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  1. Good Morning!


    Well, just read the post and there are NO Flamingos in the AP when the other day there were several ...


    I wish to donate and will be in contact with links when I have a chance to decide who I am going to breed. I am figuring at least three.





  2. I have finally gotten around to naming my newest Hope Dragons:


    http://dragcave.net/view/njfiG - Apikalia Hope Moonwind


    http://dragcave.net/view/uTIus - Aoloa Hope Moonwind


    http://dragcave.net/view/8Bmz0 - Haukea Hope Moonwind


    http://dragcave.net/view/IZIgG - Haunani Hope Moonwind


    http://dragcave.net/view/V9WqL - Anuhea Hope Moonwind


    After reviewing the link for all the Hope Dragons, I have noticed that one of mine is missing:


    http://dragcave.net/view/r9yqF - Kahaiu Hope Moonwind



    Happy New Year to all!!


  3. Good Evening!


    I would like to join the contest again this year. I have been dutifully collecting Purple Dorsals all year and just realized that I need to let you know that I am competing again!!


    My dorsals are located on my Scroll on Pages 2 through 10. My Scroll link is:




    I have named and numbered them this year -- for a total of 1897, though there are a few more that hopefully will grow up soon!


    Thank you so much for having the contest again, I truly enjoy participating.



  4. Good Evening!


    PurpleHaze --- I have finally gotten around to naming all my beautiful Hopes!!! There are 22 that needed to be named and they are as follows:


    Iokina Hope Moonwind


    Aulii Hope Moonwind


    Kailani Hope Moonwind


    Akamu Hope Moonwind


    Halia Hope Moonwind


    Analu Hope Moonwind


    Ipo hope Moonwind


    Kalani Hope Moonwind


    Alamea Hope Moonwind


    Aolani Hope Moonwind


    Alaula Hope Moonwind


    Keon Hope Moonwind


    Kale Hope Moonwind


    Kealii Hope Moonwind


    Kanoa Hope Moonwind


    Elikapeaka Hope Moonwind


    Kamaile Hope Moonwind


    Kalei Hope Moonwind


    Kapena Hope Moonwind


    Keiki Hope Moonwind


    Kawena Hope Moonwind


    Iolana Hope Moonwind


    Alika Hope Moonwind



    Also, I was wondering if I would be able to rename a few of my Hopes?


    Thank you for your patience!




  5. Good Morning!


    I have actually influenced the Hope Egg to be female, AND ...


    I was able to capture an CB Pink on the AP page which I have influenced to be male ...


    Hopefully everything will work out as planned.


    The Son of Mars is holding and waiting for both eggs to hatch!


    Let's hope it all work out!!


  6. Hi all! Sometime after the new eggs come out and hatch I'll be back to hopefully breed 2 Hope eggs for whomever wants them. And I was wondering if someone would do so for me at that time. Thanks! smile.gif

    Good Evening! I'd be willing to breed for you as well. Hope it's not seven (or heavens forbid) eight new dragons!!


  7. I have should hatch in an hour or so, so, let's see you can have one like this:




    Her baby(or I have a couple of her sisters for similar-but-different lines)


    Then there are some boys like:


    Hope's Joy


    or his baby


    Spork baby


    and others....pretty much all my hopes have mates now except the last ones, which I don't think I've announced...


    Beauty and Hope


    Full of Music Hope

    Good Evening!


    I will never turn down any Hope baby. I would love to have at least one from all your lineages.


    I am somewhat spotty on line right now, but this weekend I will be around and able to take egglets! I will keep spots open for them!!


    Thanks so much!!

  8. Titanium. You must use Titanium to make sporks of awesome. and then they are flaming titanium sporks and are a +3 weapon smile.gif


    Does anyone want one of my hopes? and I still want a direct E.Hope baby if that's possible.

    Hello! I will take your Hopes! I have been off for a while, deaths in the family and multiple family hospitalizations.


    Purplehaze, I hope to name my newer hopes soonest now that I am back in circulation, so to speak.