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  1. I got my first Zombie dragon! I really like the design of the new Halloween egg, can't wait for them to hatch. Also I get a little chuckle out of the description, no idea why though.
  2. So I have a Cavern Lurker that I name Asylum Lurker, the name is based some what off their code. I was wondering if this was an appropriate name or not.
  3. Mr Cerberuss ----> Guillotine ----> 3rd even gen Gold egg (Accepted)
  4. L.A. Noire. After a on and off of 2 years with this game I've finally just sat down and started playing it. Now I have no idea what was going on story wise . I actually wish more games like this were made.
  5. optsdfklg opposing peoples traditions so dogs fetching knight's legs glomp. dtyjuty
  6. Wow all those things are pretty good man. The Skyrim guard shield has me quite intrigued, probably because I've played Skyrim so I have an idea what the shields look like but nonetheless they all look pretty good in my opinion. I'm looking forward to see future updates to the shield and to any future projects you may do.
  7. I really do like your banners and I love the Terrae one, thank you so much .
  8. Yeah it hasn't happened as of late (knocks on wood) but it does happen. I'll randomly pick a biome to catch eggs in but the monotonous for pressing F5 I tend to zone out. So for the split second I forget I'm in the desert Looking at the hatchings again their tails kind of remind me of a flower. Can't think of the name but it's kind of stalk like, kind of like wheat but not (does that even make sense ). So I'm kind of wondering if maybe these dragons could be humming bird or maybe even butter fly like? Edit: Oh never mind someone already beat me to it
  9. Could I maybe make a request for Terrae Dragons one?
  10. Shimmer scale really? Hmmm, well that wouldn't have been my first guess but that's just me. . But on that note I did look up the bronze shimmer scale hatchling's description and found out it had 'shiny' in it and thought that was interesting considering a shimmer scale never popped in my head until you mentioned it and reading the description. For me the speckle throated dragons eggs reminded me of the arsani dragon eggs because of there dark color. When I had first saw TJ's post I thought for a second that the new eggs were flamingos (the drawing got me ) and I was like: wait what? T
  11. I can't tell you how many times I've done that with Spitfire's. I actually forget I'm in the Desert biome and see 'brightly colored markings' and go "oh my god a stripe!". The opposite has happened too where I've seen them in the forest and don't click because I think it's the Desert biome. For some reason these eggs remind me of Valentines Day eggs, anyone else think so or is it just me?
  12. I've experienced quite a few glitches with a lot of games over the years but none really bothered me as much as Fallout: New Vegas did. That game was so glitchy for me it was pretty much unplayable. When it first came out there were a few bugs here and there but that's to be expected with new release games but once DLC started coming out for the game it broke mine with every patch. From getting stuck in rocks or just in the middle of the road to falling through the map when leaving a building. Soon it became that with certain places it would lock up my xbox on the loading screens when leaving
  13. Mr Cerberuss ----> ElementalMistressLuna ----> CB Speckle-Throated Dragon Egg (accepted) Mr Cerberuss ----> myokomiyizaki ----> CB Black Hatchling (accepted)
  14. You know when you've played to much Minecraft when you dream about finishing your project only to play it the next day and realize it was never finished, then rant for a few seconds thinking you never saved it. This happened to me the other day. You know you play to much Pokemon when it has a reference to everything. I actually didn't think that was possible.
  15. I never noticed I had a few inbreeds on my scroll when I breed them. They just had such long lineages I thought I'd just find other with just as long lineages and breed them together and when I was looking up what generation they were I saw they were inbreed. So I'm going to release the parents into the wild and if anyone would like to take these 2 Black Striped eggs it would be nice. I'd hate to drop them in the AP and someone kill or let them die. PM if interested. Thank you for those who have given them good homes