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  1. I swear its coded so the rarers are even more stubborn; my trio refused/did not produce an egg with any of the available dragons... :/
  2. DSAX

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  3. That is why you NEVER force holidays. Got it?
  4. pink was bred on...Feb 14, 2012, so you will have to wait a bit. but my thunder is cb and is available for breeding tomorrow. EDIT: and i can breed her with another CB, so you end up with a 2nd gen thunder EDIT 2: HOLY I JUST CAUGHT A CB BLACK LIKE THAT... So theres another IOU if both should fail. By that I mean wait for that to become adult, breed with another CB. Gonna cavestalk for another, so you may get a PB 2gen black
  5. steam, since it's kind of slow now, why not check my scroll for something you would appreciate as payment? http://www.dragcave.net/user/dragontender101
  6. yay typically broadband lag ends after i get accepted...
  7. i want an avatar forum name: DSAX Dragon: cheese what is he doing: breathing any text?: no background(can be animated): transparent Payment: thunder or silver IOU
  8. Much simpler solution: make other people viewing your scroll/eggs/dragons/hatchies see tinyurl links The whole thing depends on the code; if they can't get it, they can't ER other peoples eggs/hatchies The way it would work: the Cave stores a cookie verifying you are the owner of ---- scroll. Whenever you click one of your dragons on that page, you get regular links. If you are NOT the owner of that scroll, all the dragons, the scroll etc. is a tinyurl link. Could also be used against multi scrolling.
  9. I would love seeing a picture of a GoN saying: I don't think so.
  10. @shadowwolf6 A: 8/10 kewl animation N: 6/10 i dun like numbers s: 7/10 needs moar pictures
  11. Banned for not mentioning my infinite awesomeness
  12. Killed my hellfire because I already had a male. The "successfully killed" message made me sad. I wanted to do a zombie attempt Now I'm like WTH was I thinking?!
  13. I guess you're right lol Juts keeping the name because I KNOW it's going to be true in the future. She's going to be bred tomorrow...
  14. I have one. http://dragcave.net/lineage/oC7o4 She's very stubborn. Do you have any?
  15. I'm giving this a try, it was fun
  16. Actually, I'm going to post that in Dragon Requests right now..jk
  17. So we have -Cheese -Chocolate Now we need a Cracker Dragon to form the Smore Trio! With this, they will use the Summon Action to summon a Marshmellow Guardian!
  18. so would it be REALLY good if I offered you a possible 2nd gen thunder and a silver? hmm, take your pick http://www.dragcave.net/user/dragontender101 The thunder loves her anti-breedingness, so don't think she will give up easily..
  19. Steam, do people get priority based on what egg they are offering? I have a silver..heheheheh
  20. Freezing is so boss. I want to be one of those people who have a male&female of every dragon, frozen and adult.