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  1. Username: MEDUSA Character Name: Caltresi "Couch" Curacas Gender: F Age:24 Talent: Lying. [persuasion] Couch can say anything with absolute conviction and confidence. Helpful in her line of work, kidnapping Talentless children for INSANE by befriending and tricking them into running away. Appearance: Chin length black curls that make her face look innocent and young, freckles that contrast with her olive skin, a toned yet petite physique, and an almost hypnotic smile. Couch stands at 4'11," a height that makes her easily mistakable for a high-school sophomore Personality: A Pathological liar, Couch comes across as genuine and sincere, but if her ability to convince people were gone, she would appear calloused, cold, and insensitive. History: The Curacas family has roots in some of the first proposed solutions to the growing number of talentless. Lawyers, doctors, and counselors of all types are in the Curacas family, their influence assisting to accumulate wealth and power. They believe that the bloodlines of talentless are tainted, and could potentially jeapordize the current way of life, and as such have been a driving force in many civil litigation claims, petitions, and social justice movements opposing the Talentless. Couch has risen through the ranks of INSANE in hopes of rising to power within her family structure, and plans to one day become head of household. If approved, I'd post this Couch watched her target with the curiosity of a child. The way he lived in squalor, scurrying about abandoned warehouses like some kind of animal instead of giving up and surrendering himself to a sterilized environment devoid of tetanus... the thought of it made her wonder if the talentless were also brainless. "Can't be helped," she thought."After all, He's just a kid." The field operative pulled out her cell phone and snapped a quick photo of the boy she'd been following before walking into the roadway before him. "Excuse me, do you know where Gasmer Street is?"
  2. User: MEDUSA. Name: Sara Anterix Codename:Vector Age: 17 Sex:Male Appearance: http://www.zerochan.net/650618#full History: Black winged member of the sgliach tribe. Very war-loving, he is learning the art of ka-harvest. How many suicides have you committed?: Four Skills: Can harvest KA from any substance, however it disperses after a proportional amount of time. Strengths: Great at harvesting Ka, And he has a fabulous hairstyle. Weakness: If he harvests too much, he'll faint. Also, his own ka disperses with the borrowed ka. If his hair becomes messed up, he will be unable to move due to the pain and depression of being ugly. Likes: Boobs and Tomboys Dislikes: Cold weather
  3. username medusa character: Jim Hawkins Movie: Treasure Island Gender: Male
  4. Think I'll just sit this one out. Thanks!
  5. One time I gave a table the grossest food, on a dirty table, no crayons for the kid, and never refilled drinks. Why? The man of the table called me a dyke.


    we get no snow in my part of texas
  7. It's kind of like chicken soup on a rather hot day. Only truly great if it's done right.
  8. I'm really good at shooting skeet. oh, and I can throw a basketball into the hoop BACKWARDS from half court. but not forwards.
  9. Stole a fried chicken ad banner from a baseball park at midnight for senior prank,.
  10. O.O I'm in texas right now (Hollidays). But I'm from Panama City, Panama.
  11. MEDUSA


    Hyssop tea is good, but it can be poisonous uif not prepared right. same with hibiscus tea. AMAZING. DEADLY if made wrong.
  12. GOD I love minecraft! The indie film co. I work for let me do a series about video games. the first episode is about what happens when people play too much minecraft.
  13. There's no real established time limit for loving someone. Today marks the 3 year breakup of me and Ryan. He was a total jerk and cheated on me during PROM. I found out the next christamas, when his friend referenced that night, thinking that his sloppy midnight adventure was with me. It was with some blonde girl. I have pink hair. How stupid can you be? Now Ryan does the whole "I hate you" routine everytime I see him, because I ruined his christmas. Selfish, much? But we go to different universities now, so I guess it's less painful than before. Every relationship I attempt now, I just compare them to him, and you know what's funny? The new guy never measures up.
  14. Meh... I think most movies based on books sucked epic-ly. They would KILL Redwall
  15. House of night is a fun series, though it's offensive how much freakin WICCA they put in their books.(NOTE: I am pagan, that's why I'm offended) I mean, really, why base your vampire magic on wicca? It's like making a book where superpowers come from Jesus or something.
  16. I loved those books growing up. They're extremely illustrative with all the imagery.
  17. MEDUSA

    Cirque Du Freak

    I loved those books. I remember waiting for them to come out in elementary and middle school right alongside Twilight. (don't kill me, I was like 10) The books are clearly written for male audiences, but the sheer amount of action in them makes them a real page-turner.
  18. It was a little unrealistic, and very dry. I found that the emotions of the central characters were...forced.
  19. For readers over the age of 18 (tere is some filthy smut in the book) The morgan kingsley series by jenna black is amazinng. It's about an exorcist in a world where demons are common, and the exorcist's job is to find "illegal demons" like illegal aliens from the demon world. You'd never guess what happens in it when people start to be possesed.
  20. The guardians of GaHoole sreies rocked, as did the house of night series.
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    my main was such a high level, the game was pointless. now, I don't remember my login info. How sad.
  22. A monte blanc pen. they kick mass. also, they cst hundreds of dollars. one was my graduation present.
  23. still taking apps? Name: Proffessor Hughes Gender: Female Age: 20 NEVER ASK A LADY'S AGE! Class: Equestrian! (she is also the fire candleholder) Personality: as zany as the angular tatoos framing her mark Description: Dark skin, dark hair, oh! and she's short.