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  1. I sent one to TJ and 2 random people. What happens when you get one?
  2. yay my first V-day o.o first page
  3. Text: MY OMELLETE-um, I mean scroll Color(s):Black background with white text Any images:A breakfast egg and a frying pan and any dragon egg Payment (if applicable): Size: Same one as the Holly Which type of badge would you like: Animation: Text like on ember Anything else: no Shiny tinsels are shiny, and I heart alt swellings
  4. Banned for probably having rabies
  5. pfft i found a dork face checkerboard in the ap
  6. Everyone told you the gold adults would look slightly better
  7. I was so obsessed over a gold I missed a CB Ice.
  8. I've just got one of each, because I'm hoping breeding the two of them will a) produce either produce a hybrid
  9. I just died I clicked a gold, sighing Saw the geocode page and almost fainted
  10. thats a relief so potentially, approximately 728 eggs need to be grabbed before i can get a gold users in alpine x 4
  11. oh, believe me, it will be a long egg hunt.
  12. Yes. I usually get my offers declined and I want to know why. For all I know, they could be interested, but they just couldn't hold any eggs, but I wouldn't know.
  13. Agreed since my last 2 breed able dragons just refused.
  14. Agreed. I needed a tinsel to breed with a male hellfire to continue a lineage, and guess what? Male. PINK EGG HATCH NAO PLS
  15. Is this very nicely lineaged Hellfire worth an Alt Vine? Or a male Alt Black hatchling? http://dragcave.net/lineage/iWlfa
  16. what I'm that height and I'm a year younger than you and I'm considered short
  17. I was in the bath, and I cut my shoulder on the corner of the shower screen/glass thing. I still have the scar on my right shoulder. I was really freaked out just after it happened when I saw something like 1.5 cm hole in my shoulder. It didn't actually hurt at first, though.