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  1. Would Like to Update My List! Scroll name: Belisar Forum name: Belisar Birthday: 22nd of June Revised List: 1. CB Staterae 2. CB (new) Xeno 3a. a pretty EG Balloon 3b. a pretty EG Balloon 4a. CB Balloon 4b. Balloon Hatchling
  2. Hi @Fuzzbucket just a quick notice, it seems you have linked my profile under *passport* instead of the passport.
  3. My new passport Passport Capital: Bangkok Country: Thailand Dragons: Balloon Native 2nd gen: Krung Theb Last bred: - Contact (thread, PM or both): PM please ;3 Already travelled: * Bankok - Thailand * Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte - Sri Lanka * Kathmandu - Nepal * Ramallah - Palestine * Delhi - Republic of India * Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan Would like another visit: - Regular online time(s): no fixed time, just shoot a pm and an email will hit me Timezone: GMT+1 ---- Next Bankok tickets - Reservals: -
  4. Out of my 5 kills (yes was unprepared xD) one Zombie has risen: https://dragcave.net/lineage/lZRvp (formerly a Gaia Xenowyrm 😅)
  5. Congrats @Gluria! !!! Unfortunately I have no Raid-Team but I don't give up hope we one day will have them as quest/mission/breaktrough rewards xD
  6. Bleehhh... I'm still trapped with the "win a Level 3 Raid task. ." Is it even possible to win one on a solo ride? -.- Always get a time-out when the big one is only 1 or two hits from being defeted. ^^ Also, for anyone who still needs friends, and hasn't added Tannenfuchs yet: 7261 3941 4466 The Feebas thing... meeehhhh I don't really have candy left. I use them to level a battle Milotic of mine xD But ok... Need to get walking a Feeba again then xD
  7. OMG that pun would be... amazing xDDDD
  8. Awesome @Blue Nadir! Got my full gauntle.... ehmmm set of 6 xD Now let's see which two breeds I'll hunt for a 2nd egg.
  9. As I was invited to a grill party, I was only able to sneak out for about 10 Minutes. Glad I had enouch Torchies already. -.- Luckily I found 1 Shiny in that time frame. Evolved it as IVs of each and every Torchie were crappy anyways. Decided to go for picture unlocking instead
  10. Nectaris, go easy on the shiny flakes! Congrats everyone!!!
  11. I agree, Chocolate, that kind of quest I like very much! Had the Seed one today, looking forward to the other one xD
  12. Hehe got my "Detective Pikachu" already :3 Can we repeat that daily or is it a one time thing?
  13. There we go, I KNEW it!
  14. Did you guys eat Shinyflakes for breakfest or something?? Congrats! Hahahaha
  15. My last breaktrough, my last chance on a Regi and what appears??? A Suicine.... So glad they are leaving now..... -.-
  16. @KrazyKarp Tannenfuchs sent you a request too cannot guarantee daily gifts as I don't come around lots of gift dropping stops lately, but doing my best xD Edit: same goes to everyone I sent a request recently, not forgetting you, just encountering frustratingly lazy stops -.-
  17. Yaaay new Breaktrough rewards and the birds and dogs leave!! But unfortunately so do the Regis... Didn't get a single one..... only Dogs and Birds.... so mean... hope they make their return one day ^^ Edit: wait.. not true! Got one Lugia from it. Man, was I excited that day xD
  18. Awesome! Congrats everyone!! No Shiny for me lately but that's fine. just wished those Legendary cats and birds would FINALLY disappear already. -.- Is there any word on when a switch will happen?
  19. Kaini, what was your Nick there? If our friedlevel is high enough we can set a time where you can knock yourself out ;D Edit: just checked xD I missed addi g you back then... -.- Tannenfuchs has sent you a request to fix that. ^^ Sorry, battles have to wait then
  20. Went out with my dog for almost 2 hours. Luck on the Shiny front - got 6 total. Unfortunately no great IVs or even close to nice ones... -.- Best one was a shiny so I decided to evolve that one. Just hope I'll find a great regular Bagon in the futur that I can evolve into a fighting machine xD Candies I collected enough xD
  21. I have this issue pretty often @kmreset but it usually fixes within a few hours. I thought it being server lag or such ^^
  22. Same here, awful weather forecast... 😕 hope it works out somehow as I REALLY need a good hand full of those critters.... ^^