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  1. Have: Prizekins: 2G Snow Angel from Bronze Tinsel x tri-colored 2G Starsinger from Bronze Tinsel Want: 2G Starsinger from Bronze Shimmer. Will consider other offers. Green line in signature applies. https://dragcave.net/teleport/1307ad544a24b448e98ffbee2f630188
  2. Have: A multitude of 2G Hollies, both eggs and hatchlings. All hatchies influenced correctly (should be able to dig up influence proof if you PM me). List of lineage links by mother: Red Fire Gem, Gold, '09 Valentine (x2), White, Heartstealing, Tan Ridgewing, Celestial, Mistletoe, Bronze Tinsel a 2G Snow Angel from Tri-colored x Bronze Tinsel Want: (lots of mine for one of yours) 2G SAltkin 2G Thuwed CB Metal (several of mine for one of yours) 2G Prize PM to discuss / let me know which ones you want to trade for. Green line in signature applies. Trade link for four random 2G Holly hatchlings: https://dragcave.net/teleport/6150978f69c2979aae05cdf2f268a601
  3. Have (all 2G Prize/Prizekin): 2nd gen Bronze Tinsel from F Kohraki 2nd gen Aegis from Silver Shimmer 2nd gen Green Copper from M Silver Shimmer 2nd gen Scimitar-wing from M Gold Shimmer 2x 2nd gen Holly from F Bronze Tinsel (https://dragcave.net/lineage/ea92e) Also have (lower value): 7x 2G Holly hatchlings from male Holly x various pairings (Mistletoe, '09 Valentine, Heartstealing, Tan Ridgewing, Celestial, White, Purple). CB Copper (brown) All CB Holidays ready to breed, except one Aegis. Snow Angels are tri-coloured, Aegis is pacified. A random assortment of 2nd gen Starsinger hatchlings. Willing to offer multiple breedings and/or hold/hatch eggs. Can provide influence/precog screenshots to prove that all of these will gender correctly. Want: Any number of mine for a 2G from spriter's alt. Will consider other high-value offers (CB metal/2G thuwed). PM to negotiate.
  4. Have: 3x CB Arcana 2x CB Omen (influenced as pair) 1x CB Witchlight (gendered male) All past CB Halloweens, ready to breed with mates of your choice. Want (multiple of mine:one of yours, willing to hold/hatch any number of eggs for these): 2nd gen Caligene from M Silver Shimmer or CB Metal/ND or 2nd gen SAltkin Will consider (1:1): higher gen SAltkins descended from one or more of the following alts: Floral-Crowned Witchlight Omen (blue male) Garland (blue) Starsinger (both) Please PM to negotiate.
  5. Have: Multiples of all breeds of previous CB Halloween dragons available to breed with any mate except those only obtainable through raffle (CB Prizes, Hybrids, female Hollies, etc). CB Metals are limited, but I do have at least one of each gender for each breed. Also currently have a CB Witchlight egg, if that floats your boat. Happy to hold/hatch anything I trade with you to sweeten the deal. Want: TOP PRIORITY: 2nd gen Caligene from Silver Shimmer father. Will trade multiples for this. Also always interested in ultra-rares (CB Metals/NDs, 2nd gen SAkins). Will trade multiples for any of these. May consider offers of higher gen SAkins from the following alts (the egg itself need not be holiday): Floral-Crowned Witchlight Omen (blue male) Arcana (deep blue female) Garland (Odeen's) Starsinger (Both) Please PM offers. CB Witchlight is still on cooldown.
  6. Breeder's Update Form - Please PM or post in this thread Forum name: Ponystar17 PM link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=183056 Notes: I'm still around, but I'm not online every day unless I'm actively involved in something. Feel free to PM someone else if I'm taking too long to respond to your initial request - just drop a PM in the conversation to let me know I'm no longer needed, I won't be offended. Lineages of your special release dragons: too many to list - this spreadsheet is mostly up to date, and anything missing from it will be above the leetle tree near the top of my scroll. ´╗┐´╗┐https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ar_VCAqz1Gw8dFYwSlcxRm1aSGhmSW0zbTlfekFoZnc&usp=sharing
  7. Have: a collection of Floral-Crowns: 2nd gen from Starsinger (named parents) 2nd gen from Starsinger (x2, also have a sibling) 2nd gen from Soulstone CBs of all previous holidays to breed. Want: 2nd gen Mutamore from Cavern Lurker 2nd gen Radiant Angel from Ribbon Dancer Any descendant of one of the following spriters' alts: Infinis' Mutamore Floral-Crowned Witchlight Birdzgoboom's Omen Snow (both) Garland (both) Starsinger https://dragcave.net/teleport/71f6edc9c4431733cfa384355b6c5a21 https://dragcave.net/teleport/caf68553d13cb9bc3b71e90ab989781c https://dragcave.net/teleport/43856340185709daba0d2e713859fadb PM to request breedings or combine in the case of lower-gens from spriter's alts.
  8. There's a guide here on page 13 of this thread, though it's not the best written. Also, there's only 24 items, not 25.
  9. A guide to receiving all 24 items and not missing much flavour text, since people have mentioned they're worried about missing them:
  10. Sending to all the people on this page who posted lists. I've got all of mine. Thank you so much, everyone! You're all awesome!
  11. Sent a few, sending a few more! Here's my list, for any kind soul who wants to help me collect every flower:
  12. I'll send some more around! For anyone who'd like to help me get 100% completion, here's an image of all the flowers I'm still missing:
  13. I'm here to eat chocolates and send flowers, and I'm all out of chocolates!