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  1. Witch, Peril and Torment... Another tale says that Lucifer landed in brambles when he was cast down from heaven and thus he cursed them so that they would be ugly. It is said that he hates them so much, he stomps on them and after that, it's unlucky to harvest them. Folklore says this happens on Halloween. But I like this information... only because I imagine all my Vampires sitting around arguing about whos count was right. "193!" "Are you thick? It was 201..." "Are you both blind? Its..." "Oh... $%@!^ 1... 2... 3..."
  2. Nah. Sitting between White and Xeno. So has to be something between WHITI- (more likely WHO-) and XENO. Still leaves lots of options.. wicked witch wraith etc...
  3. A Christmas Protection/Shield dragon?! Nice ^^
  4. Lovely! Anyone know the spriter yet?
  5. Who are we reporting bugs to? Edit: Should have read the post above mine
  6. At least today Janus didn't eat the letter...
  7. *loved finding the cat yesterday* "Uh... I'm not even sure that IS a cat." Oops...!
  8. Just got a BUsTY Now trading it as I don't tend to 'collect' codes, but at least it's mine for a while
  9. anyoen know how many there are this year?
  10. *demands everyone breeds her a holly x gold dragon..... NOW!!!* Seriously... If someone says "no, can't do that right now" or "sorry, I'm not breeding that dragon"... People should learn to live with it. Plenty of others who will breed on request. I have multiple dragons that I'll never breed.. they're 'dragons born to the wrong gender' (male dragon body, female dragon mind stuff).. and it would just go against them as individual pixel dragons to make them do something they don't wanna do. ^^
  11. Yeah, it's the gardenia with TJ's colours (someone else probably has a picture handy)
  12. If I was TJ, I'd have HUGE issues with people sending me begging messages - and would possibly be less likely to send one to those 'bugging' people!
  13. Try re-reading the acrostic poem!
  14. Love the acrostic poem! <3 Edit: Ninja'd
  15. Valentines is kinda ABOUT pink, and hearts, and flowers though... That's like saying "I'd love a halloween dragon that WASN'T scary or spooky!"
  16. Arsani Dragons are so beautiful!!!! wish I could hoard them!
  17. Eggs hatched! Eggs hatched...! Wait... they're... blob-like? I didn't expect that...
  18. Sent too.. but a whitish flower instead of a dark one. ^^
  19. Flowers - YAY! Busy sending out flowers every two minutes, and crossing my fingers that I get some random things in return. ^^ Eggs are like pink GoN, very pretty.. at least they look VERY similar to GoNs..!