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  1. me too. I'd much rather have a frilled and later get a messy lineaged new prize dragon that only get a cb prize dragon.
  2. nope, this is fine, this is what i meant with my post.
  3. I sort my dragons by breed, and then by growth, so the hatchlings are above the adults. But when there is a new dragon, i have to use the "sort by breed" to get it in the right place. Because of that, the hatchlings move under the adults, and i have to re-arrange the hatchlings to get them above them again. My suggestion is to make 'stacking' of different sortings possible. So i could click first 'sort by breed' and then click 'sort by growth', without the 'sort by breed' being cancelled out. Or you could sort them by growth and color, so that first all the hatchlings are sorted by colo
  4. will the mini-game be available all year or just untill the end of the event?
  5. does the holiday breeding mean that from now to october 31 the chance of an undead dragon has increased?
  6. yes, I agree that it sound really usefull. I would like to see this happen
  7. NOOO. i forgot that the breeding of the valentines would start a week prior to the new valentine drop. i was waiting for it so anxiously, and now most of them are gone already