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  1. Forum Name: Draketeeth PM Address: Profile Link Above List of Halloweens I'm Willing to Breed Note: For CBs if you're looking for a specific combo, feel free to ask. I do not have Balloons and my rares are patchy. Note 2: I have way more here than I could ever trade and I like knowing my kids have homes with mates. It makes me more likely to breed them. I gift. Just ask to know if something is available. List of Halloweens I need List of Commons from Halloweens I need Personal Notes - Trades Arranged:
  2. @Shadowdrake The Spring side is original to me. The Winter side was a gift and is also original.
  3. Discord tells me I must "claim and verify" my account before I can send messages in this server. But I have a Discord account (infrequently used). I looked for a help entry and this one seemed similar but the advice given doesn't apply, I haven't got a password saved for discord in my Firefox browser. I'm going to try and clear all my history and cookies and see if that corrects. If not, should I contact Discord support or has someone here had a similar problem and figured out what the problem was? EDT: not sure what the issue was that it kept trying to create a new account for me, but I logged out of the ghost it was trying to make, logged in again in my real account from the main page, then tried the link again. I'm now successfully verified.
  4. *squints* The dragons are all so painful to look at. I love them dearly! /wants forever.
  5. HAVE 2nd gen Sweetling from M Alt Sweet x F Silver ~ Lineage TRADED 3rd gen step Sweetling from M Alt Line pure x various F Pyralspite ~ Lineage TRADED 3rd gen even Sweetling from M All Alts x F Black ~ Lineage || Teleport 4d22h 3rd gen even checker M Heartseeker x F Albino ~ Lineage || Teleport 4th gen even checker M Heartseeker x F Gold ~ Lineage || Teleport 5th gen even checker M Heartseeker x F Gold ~ Lineage || Teleport 3rd gen even Rosebud checker F Rosebud X M Spessartine Pyralspite (orange) ~ Lineage || Teleport 4th gen even Valentine/Arsani checker x M Silver ~ Lineage || Teleport 3rd gen even Heartstealing checker F Heartstealing x M Mageia Xenowyrm ~ Lineage || Teleport WANT 2nd gen Arsani from F Arsani x M Wrapping Wings - Building a mate for Her 2nd gen Tan Ridgewing from M ridgewing x F Grave - Building a mate for Her 3rd gen even Heartseeker checker M Heartseeker X F Spitfire - Mate for Her 4th gen even Rosebud checker F Rosebud x M Golden Wyvern - Mate for Him Any even gen Sweetling x Terrae Lineage Offer?
  6. Is there a time limit on how quickly we can send out messages, or is it unlimited?
  7. I agree, alt owners shouldn't get both sprites, it isn't fair to folks who only get pinks. If this happens, Snow Angels should be next. Why are there three types? It's time to par down to one and retire the others. Or they should breed true to their wings. I love snow angels, don't hurt those precious gentle angels Consider from the flip side: there has always been a tiny population of black sweetlings and with the release of valentines again, it's shrinking proportionately. Owners of the black sprite have very limited options of who to trade with and a small number of lineage types without repeating parents. Regular sweetling owners have a massive advantage in breeding and trading the pink lineages. They don't have to AP hunt for endless hours hoping to find another dark lineage to continue for their scroll. Their entire breeding theme is not suddenly being upended by this abrupt change. If anyone is to be envious, it's the alt owners. And now they can only hope to continue their lines if it comes from another black alt. This change is a noose being pulled around their sprites. I don't think more CB black sweetlings should be released, that negates the original purpose of them being gifted to those caught in the nasty glitch. But there should have been more communication about the change before a decision was implemented. Why TJ has decided the blacks won't breed true, I'm uncertain. Dunno if it's something with the artist, or if he's afraid of having to enact a retroactive change which might excite riots by itself having blacks bred from pinks turn pink and pinks from blacks abruptly turn black, and can't grandfather in existing lineages. The easiest would be to leave things alone and endure the occasional grumble. We survived snow angels and their drama. Why can't we survive sweetlings?
  8. I didn't realize that raising Christmas dragons did not count towards the "adults raised" raffle entry status. Mine grew up, but my status says the only adult I've raised was a regular dragon from earlier in the month.
  9. HAVE CB Cavern lurker hatchling, uninfluenced ~ Trade 3rd gen even Pure Caligene hatchling, uninfluenced ~ Lineage || Trade 3rd gen even Pure Cavern Lurker hatchling, uninfluenced ~ Lineage || Trade CB Shadow Walker egg, "ER" with time to influence ~ Trade Pending WANT 2nd gen Black Marrow (Female, ungendered, egg) from M Black Marrow x F Dark Green ~ Mate for Him 2nd gen Shadow Walker (Female, ungendered, egg) from M Royal Blue x F Shadow Walker ~ Mate for Him 2nd gen Dark Green (Female, ungendered, egg) from M Black Marrow x F Dark Green ~ Mate for Him 3rd gen even Autumn (Female, ungendered, egg) from Shadow Walker x Autumn Proper Checker, F Autumn in base ~ Mate For Him 3rd gen even Pure Desipis (Male, ungendered, egg) OR with male Anagallis in the base ~ Mate for Her 3rd gen even Pumpkin (Female, ungendered, egg) from M Crimson Flare x F Pumpkin checker ~ Mate for Him 3rd gen even Nhiostrife M Lumina x F Nhio OR M Desipis x F Nhio checker ~ Mate for Him 4th gen even Pumpkin (Male, ungendered, egg) from Pumpkin x Crimson Flare lineage (no particular pattern) ~ Mate for Her 4th gen even Pyro Xenowyrm from M ??? Holiday? x F Pyro Xenowyrm checker. Gonna be a mate for This Lovely, maybe a bi-color to go along with the theme? Even gens with Zombies in the lineage Offer
  10. HAVE 2nd Gen PB Marrow Male ~ Trade Link || WANT 2nd gen PB Marrow FEMALE He grew up . . .
  11. Only had this happen on the "name dragon" page. It was kinda cute more than annoying. Sparkly candy, everywhere!
  12. Draketeeth

