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flamemynx.pngoneScrollOath.gifSee something you like? I breed on request! And accept IOU's at my own risk. ...There's a rose, in a fisted glove......And the eagle flies, with the dove...s.jpgSOOOOO HAPPY!! - First GoN, on 3rd Summon attempt!!!! Now to start on number 2..IOU's and Promises are now on profile.Always accepting CB or PB Turpentines

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    My Goals:
    10 CB Male // 10 CB Female of every non-restricted dragon
    For breeding project - 64 CB of each - Gold (M) // Red (F) // Harvest (M) // Tsunami (F) // Lumina (M) // Dark Green/Vine (F) // Black (M) // Golden Wyvern (F)

    DarkDesire: Gold dragon (any lineage)
    Kamira_A: Heartseeker x CB Gold (when I get a CB gold!)
    wild_mustang: 7 hatchies from wishlist [4/7]

    cerimonster - Eggs from (Continued Line) Bron'ze and Moon'bem
    Okojo - Kaoto x Iced Fire
    esnym - Moon'bem x Sunset

    *~*IOU's COMPLETED*~*
    ~*~Date Started: October 2012~*~
    - Erica8798 - 10 water hatchies [10/10]
    - DarkDesire: 4th gen Geode from lineage project
    - Varnayrah: Halloween Hatchie IOU (MALE)
    - Kamira_A: 4th gen Geode from lineage project
    - JaneMcAsh: 2nd Gen PB Stripe (Green)
    - ZzelaBusya: 5 hatchies
    - ForsakenSorceress: 3rd Gen PB Turp hatchie
    - cerimonster: Eggs from (Continued Line) Golden'Sin
    - Okojo: RaineIce x Cercha // Zeus x Electro
    - clara954: Bitten CB Vamp (Bitten by Dorkface)
    - ~*Once Upon*~: 2nd Gen PB Blue Stripe