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  1. Awesome got two of the 3 new eggs!! Happy bday dragon cave!
  2. Hey guys i've kinda messed up some of my breeding lol so I decided that I'm going to select new tributes.
  3. Ahhh... Ive kinda messed some of my dragons so I might need to wait to get new ones to replace my dragons whom I've bred wrong
  4. Still searching for a CB male hope dragon to breed with my dragon Praying Hope
  5. Hello I would gladly join this lineage to help support the cause! I would ask to be put on the waiting list also to get a hope egg!
  6. Hey can you add me to the list please?
  7. I want a drawing!! Forum name: ninizucchini Description: A hellfire wyvern breathing blue fire Creature: Dragon Pose: Flying and facing the viewer so its kinda like the dragon is breathing fire at the viewer Type: full body if possible Colours: female (blue fire) Feeling: Bold and kind of angry Extra? Thanks!
  8. The Reaping My Chosen Tributes: District One: Electro of District One Lyra of District One District Two: Katsa of District Two Silvertip of District Two District Three: Blaze of District Three Swift of District Three District Four: Lunar of District Four Leafwing of District Four District Five: Oll of District Five Aqua of District Five District Six: Blackcloud of District Six Tiny of District Six District Seven Helda of District Seven Bluestone of District Seven District Eight: Stone of District Eight Slip of Distrcit Eight Sorry I had to change some of my dragons cause i realized some were not cave born lol
  9. Forum Name: ninizucchini Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/ninizucchini Omg so excited to get started this is such a great idea saori!