    Cool Codes

    Gifting Weird code here, 4 of the 5 letters are Ks. Thought it might catch someone's eye ~ kKKK Lineage || kKKK Adoption
  13. Draketeeth

    Z Project

    Gifting Z'Code egg from Z'Code father! ~ Z'Lineage || Z'Adoption Link
  14. That'll be an exciting lineage! Your welcome, glad someone who likes it got it
  15. Been catching a bunch of cool lineage, but I wanted to share my named faves so far that will absolutely be staying. 4th gen albino Z-code! M Black Marrow x F Albino checker. 3rd gen falconiform M Radiant angel x F Falconiform. 3rd gen Turpentine, purebred. 3rd gen Spitfire, purebred. 4th gen Spitfire, purebred and unrelated to the 3rd gen, so I can work up to a breeding set Thank you: Ramani, angelicdragonpuppy, and Anon Breeder!
  16. Draketeeth

    Z Project

    Adopted the cutie! For Adoption 3rd gen even ~ Z'Lineage || Adopt Me 4th gen even ~ Z'Lineage || Adopt Me
  17. I love everything about this. Strongly considering re-naming a hatchling to go with the CD theme.
  18. Agreed. Patch was difficult and it took me a round or two through the dog area before I found him
  19. *happy weeping* I can finally put my frill breeding pair back together. Egg went to the AP!
  20. A while back I picked up an assortment of mis-colored ridgewings (X, X) and a water. Thanks, Vhale! They're pretty neat Fished a canopy out of the holidaykin breeding, and I really enjoy the colors involved in the checker. Thanks, sara4cows.
  21. Whoops! Ended up with more blue eggs than intended. On well *tucks them in for a nap* Thank you for new eggs!
  22. Hurray, someone else who likes them! Glad they went into the hands of someone who will enjoy them.