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  1. oh yeah, yeah that reminds me that i should update the OP to reflect that that's my new website. smackjeeves sold out to a different company and made it into that mess you saw. the comic fury site is what it USED to look like on SJ! i'm glad you liked it! the good news is that i don't have carpel tunnel, but now it's a matter of a waiting game for my wrist to fully heal. in the meantime, i do have some extra content... Character Profile: Myu so obviously this is not an update, but i'd like to keep up on my activity in ways that i can while my wrist heals, and i thought little character profiles with a little more info than i've explicitly offered in one place about them would be a nice way to tide yall over. i won't have an exact schedule for posting extra content like this, but i hope to have something fairly often until i start updating again. for more information, or to talk to Myu about what you see here, follow the link under the bios ❤️ ------------- Myu is the daughter of Clara and a braixen named Malachi Burnell. She is unaware of the reasons that her father decided to leave, and like her mother, she does not have a legal last name. She was born in, and lived out her childhood in a small forest two hours away from Dynamene City, always yearning for a faster-paced life than the one of plant-tending she was brought into. From a young age, her mother taught her about the stars and constellations, her favorite myth about the heavens being "Imperial Topaz, the Dragon"; this sparked a minor interest in rock collecting, and eventually the inspiration for her sister's name, Topaz. Though anxious and not well-socialized, her dream is to see more of the world, and all of the magical environments within it, as she also has an interest in the way magic manifests in nature. Myu hopes to live up to her mother, and plans to teach Topaz everything Clara taught her. Character Profile: Atticus Atticus Lambda Stone is the synthetically-made son of Dr. Roxanne Stone and Dr. Steven Collins, two scientists who work for the Dynamene City Research Facility. He is made of five main genetic components: Suicune, salamence, pyroar, sawsbuck, and whiscash, combined in an attempt to create a purely dragon-type suicune. Without many opportunities to leave the house, he was mainly homeschooled when Roxanne had time. He didn't develop any direct hobbies outside of watching TV, but he loves karaoke. He admires his parents' sense of style, enjoying the times Steven would share a pieces of music she liked, or when Roxanne would tell a groan-worthy joke. Currently, he's glad to be out of the house, but he feels a bit lost without his parents around... Today (it's still the 21st in my timezone) is also his birthday, and he DOES remember the 21st night of September! An additional fact is that he sings that song every year on his birthday -- loudly, to Steven's chagrin. https://ask-tssb.tumblr.com/
  2. well, i hope you end up liking it! it is cool if i say so myself and while i'm here, i should inform you all... no updates for a while because my wrist isn't working right! luckily it's not too bad but obviously if i keep aggravating it it'll only get worse, so i have to take a break from drawing for a while! i'm already incomprehensibly bored just thinking about it 😔 one up-side is that i get to work on the script more than i'd usually get to. small blessings i don't really know when i'll be back is the thing. i'm hoping it won't take more than a month to clear up, and when i suddenly respawn in your living room with a new update, you can shout "hooray! but isn't this breaking and entering?" if you get sad and start missing me, you can check in on me on the tssb askblog ( ask-tssb.tumblr.com/ ) where luckily i don't HAVE to draw anything to keep running it! it's criminally understimulated and so am i so by all means please do poke the bear with a stick and i promise i won't bite (too hard)
  3. Chapter 5, pg 30 (267) - Holding Out For Hope nothing is perfect, but it is worth trying for
  4. Chapter 5, pg 29 (266) - The Science of Understanding giving it a shot is better than giving yourself a shot in the foot like earlier
  5. Chapter 5, pg 28 (265) - The Unspoken Decision nothing is ever one-sided
  6. Chapter 5, pg 27 (264) - Putting Problems to Bed this time i didn't post here because i was on vacation
  7. Chapter 5, pg 26 (263) - What's In A Name "atticus lambda stone-collins" just doesn't have the same ring to it
  8. Chapter 5, pg 25 (262) - Side Effect of Cuteness i showed u my legal documents pls respond
  9. Chapter 5, pg 21 (258) - Poorly Received Chapter 5, pg 22 (259) - Disagreeable Chapter 5, pg 23 (260) - End of Conversation Chapter 5, pg 24 (261) - Chimera Homecoming oofs, but at least son boy is allowed!
