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  1. Good Morning! I know this is rather basic, but what is the cool down period for teleporting a CB egg? Thanks so much!
  2. I am so happy! I lucked out over the weekend to capture some CB Pinks! It was quite excited! I haven't seen that many CB Pinks in ages!!!
  3. Where, Oh Where have all the Cave Born Pinks Gone?? Where, Oh Where can they be?? I keep trying to steal one or two or three or four or … yet not even one showed it's shell! Where, Oh Where can they be???
  4. Wolf, If you still have those eggs, I'll take them. I have room right now. Doesn't matter what they are.
  5. Vain, If PurpleHaze doesn't want him I'll take him. I could use a CB male … I could use CB females as well … I wasn't sure if you wanted him back or not. I am willing to influence and return if you need him, otherwise I'd keep him. PlumeriaRose
  6. Hi! I could influence your egg to be male if you need me to. I would keep him or send him back to you? Let me know.
  7. Daba555 I am happy to report that the Hope Egg you gave me has hatched and gendered female. I haven't decided on a name for her yet. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ahJsr Thank you for my newest baby!!
  8. Myst! I would love another boy! Thanks for the consideration!!
  9. Myst!!! I would say me, me, me! But ... seriously, Thank You for the E. Hope egg you already gave me!! I am going to encourage my daughter to send you a PM for an E. Hope egg. Her name/scroll is Mysterrie!!
  10. Hello Again! I have room for 6 eggs if you need to clear up your egg lock. I will then be egg locked but that's okay. Let me know if you want me to take them.
  11. Good Afternoon! I would like a male Hope dragon lineage. Do you have one? Or two? Thanks so much!
  12. Now I have to just find a cave born pink and influence it to be male. I have only two cave born males left and they have been slated (hopefully productive) for two other female Hopes that I have. So, if anyone has a cave born egg or a cave born male pink, I'd give him a great home!
  13. Good Evening! I am excited to report that daba555 has bred her "There Is Always Hope" for me and I now have a new baby Hope Egg. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ahJsr Thank you Daba!!
  14. Good Evening! I am happy to announce that Lady Violet Hope Moonwind and her mate, Akamai Moonwind have produced a Hope Egg. http://dragcave.net/lineage/pDZ20 This egg is promised to Vain.3805 (scroll name Sulhir) and I have PM'd her.
  15. Vain Got your PM and I am glad to help you out with a baby. But, hopefully, after Valentine's Rush?
  16. Good Evening Mysthunter! I only just got one of your E. Hope's. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. And as you know, from a prior post she has grown all up! I, of course, would not be against having one of her sisters! Put me at the end of your list for when you find you want to pass along another? Also, my daughter, mysterrie, would like to have an E. Hope egg. Just let me know when that would be possible (after Valentine's Rush, of course). Have a great evening! PlumeriaRose
  17. Good Evening! Mysthunter!! Thank you for all the Hope Babies you have given me. They have all grown up and are as follows: Kahaiu Hope Moonwind (Male) -- http://dragcave.net/view/r9yqF Aheahe Hope Moonwind (Female) -- http://dragcave.net/view/KSLS0 and Alani E Hope Moonwind (Female) -- http://dragcave.net/view/gk2fC I have not gotten around to getting their mates, what with the Valentine's Rush as yet. Again, Thank You!!
  18. I hoped to get one myself … just keep me on the list for the next one. Thanks so much!
  19. Good Morning! If no one has already asked for her, I would love her. I only have two female Hopes. Thanks for the consideration!
  20. If you still have the Hope egg, I'll take it. Thanks so much!
  21. Good morning! If you E. Hope egg is still available, I'll give her a good home!! Thank you for considering me.
  22. Still … I have never gotten a CB rare either. Though, surprisingly, I have been lucky and been snatching CB Pinks off the AP?!?! Can you imagine?!
  23. WOW! You seriously have the CB luck with the Pinks!! Lucky you!