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scroll | Read profile for wishlist/IOU details. | EDT/Cave Time | English is not my native language.

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    I'm a... man of few words. Don't be surprised if my posts/PMs seem short. I play DC casually. Feel free to PM me if you need to contact me for any reason. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I never harm gifts! I'm also active on UDC Discord (nickname is Konz).


    Hoarding Wishlists (in no particular order - CB preferred, but I'm cool with any lineages if it's a low-time egg or hatchie. Subject to change without prior notice.)


    1. Sunsong
    2. Kingcrowne
    3. Fire Gem (any color, especially blues)
    4. Spirit Ward
    5. Khusa


    1. Winter Magi
    2. Omen
    3. Heartstealing

    Also looking for 3G Silver Tinsel, Gold Shimmer, and Silver Shimmer (ascending/descending stairsteps or checkers only please). Also any CB dragons (no drake, pygmy, etc) with naughty codes too.



    Owed to me:
    Owed by me:

    *Note: IOUs are only accepted from well-established players (500+ dragons, active on DCF, good reputation/well known, etc).

    **icon by CHIZURU@奈琥. sig: non-animated sprite by me. animated sprite by Neople.