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I am starting to breed Metal checker lineages. Please PM me if you are interested in collaborating on these lineages! :) 

I accept IOUs!

I work 13 1/2 hour shifts and travel for 3 hours on top of that - if I don't reply for a little while, please respect this! I will always endeavour to answer PMs as soon as possible!

I have a CB female Gold Shimmerscale! If you'd like to swap prize offspring, please note me - I'm almost always open for trades :D

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    Looking for:

    Silvers, Golds, Trios, Tinsels, Shimmers

    I absolutely ADORE Tinsels, however messy the lineage! I've only just gotten into them, and I am hoping to dedicate my time to building up an army of them, though I could never collect as much as other amazing collectors. I will breed/catch just about anything I possibly can in return for low gen stairstep/spiral tinsels :D

    Desperately want a Neglected, preferably male or genderless, just so I can call it "Wretches and Kings" xD One of my favourite songs, I think the title really suits them.

    I OWE:

    Sheriam - CB Crimson hatchie
    Fiona BlueFire - 2 or 3 CB Coppers
    Rally Vincent - Silver Shimmerscale for freezing

    If I've missed anyone/anything from the above list, then let me know and I'll correct it :)

    I AM OWED:

    Esheena - 2nd gen Silver from male Sunsong
    JavaMom - 3rd gen Silver or Tri-Horn from checker with female Tri-Horns
    wheeloftime13 - 2nd gen Silver from mate of my choice

    IOUs I have completed (that I made a note of/can remember):

    Vani - nicely lineaged BSA hatchies
    arlymaye - 6 (or maybe 8) CB/ nicely lineaged Magi hatchies
    tjekan - any two from the following: CB male Ember hatchie, CB Balloon hatchie, CB Pygmy hatchie
    MissK. - Moonstone hatchie
    Aameranthine - 3rd gen Gold hatchie
    GoldGryphon - 2012 Halloween hatchie
    Arra - 4th gen Gold hatchie
    Rohawk - 4th gen Gold hatchie
    lovenellie - 2nd gen Silver egg
    angelicdragonpuppy - 1 CB or 2nd gen PB Magi hatchie
    misslillierose - 2/3 hatchies from her list of lineages
    ZzelaBusya - Paper or 2 CB Reds