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  1. Have: 2nd gen Gold Shimmer from male Cavern Lurker Want: Bloodswap or 2nd gen Gold Shimmer from male Halloween species please? Willing to take IOUs, I'd just like something to breed for around Halloween :'D https://dragcave.net/teleport/c6d7d1379e455dd96101eda21d599bee
  2. Have: 2nd gen Gold Shimmer from male Thunder - proof of influencing can be provided, just message me please! Want: bloodswap please? Or 2nd gen gold shimmer from male Electric, Ember, Tan Ridgewing or Gaia/Pyro/Astrapi Xeno Or 2nd gen Electric, Ember, Tan Ridgewing, Gold, or Gaia/Pyro/Astrapi Xeno from female Gold Shimmer Please NO other offers, thank you! https://dragcave.net/teleport/b0000dbf62fca8b20ba7c4e8a6e20bd8
  3. Have: 2nd gen Gold Shimmer from male Thunder Want: bloodswap please? Or 2nd gen gold shimmer from male Electric, Ember, Tan Ridgewing or Gaia/Pyro/Astrapi Xeno Or 2nd gen Electric, Ember, Tan Ridgewing, Gold, or Gaia/Pyro/Astrapi Xeno from female Gold Shimmer https://dragcave.net/teleport/2b39db469971cecb3c5da27bdce5ee77 (To the people who were kind enough to offer, I'm sorry I cancelled the trade - but the egg is still with me because it is below time and I was afraid if I accepted a trade it'd lose its influence. I will hatch it to make sure it genders correctly and then put up a new trade link! In the mean time, feel free to note me if you wish to offer now )
  4. *flops* I'm loving the catching right now! But sheesh, I'm desperate to catch a couple of CB Floral-Crowned dragons, but can I see a single one? haha nope! Fingers crossed I'll get there though
  5. HAVE: CB female Gold Shimmer CB Heartseekers CB Arsanis CB Radiant Angels CB Mutamores CB male Gold x2 CB male Silvers All available to breed! WANT: Any 2g Holiday from female Gold Shimmer! Also seeking 2ng gen Holidays from Gold and Silver dragons Please PM me to arrange swap!
  6. Have: 3g Arsani from checker with Black Tea 3g Arsani from checker with Pink Can Breed - 2gs of almost every Valentine from male Silvers, male Gold - I also have a CB female Gold Shimmerscale to breed! Want: 2g Holiday from Prize, especially female Gold Shimmerscale 3g checker swaps Please note me, thank you!
  7. I do love my Tiger :’D his lineage makes it even better! https://dragcave.net/view/TIGoR
  8. *flops* I got a gorgeous shiny in the last raffle! After having played the game for years and never been able to trade for anything higher than a 3rd gen prize (I'm rubbish at catching rares to trade), I'm extremely happy and excited :'D Congrats to everyone else who has won a raffle or event etc, past and present!
  9. Congrats to the above guys! I got home from my holiday last night to find that I’ve won a lovely shiney in the raffle ❤️ I’m SO happy and excited!!
  10. *Screeches* I legit cannot contain my excitement, so here I am :'D
  11. Have: G2 Solstice from Silver CB Holly from the Cave Various CB Christmas dragons available to breed on request (Winter Magis, Solstice dragons, Snow Dragons, Wrapping Wings) Want: G2 Snow Dragon or Garland from Gold G3 Solstice from Gold checker
  12. *flops* I've managed to catch all the CBs I wanted, except for a Garland :'D Fingers crossed I'll get there! Haven't seen many though haha!
  13. Hi all! I have CBs of all past Christmas dragons up until Winter Magis, and I can breed with many dragons including two male CB Silvers. I'm looking for a CB Garland if I could be so lucky? Missed them last year 😕 Please note me if you have a specific request!
  14. Jeez, these look gorgeous! I totally forgot about the Halloween drop due to working 5 13 hour nights in a row in a busy ER, so I missed out on this year's eggs X_X whoops! But I can't wait to see how they turn out
  15. I'm convinced there aren't actually any to catch, they go so fast
  16. Ack, no luck catching a Musky unfortunately, but I have 3 very beautiful Glassys and I'm super excited to find out what they look like!
  17. Aaaaaah I totally missed this! Need to start catching :'D
  18. I know it occasionally happens, but I think a good two or three of mine failed and that is incredibly unlikely considering how rare an occurrence it usually is :') That does make sense...I'm blaming the downtime regardless Oh well! All sorts of weird things happened. Thanks for the reply!
  19. During/around the recent downtime, did anyone else influence eggs/hatchies and have the influence fail? I know people (including me) lost eggs/hatchies or regained traded eggs/hatchies, but I'm wondering about influences :/ I lost an egg I caught, but I'm more sorry about the hatchie I traded that was influenced and gendered wrong :c
  20. I cannot remember what happened to it, but I had a Purple dino egg, code unknown, that has disappeared off my scroll...Idk if I traded it (unlikely, I have nothing growing on my scroll that I haven't bred myself) or whether it simply vanished (more likely) but either way it went...I'm putting this down here just in case I did happen to trade it with someone, and they can tell me what happened :'D
  21. As an artist, I really disagree with you. Yes, I might desperately want to redo work I did even a few months ago sometimes, because I've learned more in the meantime. BUT I also know that if I have allowed that art to be used somewhere, then I cannot just do that without possibly hurting people - and shock horror, I was kinda hurt - all those lineages I put hours into now suck because they are not what I worked on in the first place. Artists should ALWAYS have to justify a change when they have allowed their work to be used for something like this, something where there is more to worry about than just them wanting to randomly change something. And yes, there is more to worry about than just wanting to change old work. People love their dragons. The art is the entire reason people play the game - if the dragons didn't look nice, who on earth would want them in the first place?! Look. Every spriter knows that when giving their art to a game like this, it could be in use for a while. So if you get tetchy or cringy over the idea of seeing your 2-year-old art sitting there in front of you, loved by millions on an internet game? There's a simple solution = don't let the game use your art.
  22. I have nothing to do on this game but work on my lineages, and I build those on the dragons I find the prettiest. Silvers used to be my favourites and I had so many gorgeous lineages with them...they were the only ones I reliably bred. Now I hate at least half of my lineages if not more because they are NOT what I bred in the first place. I hate the new Silvers next to just about any dragon that isn't overly shiny. I would love to be able to enjoy DC again through being able to revert back to having the old dragon on my scroll. Don't get me wrong, the sprites are lovely. They are just not what I fell in love with, not what I invested my entire gameplay on.
  23. One day later and I still hate all my Silvers, especially when I look at the lineages I once adored. Silvers were the only thing I reliably bred on DC. Now I will only breed them to trade.
  24. Good luck with those lineages! Same here in the sense that none of those dragons are ones I'm keen on, therefore I shan't even consider lineages with them - all I'd be doing then is breeding lines where I like neither dragon involved I still personally think they are utterly out of place compared to any dragon that isn't as bright as them, and I also think they are way too soft in comparison to other sprites...but it's all down to personal opinion, isn't it? As I say, as standalone pieces, the spriter has done an absolutely fantastic job! I simply happen to be someone who's rather fond of the old versions :')
  25. I've spent so long looking at my lineages now, and I still can't stand them. The Silvers just look so darned odd compared to the other dragons. As a standalone piece of art they would be gorgeous if not for a few tiny imperfections, but with the other dragons on DC...well ' I'll have to start collecting the PB, Shadow Walker and Lunar Herald lineages, they're the only pretty ones left.