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  1. I'll miss you too, DTF. If there's anything I'll take happily from Dragon Cave, it's all the good times on the IRC. The hour is nigh. Forty-three minutes left, on my count.
  2. Thank you both, and I really appreciate it. I have found more fulfilling creative outlets, for the record... I just wish I'd given up on spriting a long time ago. Denigration wasn't directed specifically at you. I was just frustrated at how so many people immediately ascribed to me the worst possible motives for daring to disagree with something that made them happy, and that left me grumpier than I was before. Anyway, in spite of me being a sad sack - Merry almost-Christmas, everyone.
  3. You want to know why I posted? Uh... why does anyone post? To express an opinion? Why did you post? I felt feelings, felt moderately alienated that nobody else verbally felt like me, and posted about said feelings. You clearly felt something about that and posted a response. Why did I stick around after Halloween? I don't know, maybe I hoped I might be wrong? Maybe I thought that I was not an infallible oracle to the future? Or I was hoping that hollies might drop like rares, and not just as frequently as any other holiday egg. The only reason they're at all difficult to catch is because people have singled them out as the prize they used to be... just like any bred holly egg used to be a catch, years back. People want what they don't have. That'll fade - it'd fade even if there wasn't a limit. I'd give it next year, probably - but I had no trouble catching mine. Was maybe the sixth one I clicked on. Couple I saw take two refreshes to vanish. And I didn't make the decision to leave until today. I was sad on Halloween, but it was the total ennui I felt upon obtaining the rarest and most desirable egg I knew of that made my mind. Heh. I give it a few years and everyone else will have access to all the old badges, too. Doesn't really matter. As for the trading system others have brought up... I don't really see how this fixes much. It's turned Hollies into something everyone has, but that just shifts the onus of desirability elsewhere and there are still super-rare dragons that fit that bill. It's still going to be broken and toxic for as long as prizes exist, and as long as spriters' alts exist. And while the prizes are a mess and have always been a mess, I do think the spriters deserve their alts, and nobody else deserves access to them. It's just that becoming a spriter isn't a terribly attainable goal, either. I don't begrudge anyone else their happiness; I really don't. But I've watched the site develop over the years and I've just sunk a lot more effort and emotional anticipation into it than I've gotten out, and I think it's time for me to call it quits, accept I will never find what I was chasing here, and move on. And if you still want me to justify the fact that I dared post about my feelings, the other reason I said this instead of quietly fading away was because I was looking for somebody to give the Holly to. Preferably somebody who didn't denigrate me, but hey.
  4. You know... I've just gotten my first CB holly ever and I think I'm about done with this site. I was appalled to see the old breeds released in October, and even though I knew this was coming, I'm crushed now - that the thing so many people pined over, considered the pinnacle of aspiration over the years and valued second-gen offspring like precious gems, drops like a common. I didn't sell my soul trading for those second-gens, but plenty of people did. I just... don't feel investment when I can get anything I want without work. There's no point to legacy anything anymore; I just feel like there's no real sense of accomplishment to anything unless you're among the artists and spriters, and that's a very exclusive cadre. No, the oldest and the luckiest users having all the trading fodder wasn't a healthy state for a game, but to me, opportunity-communism has even less value. Call me an elitist if you will, but I like when there's some goodies you get simply on account of having been somewhere a while. I mean. I just got a caveborn holly and I didn't feel the most remote flicker of excitement. It was like picking up any other holiday egg. I got the other breed I'd missed caveborns of, I got a cb wrapping-wing to replace one I'd released way back when in order to get a frozen hatchling. And I don't care at all. Most people are happy with this, and that's fine, but I think this is where I have to admit my experience is done.
  5. Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Eastern Age: Adult Kill date: 5/1/2017 Kill time: 12:47 am Revive date: 5/1/2017 Revive time (ET): 12:47 am Zombies visible: yes Result: Zombie Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/HXSVL Edit: Wow, for an off night, I've been wildly successful. Two for three! Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Lindwurm Age: Adult Kill date: 5/1/2017 Kill time: 12:55 am Revive date: 5/1/2017 Revive time (ET): 12:55 am Zombies visible: yes Result: Zombie Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/GBffJ
  6. I just got the cactus egg, and it makes me happy. Been playing (and writing) a lot of Fallout: New Vegas lately, and it looks like a prickly pear, so... :3
  7. Hmm. I wouldn't say it left a sour taste in my mouth, or that it left a lasting unhappiness, but it did make me sad, and I wasn't particularly happy with the execution. Peg me between neutral and sad panda. I honestly have an easier time dealing with raffles where barely anyone wins than I do ones where it's a half-and-half split between winners and losers. It's easier to accept you didn't have a chance anyway when winners are few and far between.
  8. I agree. I chose to be nice specifically because I thought I was going up against someone else. That I wasn't, and missed out... well, I can't really complain. But I'm sad. Wish I'd at least gotten a badge.
  9. Genuinely surprised that they're indeed hatching into upside-down mints. I predict drama.
  10. Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Seawyrm Pygmy Age: Adult Kill date: April 1st, 2017 Kill time (ET): Unsure, but wasn't during zombie hours Revive date: April 3rd, 2017 Revive time (ET): 01:01am Zombies visible: Yes Result: Zombie Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/q9xTZ Was not expecting this!
  11. Ohhh man. If they turn out to be new alt sprites, and you think they're not technically worth anything? You haven't been around here long, friend. Right now, people are freaking out because they missed out mint eggs that have 'Cave' as their drop location instead of one of the Biomes. Entirely new sprites? The forums will explode. People here do not like being unable to reach 100% completionism.
