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  1. Just snagged this guy the other day and could not believe my luck with the code :3 


    kONGS But which Kong to name him (influenced to be him, at least) after? Diddy? Funky? Cranky? Chunky? So many possibilities!

  2. HAVE


    3G Yulebuck x Ice Checker

    3G Solstice x Winter Checker

    ** Also willing to offer the very next Bronze Shimmer egg from Haku! PM me for more info**



    So I was an idiot and forgot about Christmas at Dragcave while I busy with work/real life and completely, totally missed the new release (and apparently other old CB holiday dragons?! What!?) The only think I want is a new release egg, please and thank you ;__; 




  3. Hey, I noticed that I am no longer an active donor, and I'd very much like to be on the list again. ^__^


    I would like to be put on the donors list!

    Forum Name: Minibobini

    Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/Minibobini

    Stipulation: I'm willing to breed just about anything on my scroll except Shimmers at the moment. All you need to do is ask. happy.gif Oh, just an fyi, I am sometimes a bit slow at responding to PMs on here, though. Doesn't mean I'm ignoring you, I promise~