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  1. didn't think to check there, thanks just got eaten. hope i was yummy.
  2. what is the link to the event? i am not seeing anything at the top of the page for the event. I participated last year, does this mean i can't play again?
  3. I've been trying to make PB silver lines and there were some 2gs on the DC records leave/take page! <3
  4. have the eggs shuffle through whatever's gonna be in the cave that drop instead of just sitting there waiting for a kind soul to grab one of those same three eggs (times 6 now at least) over and over and over!!!!! but then the good ones would be gone so quick. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. when was the last time tj's breeding list was open? I'm itching to make pb 3rd/2nd gen thuweds if i can ever get my hands on another one.
  6. I only go to the cave during drops anymore. it's always the same 3 eggs, they don't circulate . You might be able to trade 2nd gen valentines in february. also grats on winning the drawing
  7. ...is it bad that I'm tempted to EQ just to be one of the first people with hatchies? (If I had bred it myself I'd do it.) Never noticed that both my nilia AND my crimson flares are all male. That's a relief. It looks kinda funny, like it tried to hide itself before I fogged it.
  8. What's happening to my pygmy? is this part of the hatching sequence or a glitch, or because it is sick? its fogged right now here is a fuller screenshot
  9. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! heres a 3rd gen white 1/2 thuwed from a white/female silver checker.
  10. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! here's a 4th gen pure thuwed sad story time: when i got my second 2nd gen thuwed egg, I had an incubate available but not an influence and I remember thinking to myself. "nah... it'll be fine" because I was so excited. (it was not fine ) on the bright side I finally got a silver from m white/f silver to make 1/2 thuwed perfect checkers from https://dragcave.net/lineage/4Ldf I've been trying for a mint from my upside down mint as a mate for this guy but he keeps giving guardians. https://dragcave.net/lineage/buPA
  11. ...same. I can't believe how lax I've been over the years about security. Last month I finally updated both my forum and scroll with a current email so at least if I forget my password, it's ok. I hope we can keep the blue skin. I've been using it since my first winter on DC.
  12. Running out of incubates because there's incuhatchable reds popping up in the ap. the cycle continues. I have like 50 reds and counting, most are from the past couple months
  13. 1. Forum Username: scratcher_cat 2.: fave number: 17 this is exciting.
  14. I just traded for wow because i caught mom last week. I'm not big on stairsteps but it's gonna be an awesome breeding pair.
  15. 1 min til midnight in cave time. Edit: oops the raffle is in 3 hours.
  16. they are testing my patience. I definitely plan to incorporate GoNs into my plans. They don't seem to like working their ways into hybrids much.
  17. My 2nd red zyumorph egg Views: 3851 UV: 679 Clicks: 5 3 days 23 hours and it's sick instead of hatching. :/ 4445/709/5 when it hatched, and it's still sick.
  18. This event's impact on the hatcheries is gonna give me the quickest incuhatch ever. From 1 view to almost 2000 in under 10 minutes. The AP is beautiful during big events.
  19. Only if you have accepting aid turned on. The only hatcheries I use are the ones here. http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Click_Sites Daily dragon fix really helps with getting unique views. Has anyone been brave enough to try to force an egg to hatch?
  20. I kinda get a thrill out of viewbombing myself, especially when I break the 10k barrier. I feel like Oprah with my eggs. You get a ward, you get a ward, everyone gets ward casted on them forever! This recklessness brought to you by 55 adult white dragons and counting.
  21. Do prize dragon winners still get to choose the codes? I haven't been around for a raffle in a while.
  22. Ahh... Never again will I know the frustration of being at 6/7 eggs 21/21 total. Now it's 7/8 24/24 *screams* And no one currently looks worth freezing at the moment. </3 I'm really loving Ward. maybe for nostalgia's sake because people have been suggesting white dragons protect from sickness for a long time. Also my "available for BSA" list just doubled in size.
  23. I just counted my dragons manually and put number names on unnamed ones to count the number of a breed, then groups come along and count them for me.
  24. I haven't even seen them in the cave. (On the bright side, I finally caught a CB fire gem from the volcano.) Then I reflex clicked on a kingcrowne lol. (my first vampire is the real MVP. bit the egg and it repulsed.) Edit: omg just saw a silver go through the cave for the first time in a long while. Missed it, but still!