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  1. can't wait my ones after wyverns
  2. http://dragcave.net/lineage/cEi8l what WHAT
  3. steam, i sent you the tele link in PM, incase the notifier failed.
  4. This thread has one more reply.
  5. steam, ill send you the tele link soon, the hellfire's going to die if it doesn't hatch soon.
  6. steam, if the dragon you did in the video was a request, isn't it done?
  7. Banned for banning someone forever
  8. lol. the ice dragon looked so cool
  9. pie, just ask msyftt if (s)he can provide some parts in different positions..?
  10. how long? does it have commentary?
  11. when is the video going to be done?
  12. agh I'm going to have to fog it, I got it off the AP, and i think the original owner added it to a hatchery
  13. Oh and Steam, if i really like it... http://dragcave.net/lineage/aNY7P
  14. When the GWs came out, I was refreshing for one, and missed: 1 silver 3 ices 1 gold I was like, no GWs here, refresh. OH SNAP! THIS EGG IS VERY REFLECTIVE, ALMOST METALLIC LOOKING.
  15. kiyye i think you can only have 2 requests
  16. And it could help you, because other people could learn how to do it, and make their own
  17. Steam, also I think Pie means he wants you to make a video of you doing a request So we can all see the behind the scenes. It's something I'd like to see too. :3
  18. Pie, I suppose your current avatar looks a bit better is because it was done by mysftt, and (s)he? was the spriter of the dragon, so (s)he could reposition it, I suppose. Steamrider just adds bones, so it isn't as good as redrawing it. No offense to Steamrider ofcourse His are quite good, IMO I think they are better than Mysftt's
  19. can't wait till ladylyzars alt grows up
  20. thats a shame. my first silver loves breeding control too.