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Bloodstorm18.png gT7OkoW.gif2nd gen prize list is closed - more infos on profileLittle 3rd from prize Luca - try if you`re interessted

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    my wishlist

    CB pink
    CB red
    CB black/ 2nd gen alt black
    CB nebula
    CB vampire
    CB/ low gen stripe
    CB/ 2gen vine
    CB red dorsal
    CB Almandine
    CB Spessartine
    CB magi
    CB seasonal
    CB blusang
    2nd gen shallow water
    2nd gen Two-Finned Bluna
    2nd gen alt Undine
    CB/ low gen gold
    CB/ low gen silver
    CB/ low gen copper
    CB thunder
    CB magma
    CB ice
    2nd gen Avatars

    2nd gen/ short gen Holly

    common cb dragons who was released 2014 / 15..

    2ng gen from spriter alts
    2nd gen prize dragons

    but no inbreed offers

    My Prizes and other Interesting

    IOU slots from Prize Dragon Luca

    1. mystyic
    2. -
    3. darfnen0817
    4. x Magma - Bankotsu

    If list is open welcome things are:

    - 2nd gen spriters alts
    - multiple cb metals
    - (cb) NDs
    - 2nd gen Holly IOU - higher chance for accept when x-mas is near
    - other 2nd gen prizes
    - other interesting offers.. feel free to try what you think its fair

    I want to keep own 2nd gens, so it possible that i keep one.. only one.. between two slots..
    I send the tradelink when egg is born.. than you have time to the moment the egg hatschs with 4d0h to take it.. if you dont take it i will give it to a other person or keep it