  10. Chapter 5, pg 20 (257) - Congratulations funnie pmd joke for the pmd nerds
  11. Chapter 5, pg 19 (256) - Sleeping on the Job in a lesbian relationship it's important for one of you to fill the "falling asleep like a dad who sat on a couch for five minutes" niche
  12. Chapter 5, pg 16 (253) - Trial of One Chapter 5, pg 17 (254) - Comparisons Chapter 5, pg 18 (255) - The Proposition well, things are going according to plan!
  13. Chapter 5, pg 12 (249) - Jumping to Conclusions Chapter 5, pg 13 (250) - Normal People Chapter 5, pg 14 (251) - The Way Things Are Chapter 5, pg 15 (252) - Formalities Oh You Know
  14. Chapter 5, pg 10 (247) - Twenty Rhetorical Questions Chapter 5, pg 11 (248) - The Truth AAAAAAND....... happy 5 year anniversary to the comic!! i updated twice this week in honor of it. thanks for reading! i'll be around another 5 so we can watch myu and atticus dig their respective holes together
  15. Chapter 5, pg 9 (246) - Inappropriate Timing atticus PLEASE shut up, please sh
  16. Chapter 5, pg 4 (241) - Video Killed the Genetics Star Chapter 5, pg 5 (242) - Dragon On and On Chapter 5, pg 6 (243) - Nervously Eggspecting Chapter 5, pg 7 (244) - Back to the Future Chapter 5, pg 8 (245) - Plaintiff and Plaintive so i forgot to upload, but we finally get to meet the elusive Steven Collins!! and Atticus digs straight down in minecraft
  17. Chapter 5, pg 3 (240) - Abnormal Anxieties i'm sure it's fine! there's nothing to worry about at all
  18. [COVER] Chapter 5 Chapter 5 - The Talk Atticus has no choice but to reveal the truth as Myu presses for answers. Chapter 5, pg 1 (238) - Documentation For Dummies Chapter 5, pg 2 (239) - From the Scientist's Mouth some new faces on today's double update!
  19. Chapter 4, pg 56 (235) - The Last Living Souls Chapter 4, pg 57 (236) - Somewhere Else... Chapter 4, pg 58 (237) - Call to Action ...... and with that, the chapter is finished! this chapter's theme: "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing", by Set It Off ♫ Listen, mark my words, one day (one day), You will pay, you will pay, Karma's gonna come collect your debt ♫ chapter 5 begins on March 3rd after my month hiatus. February's a short month, we'll live
  20. Chapter 4, pg 53 (232) - Stalling Chapter 4, pg 54 (233) - For Her the Bell Tolls Chapter 4, pg 55 (234) - Unfortunate Relations triple updoot!! and it's not because we missed three weeks of updates. i really did just update this many times in this last several days
  21. Chapter 4, pg 51 (230) - Take One, Leave One Chapter 4, pg 52 (231) - Catching Up (oh no)
  22. Chapter 4, pg 48 (227) - Alike In Your Dreams Chapter 4, pg 49 (228) - Fusion Secret Chapter 4, pg 50 (229) - Hand-off accidentally missed last week's update, and on christmas there was a double update! tssb on comic fury: https://comicfury.com/comicprofile.php?url=thestarsshinebright
  23. Chapter 4, pg 45 (224) - The Core of the Problem Chapter 4, pg 46 (225) - Beat By Beat Chapter 4, pg 47 (226) - A Heart to Heart sorry for the absence, smackjeeves had a whole entire... thing. meltdown. you might notice that some of the older pages are broken, BUT i've got the whole comic rehosted on comicfury instead at http://thestarsshinebright.thecomicseries.com/ which is also a good way to reread if you've missed anything over the last couple years!
  24. Chapter 4, pg 44 (223) - Forest Silence been a long time since we were here. a fat 2 and a half years, no biggie