuck already again it would be nice if after you multiple times write a wrong/useless comment that there will be shown a solution currently the only way is to look to the forum and ask here for help
  7. What I have to do/write where the horse is?(and how do I even get there, I was able to went once to the horse/cliff but now when I went completly back to the Nest I try again to went to the horse but dont know how I got there when I first time visit that place. And here I also have no idea what to do, thats the message:" You enter the southern tunnel and walk for a while, noticing that it has a distinct downward slope. The air becomes cooler and damper and some slimy glowing FUNGUS is growing on the walls. Eventually you come to an underground lake. Sitting against the far wall is a SKELETON,
  8. I very liked playing it(except the bugs who I had occasionally) the drawing of the Gilded Bloodscale with the cats look very cute hope that we will see a game like this again in a other event hopefully. now the game is finished but I thought that later it would possible to give the green dragon ham, or to invit him to the party. but sadly not. poor green dragon and I was a bit wondering that some items in the inventory don't are usable for something: the pecan pie, the chicken nuggeds, "ham" cone of meat and raindeer sausage(the last item I don't got) and to be able to lo
  9. am looking forward to tomorrow if the choosen nice or naughty decision will have any consequence. think I choose all nice decision when I first start playing I did not expect a game like this, I thought it would be like the Halloweenevent. just clicking trought some text and sometimes a picture will apear very awesone event this year remind me very on Pokemon this game. the first steps outside of the town I had even expected that a wild dragon appear and who its catchable like in the Pokemon game
  10. the new 2-headed sprites are very awesone the new Silver sprites are pretty, but a bit to bright I remember a fanart of a sprite updated Silver from somone who look much better
  11. I found a few days ago a Magi egg on my scroll, strange I was not on the list for that Thuwed pair. I click on the blue egg(who I thought first it was an Iceegg, but I think it was not a Ice but a Water egg) when Thuwed list where open. but I don't mind that I get a other egg, I always want a egg from that Alt black x Magi pair
  12. some I buy in the supermarked(but they very only offered occasionally and also just a few varieties are avaiable) or I buy them from a german potatoshop they have a very large selection of normal and unusual potatoes, but they only ship to europe here I buy the 'Mayan Twilight' since the taste of them was very good I am thinking to buy other "Mayan potatoes"(Solanum phurej) 3 other varieties where in this shop avaiable 'Mayan Gold' 'Mayan Queen' 'Mayan Trixie' the "Mayan potatoes"(Solanum phurej) also have a shorter cooking time than normal potatoes click on "Exoten"(means exot
  13. blue potatoes tase like normal potatoes, just have that stunning color the pink potato is called Rosemarie don't remember right now which 2 blue(they were called blue but violet would be a better name for them) potatoes varieties are on the photo: I think left the dark one on the left should be Violetta (also called Blaue Elise) the other blue potatoe should I think be Congo (Blauer Schwede) or Salad Blue, think it was Congo on the photo, nut Iam not comletly sure the best taste have the yellow one, this one is called Mayan Twilight, it differs to some other potatoes while mos
  14. colorful potatoes, sadly I am not very successful by growing potatoes, most harvested tubers are tiny. And some of my tubers rotten so this year I do not have many to plant
  15. I got a Waterhorse , I rather like a other mate(where is the female Canopy? she seem very interested because she very often visited my Whiptail, that Waterhorse did not visit my dragon in the last days), to bad that we can't change the female
  16. I got a Waterhorse , I rather like a other mate(where is the female Canopy? she seem very interested because she very often visited my Whiptail, that Waterhorse did not visit my dragon in the last days), to bad that we can't change the female
  17. left picture: from the size the Canopy would be a perfect mate, and she look interested at him right picture: the Falconiform is much bigger than the male and she seem not to like the whiptail because she threatening tear open the mouth and the Whiptail seem not interested in those females, he is just interested in his tiny friend who get a cupcake
  18. that dragons viseted my Whiptail(don't know why I clicked on the Wiptail and don't choose a Ice) 1.day Nebula 2.day Gold Hornet Tangar 3.day White 4.day Teimarr 5.day first a Pink-> Canopy ->Falconiform Wyvern->Frostbite ->Falconiform Wyvern 6.day Canopy, after I add some meat a Grave dragon appear->Canopy ->Pyrope Pyralspite->Canopy->Falconiform Wyvern->Grave dragon->Shadowalker->Harvest->White->brown Copper left picture: from the size the Canopy would be a perfect mate, and she look interested at him right picture: the Falconiform
  19. that dragons viseted my Whiptail 1.day Nebula 2. day Gold Hornet Tangar 3.day White 4.day Teimarr 5.day18.02 3 dragons viseted : first a Pink then a Canopy and now a Falconiform Wyvern, I wonder if a 4th dragon will appear edit now a Frostbite is here, and after I refresh the page again a Falconiform Wyvern appear in the cave 6.day Canopy, after I add some meat a Grave Dragon appear, then again a Canopy and later a Pyrope Pyralspite, again a Canopy->Falconiform Wyvern->Grave dragon->Shadowalker->Harvest->White->brown Copper when will be the last day of
  20. that dragons viseted my Whiptail Nebula Gold Hornet Tangar White Teimarr edit today 18.02 first a Pink than a Canopy and now a Falconiform Wyvern visited my dragon
  21. new update today a White wisit my dragons, so these 3 dragons visited my Whiptail now Nebula->Gold Hornet Tangar->White I have not much meat added(just 6/30), and I wish I could have more shinies instead, but I have already 30 from 30 shinies
  22. I also thought new items will be added, sadly no but maybe(at least I hope) we will get tomorrow new items
  23. today a A gold-horned tangar visit my dragon to bad that just increased number of items is now possible and no new items where added
  24. thats my cave, I just clicked on any dragon, but if I had read before in the forum what will happen(that the choosen dragon stay and will be part of the event in a cave that varies depents on biome) I would choose a other dragon probably a Ice but I am also satisfied with my current cave biome and Whiptail first dragon who visit my Whiptail was a Nebula