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  1. Guys, it's time for me to officially back out. In an attempt to spend substantially more of my time on my real life, I have completely stopped playing DC in summer, and found I did not miss it (after a while). I have not found it in me to even care about new releases much for quite a while, and this time I even missed the Halloween release because DC just didn't enter my mind around Halloween. It's time to move on. I do miss this project, a bit - mostly you lovely people, really - but I know coming back here will drag me back to procrastination, and I really don't want
  2. But if people knew (or had reason to hope) that they might eventually get the chance to buy a CB prize for 7,5k or 10k, that might drastically influence their willingness to spend 5-6k on an otherwise obtainable rare (once they have earned these). So in my opinion, the latest halfway-drama-free time to announce whether CB prizes will be a thing would be shortly before players who have maxxed out their shard earnings all the time are able to afford the 5k+ rares.
  3. Thanks for posting an opinion, @Fiona. I'll be offline on vacation for the next 2 weeks and a bit, so I'll leave discussions on these things open until I return (August 8th-ish), and if it looks like we have a consensus to vote on, I'll call for a vote then (also for a vote on the new breeds). Yes?
  4. My last suggestion for assigning DC mana to our elements was this: EARTH - Earth WATER - Water, Ice WIND - Air, Lightning FIRE - Fire, Light (if referring to physical light) LIFE - Magi, Light (if referring to spiritual light) UNASSOCIATED: Life, Dark, Death, Time, and Balance/Neutral. My suggested wording (as an example): old: FIRE - Dragons who control or are comprised of fire or electricity. Also those that resemble fire or the sun or which are controlled by or strongly tied to the sun. new: FIRE - Dragons who control or are
  5. Yup, you're the last one standing. All remaining shinies: go flood @Fiona
  6. I'm on the default skin. Mine is showing all the time, hollow if no new notifications are there.
  7. Whee, thanks! I'll hatch those shimmers before sending them, to make sure Influence sticks... Edit: all sent off
  8. HUGE CONGRATS on that prize! What a well-deserving winner! My pickings: 18, 11, 1 (gender irrelevant), 2 (gender irrelevant unless I get both XD), 13, 14, 20, then pass
  9. Oh, did I not say? Ivd like to join the shony drawing, of course! Thanks for tallying the vote @Grandmother_cathie! Yay, new dragons!
  10. As far as I know, none of the people who run this account (including me) have the time anymore. However: Anyone willing to step forward and update these lists is very welcome to PM me or bbik and we'll happily hand the project account over! Just in case anyone would like to, you know, do something productive instead of complaining. Actually, the whole point in creating this thread, with the account attached to it, was to make it transferrable, so it can be handed over to newer "generations" of players as some older players become less active and o
  11. 😮 "A bit", you say... But thanks for the info, I'll keep my eyes out, then...
  12. Ah, thank you! ETA: I just unlocked them (everythign except the egg sprite, but the breed name shows up fine on NDs) and they're still not showing up as an option? Maybe this takes a while to be registered...?
  13. Can neglecteds not be traded via the Trading Hub, or is it just impossible to use them as a filter criterion? (Or are they listed under some other obscure name?)
  14. Here are my donations for the shiny drawing so far: - 3rd gen silver shimmer from Luckiest Catch x Royal Blue - 3rd gen bronze shimmer from Caveborn Holiday Prize x red nebula - 2nd gen PB silver (influenced opposite to precog gender) I'll try to catch some CBs tomorrow...
  15. So, now that I'm finally finding time to think about this, here are my votes: Floral-Crowned Dragons - Yes (Life) Floret Wyverns - Yes (Life) Freckled Dragons - No Tatterdrakes - No Red-Tailed Wyrms - No Leodon - Yes (Fire) (already voted) Lacula - No (already voted) Melismor - Yes (Earth) Razorcrest - Yes (Wind) About the mana-elements, I agree that Magi mana should count for life. Life mana can point towards our Fire or our Life element (depending on whether it's physical light or spiritual light, whichis usually clear from the description), so ma
  16. You're right. When we came up with those definitions, Mana wasn't a thing, yet. I hereby suggest adding the use of the element's mana as a specific elemental criterium to all elemental definitions! Meaning we would add "[...] OR have an explicit strong tie to Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Life mana" (each as appropriate, of course) in all definitions. Can we vote on this while we're voting on the new dragons next week? Or should we vote on this beforehand, so we can use it as base for the voting of the new dragons? Would this change anyone's votes? As for
  17. Sounds good to me. Thanks for digging things up, @Grandmother_cathie!
  18. @Grandmother_cathie we currently have a serious lack-of-mods-with-time&energy issue. I'm afraid, as long as nobody steps up to take over at least some of the duties, votings etc. will happen very infrequently and whoever wants to know how things stand will have to dig through the thread themselves.
  19. Can we maybe try to collect/list the pro-arguments for each and see if we can make a case? Leodons in Fire: - breathe fire - (possibly) tail on fire => can apparently withstand and generate intense heat/open fire - masters of fire magic - "fiery" temper I think this should be sufficient, especially if @Fiona can confirmt he tail being on fire. Razorcrests in Wind: - strong affiliation with the air element - manipulate wind as a weapon (yes, it's a matter of intellect; but without the elemental affinity, they would have to use
  20. Actually, it should, as the four Hogwarts houses are elementally aligned by design... (see here (CTRL+F for 'element')). But yeah, the descriptions are making this a bit difficult for us, and I'm afraid including Laculas and Merismors would be really stretching things. But I think/hope we can make a case for Razorcrests in Wind an Leodons in Fire. Yes, we haven't used "fiery temper" as a fire-argument, but IMHO we really should...Seriously, these are basically screaming "Fire", the description just doesn't have the right words. And since the Razorcrest description expl
  21. I just sent out a 7th gen, 3rd gen and a 6th gen mate. Yay for cooperative dragons for once.
  22. Travelling Europe ! Travellers involved: TempestSea, Lastalda Capitals travelled: Athens, Ljubljana, Monaco (Lastalda has already been to Rome)
  23. Just sent a 7th gen egg to OutlawQueen. The other pairings were sadly not in the mood again.
  24. Sorry for vanishing again. To be honest, I'm thinking about mostly-quitting DC, just finishing some lineages every once in a while. I love the community here, especially this thread, but whenever I take a long break from internet games and forums, I feel strongly that it's actually better for me. It seems I'm just unable to do such things in healthy doses, and I don't want to procrastinate my life away. So unless someone is willing to put in the time to take things over, there will not be new personal spreadsheets after I make the current batch.* Newcomers will still be
  25. Updated to here. I have sent out a 7th gen and a 6th gen. No eggs from attempts for a 6th gen mate or a 3rd gen, but I will keep trying, or course.