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    Weird Al

    So yeah, discuss Weird Al songs. I personally love Weird Al songs, and as of 5:41 PM EST on 4/17/10 I am listening to "The Saga Begins" by Weird Al. My fave is the eBay Song.
  2. I've been a lazy namer for years, an easy start.
  3. scratcher_cat

    The Congrats Thread, V6

    I've been trying to make PB silver lines and there were some 2gs on the DC records leave/take page! <3
  4. scratcher_cat

    Unreasonable Demands

    have the eggs shuffle through whatever's gonna be in the cave that drop instead of just sitting there waiting for a kind soul to grab one of those same three eggs (times 6 now at least) over and over and over!!!!! but then the good ones would be gone so quick. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. scratcher_cat

    Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

    when was the last time tj's breeding list was open? I'm itching to make pb 3rd/2nd gen thuweds if i can ever get my hands on another one.
  6. scratcher_cat

    Are rare eggs too rare.

    I only go to the cave during drops anymore. it's always the same 3 eggs, they don't circulate . You might be able to trade 2nd gen valentines in february. also grats on winning the drawing
  7. scratcher_cat

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    ...is it bad that I'm tempted to EQ just to be one of the first people with hatchies? (If I had bred it myself I'd do it.) Never noticed that both my nilia AND my crimson flares are all male. That's a relief. It looks kinda funny, like it tried to hide itself before I fogged it.
  8. scratcher_cat

    2017-06-25 - June Dragon Release

    What's happening to my pygmy? is this part of the hatching sequence or a glitch, or because it is sick? its fogged right now here is a fuller screenshot
  9. scratcher_cat

    Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

    Claim my eggs/hatchlings! heres a 3rd gen white 1/2 thuwed from a white/female silver checker.
  10. scratcher_cat

    Do *You* have a Thuwed? V2

    Claim my eggs/hatchlings! here's a 4th gen pure thuwed sad story time: when i got my second 2nd gen thuwed egg, I had an incubate available but not an influence and I remember thinking to myself. "nah... it'll be fine" because I was so excited. (it was not fine ) on the bright side I finally got a silver from m white/f silver to make 1/2 thuwed perfect checkers from https://dragcave.net/lineage/4Ldf I've been trying for a mint from my upside down mint as a mate for this guy but he keeps giving guardians. https://dragcave.net/lineage/buPA
  11. scratcher_cat

    2017-06-13 - Important Forum Notice

    ...same. I can't believe how lax I've been over the years about security. Last month I finally updated both my forum and scroll with a current email so at least if I forget my password, it's ok. I hope we can keep the blue skin. I've been using it since my first winter on DC.
  12. scratcher_cat

    What is your current bad luck.

    Running out of incubates because there's incuhatchable reds popping up in the ap. the cycle continues. I have like 50 reds and counting, most are from the past couple months
  13. scratcher_cat

    2nd gen Prize Giveaway (Winner announced)

    1. Forum Username: scratcher_cat 2.: fave number: 17 this is exciting.
  14. scratcher_cat

    Dragon Codes V2.0

    I just traded for wow because i caught mom last week. I'm not big on stairsteps but it's gonna be an awesome breeding pair.
  15. scratcher_cat

    Raffle Discussion

    1 min til midnight in cave time. Edit: oops the raffle is in 3 hours.
  16. scratcher_cat

    Zyumorph Breeding Plans

    they are testing my patience. I definitely plan to incorporate GoNs into my plans. They don't seem to like working their ways into hybrids much.
  17. scratcher_cat

    Zyumorph hatching stats

    My 2nd red zyumorph egg Views: 3851 UV: 679 Clicks: 5 3 days 23 hours and it's sick instead of hatching. :/ 4445/709/5 when it hatched, and it's still sick.
  18. scratcher_cat

    2017-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 11th Birthday

    This event's impact on the hatcheries is gonna give me the quickest incuhatch ever. From 1 view to almost 2000 in under 10 minutes. The AP is beautiful during big events.
  19. scratcher_cat

    2017-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 11th Birthday

    Only if you have accepting aid turned on. The only hatcheries I use are the ones here. http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Click_Sites Daily dragon fix really helps with getting unique views. Has anyone been brave enough to try to force an egg to hatch?
  20. scratcher_cat

    2017-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 11th Birthday

    I kinda get a thrill out of viewbombing myself, especially when I break the 10k barrier. I feel like Oprah with my eggs. You get a ward, you get a ward, everyone gets ward casted on them forever! This recklessness brought to you by 55 adult white dragons and counting.
  21. scratcher_cat

    2017-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 11th Birthday

    Do prize dragon winners still get to choose the codes? I haven't been around for a raffle in a while.
  22. scratcher_cat

    2017-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 11th Birthday

    Ahh... Never again will I know the frustration of being at 6/7 eggs 21/21 total. Now it's 7/8 24/24 *screams* And no one currently looks worth freezing at the moment. </3 I'm really loving Ward. maybe for nostalgia's sake because people have been suggesting white dragons protect from sickness for a long time. Also my "available for BSA" list just doubled in size.
  23. scratcher_cat

    2017-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 11th Birthday

    I just counted my dragons manually and put number names on unnamed ones to count the number of a breed, then groups come along and count them for me.
  24. scratcher_cat

    2017-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 11th Birthday

    I haven't even seen them in the cave. (On the bright side, I finally caught a CB fire gem from the volcano.) Then I reflex clicked on a kingcrowne lol. (my first vampire is the real MVP. bit the egg and it repulsed.) Edit: omg just saw a silver go through the cave for the first time in a long while. Missed it, but still!
  25. scratcher_cat

    2017-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 11th Birthday

    Ramiel would make the best dragon. I thought these were new Avatars for a moment.