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  1. I forgot to check my dragons I find my 2nd gen Thunder with 0 days left. I open 2 tabs of ARs in NDER and pray. EDIT: Died.
  2. Sock has spoken. Do not question thy mod.
  3. can i be admin on the site because my name is admin..lol joking
  4. I want a GIF or banner! Username: DSAX/dragontender101 Banner or GIF: GIF Size: 100x100 Reference: Background: Transparent, please. (Not necessary if transparent.) Text: None, please. (If you want it to say something.) Transparent: (Yes or no-For background) What would you like on it? A vine dragon, well, flapping his vines, I guess? You get what I mean.
  5. WAAAAAA pls EDIT: the site is down. what do perhaps while its down, you could do it...maybe? loljk EDIT2: now it says it cant find it. i think its been deleted that would be a shame.
  6. i want an avatar forum name: dsax Dragon: vine what is he doing: waving his vines, sort of thing any text?: background(can be animated): transparent Payment: i can try and get silver or gold
  7. Nice site steamrider! I'm not just saying that because I got a nice acc name and draconik hawk name http://mysticdragonforest.myadopts.com/levelup.php?id=16 hehehee
  8. o.o does it really take that long? 3 days?
  9. That, gentlemen, is a very sick neglected. Neglected Science is happy to inform you that you have completed the mandatory negligence test.
  10. oh so i can get another Thursday next week
  11. Steam, when you say reqs have to be 1 week apart, do you mean from when it was finished or when you requested?
  12. lol should i post the gold here on a first come first serve or in a gifting thread
  13. lol steam rejected the gold so i guess i have to give that potential 6gen gold away
  14. lol steam, sniped in 3 minutes? i think we have a record
  15. ok lol...stares at gold hatchie Y U NO GROW UP FASTER good that you've done lol i have a whole TON of hw to do
  16. i love it so much i will give you a gold if possible.
  17. maybe the breathing a bit slower? not trying to be picky, its great
  18. Hopefully my request is easy so I don't get in the way C:
  19. The horse is superior. YAY I JUST REMEMBERED IM NEXT
  20. i know what my second request will be a vine, flapping his vines lol