  12. Yeah, I do think that's rather flawed. It wasn't a case of guessing right what your opponent would guess. If your opponent picked blame, you were screwed no matter what you picked. If your opponent said nothing, you received something no matter what you picked. Flawed build. Meh. I'm convinced these mints will all grow up normal, so I'm not too cheesed on arbitrarily missing out. I already have some Cave mints...
  13. I'll be moderately sad if getting eaten was the end of it and I don't have a chance to get an egg today, but oh well.
  14. I said nothing, and the other user blamed me. Ah well, somebody's happy.
  15. Speaking as someone with pink sweetlings... I don't see why rare retired stuff has to be released for everyone to get. I really don't. It's a theme I'm seeing all over the forums lately, and it just strikes me as an inability to cope with having 'missed' something. I was upset I missed them at the time, but at this point, I have no issues with things remaining the way they are. I don't know, I don't feel "I want something" automatically equates "I should get it" - there is a why involved, and 'why not' fails to become an adequate reason when something was retired for a reason. I wish more people could make peace with that.
  16. Well, it is DC - the party don't start 'til the drama walks in. Though unrelatedly, I'm really sad the way the situation turned out as a whole. Inevitable end or not... I was happy to see two new artists finally get into DC, debuting with a holiday dragon. I was pretty down about losing on Valentines Day, as much as I'd tried to prepare for the inevitability (it was my first time submitting a holiday dragon and I wasn't properly inured to the whole shebang), but when the hatchlings emerged and I saw the art credits... seeing two new faces get in, I was sure that they were as happy as I would have been to finally get in cave, and that knowledge snapped me out of my funk. Perspective, I guess. I'm still over it - the events here haven't changed that. I learned a lot from my spriting jaunt this season, I made friends, and I'm already making plans for my next holiday submission, but... well, I was really happy to see new faces in the cave again, and that's gone sour. In the end, nobody won. Not newbies, not in-cavers, and certainly not TJ.
  17. Oh. Huh. That clarifies things. Though I still don't believe the conduct of in-cave spriters in this thread has been any better or worse than that of the userbase itself.
  18. Spriters are not staff. They have a contractual agreement to DC, but they're not staff. And, again, the tracing isn't even necessarily the point. The contract was breached even without it.
  19. I do feel if Tazzay (and EdwardElricFreak) want(s) the breed as it stands to be removed, those wishes should be honored. In their shoes, I wouldn't have wanted to be told my sprites were unsuitable and then have somebody else do the replacement entirely, without being given the chance to create a replacement myself. Though, again, were they to be replaced with a different breed, that's just going to create more complaints and drama. I respectfully disagree. Pretty sure it would have been equal drama if not more.
  20. Well, yes, that's what I meant. It is rather damning - and even if they have changed, unfortunately that's a stigma that's hard to shake off. But I would like a clarification to what extent references can be used in DC spriting, because now I'm hesitant. Like, directly lining a pose like a sketch and then adding draconic features is obviously bad, but what if you take a pose, draw a 'wire figure' with body-limbs-head-tail directly from the pose, and then sketch or sprite around that? What if you look at a reference and mimic it to the best of your ability, but never at any point trace or sprite off of it? Where's the line drawn?
  21. I'm a little shocked at the reasoning as well, but that is a dramatic oversimplification when: -the s2 almost perfectly matches up with a stock photo -the artist in question has a history of tracing (this, I think, would be the kicker) -the artist's agreement was violated anyway with availability of art Though if this level of cribbing off references is disallowed, I'm going to seriously have to change my tactics on spriting. I'm not very good at anatomy and I rely heavily on references for things that aren't completely obvious. I had been under the impression that references were free game as long as you weren't directly spriting off them - but looking at them and mimicking what they do was fine.
  22. Huh. This sheds a lot more light on why what happened happened (and regardless of tracing or no tracing, the fact remains that the artist's agreement was violated due to available art) - but I was unaware that taking poses from stock photos was copyright infringement in that vein. Not that this was a problem with my Valentines submission, but one of my dragon requests in DR will need a new sketch. Probably a good thing I learned that now and not sometime in the future.
  23. Admittedly the decision to lock up the particularly desirable name you have is on the spiteful side, but it is your call.
  24. I guess, but the entries present their own problems - let's say TJ selected his top three picks of Valentines submissions for those. However, now only one can win. Two will be shot down. But the artists behind those concepts may have wanted to resubmit them for a future Valentines/some other project, and as they have been made public, now they cannot do that. Also, people will complain about the ones that didn't win being better than the one we eventually get. And I can see that one getting nasty and critical of each sprite. (Note the only thing 'wrong' with our current situation is that there's mass complaining, so...) As for the alts... I feel like the original artists still should receive them. It might be a bittersweet thing, because odds are they were more attached to the 'first' set of sprites, but conceptualists have gotten artist's alts in the past despite not having actually touched the sprite themselves. It will be really sad if there are no alts this year.
  25. Then people would be complaining about what you see now - the other one was more deerlike, more elegant, was a better shade of purple... or other things, like how it had gold on it, it had antlers, where did the pearl go, I liked the pearl, etc. If they were changed because something made their original design unusable, then there was no solution that would make everyone happy. Ultimately we won't know how the artists feel about this unless they speak up (and I'm going to guess it's probably not good), but this strikes me as a situation with no good solutions. And no, I don't know what the situation was, but something that requires pulling sprites and whipping up hasty replacements on a site where the tiniest ounce of change is routinely met with excessive hostility is not taken lightly.